Angel Wing Moving Flame Paraffin Wax Flameless Candles with 10-Key Remote, D3″ x H4″ 5″ 6″ – Set of 3

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[Praying Wings Angel Flameless Candles] Prayer of Angel in a quiet way to heal, comfort, protect, and inspire people. Let this angelic candle illuminate the soul when you’re feeling down.
[Intelligent Control at Your Fingertips] The package comes with a 10-key remote control, which can be used in other products of our brand. The remote control allows you to control multiple candles at the same time Remote control functions include: ON / OFF / TIMER / MODE / DIM.
[Perfect for Indoor Use] Keep this angelic home decoration for your own interior design needs or give it to family and friends for a holiday gift. They’ll appreciate the angelic lighting this religious home ornament brings.
[Keep Your Family, Pets, and Property Safety] No flame, no smoke, environmentally friendly. You can safely put it in any corner of the house without worrying about fire.
[Satisfaction Guarantee] This product comes with a 1-MONTH full refund trial period and LIFE-TIME customer service – If you found any problem with our products, contact us.

8211 reviews for Angel Wing Moving Flame Paraffin Wax Flameless Candles with 10-Key Remote, D3″ x H4″ 5″ 6″ – Set of 3

  1. Redeana

    They are beautiful and I love the remote, they automatically turn on and off after setting.

  2. Gail

    So beautiful! They look so real!

  3. R

    They r so pretty and real looking. Will be buying these again. Even bought some for a gift.

  4. Carl B.

    These things are so real looking that I have to shut them off before I go to bed as if they are real candles.

  5. Rachael

    Cost-effective products, can create a good atmosphere, very real, very good products.

  6. Tanya

    Beautiful! Look amazing!

  7. Karen

    Love these candles. Had to return one but they are just so beautiful and remote works perfectly!

  8. Valerie

    These bright candles added festive ambiance to our Christmas. They worked great, looked lovely, and the ability to turn them on and off remotely added to the grandchildren’s delight!

  9. K

    These are so nice! They add a warmth to your room and complement any style. Buy a big package of AA batteries, because you are going to want these on all the time. I feel like the battery life is really great, too. I bought these to set up on my mantle as part of my Christmas decorating and they added a perfect touch!

  10. H

    I like everything about these candles. They are beautiful.

  11. Judi

    Dims fast but comes with easily interchangeable AA batteries. working candle alternative.

  12. BigFan

    I’ve bought LED candles in the past but was disappointed with the dim light and the price. Daughter got these for me for Xmas and I’m so happy with them. They were well packed, pretty realistic and provide the right level of brightness. They definitely add a lot of warmth to my living room!

  13. AG

    This candle was received as described. It looks just like the Illumina and works with the same remote.
    I will definitely order more!

  14. Kathy

    I love how they look like real candles when they are lit.

  15. clarissa

    I love these candles. They are so pretty, look genuine and easy to use. Love the remote. Couldn’t ask for more.

  16. Oneatatime

    these are so beautiful my son and husband both tried to blow them out

  17. rstand

    These candles are wonderful. They look very realistic and it’s nice not to worry about fire danger. We bought them for several people on our Christmas list and they were a big hit.

  18. teri

    These feel like a wax candle looks like a wax candle , I love them , Love the remote I don’t have to blow out a candle or accidentally leave it Burning I put it I put them in my fireplace they look fantastic and yes I will buy them again

  19. Castlecrest

    Very realistic flames. Excellent quality

  20. Karen

    These candles are great! I love the timer! They come on every night at the same time. The look real! Best purchase!

  21. Gabriel

    This was a Christmas present for my step mom. She loves them!

  22. Jennifer R.

    I really like this candle a lot. I want to slowly switch out all my other timer candles to these! I love the white glow of the light vs the dark amber glow of my old ones. And I especially like the “dancing” realistic looking flame!

  23. AnnetteSnell

    Really like these candles. Very good price.

  24. HMM

    These candles are the most realistic I have seen. You will not be disappointed!

  25. Susan K.

    Perfect! Exactly what I needed; and it looks very nice at night!

  26. Welch

    These are freaking awesome! Look like real burning candles. Timer & remote work great! Love these being in 3 different sizes too.

  27. Theresa

    Love them, bought several as gifts

  28. Cecilia

    A real bargain for the money. Way less than candles from the chain stores. Bright and just as nice as any I’ve shopped for.

  29. Nish

    I purchased this set to be fire safe because I love to burn candles. I find the features of these candles to be very realistic and I like the time feature. I’ve had them for over a month and the rechargeable batteries I bought separately lasted the month. I have mine set to come on for 4 hours in the evening.

  30. Marlise

    I love how bright these Candles are

  31. Tim C.

    Ordered these candles to replace some real ones. These were better than expected, gives off a warm glow and looks real in our setup. Love the remote to turn on and off at night. The battery life seems to be very good!

  32. Lamb

    Such great quality, wrapped in real wax. The flames can flicker like a real candle or be turned off. And has remote . Light can also be dimmed or brightened

  33. Elizabeth

    I love these candles. They look like the real thing.. And the remote is so handy.

  34. David

    We love these candles. I have them all over the house. Look so realistic!

  35. Lydia

    Beautiful candles
    There’s are perfect! Get compliments all the time. So beautiful whether they are lit or not set the timer and your good to go

  36. kimberly

    I just set this up last night and the best test was when my husband went out to blow out the candle… he didn’t just walk up to it and stop, he actually bent down and blew on it really thinking it was real! can’t get much better than that. timer worked great, love the brightness and look and feel of the candle. can’t say anything about battery life yet since I just set it up. requires 2 AA size batteries. highly recommend!

  37. Greg

    These candles are perfect for my wall sconces. They flicker just like real candles, and having a remote makes things better too. I don’t have to reach up there each time.

  38. Nik

    Perfect in every way. They look so pretty on my fireplace mantle. The remote is kinda fun to use too! They look like real candles….
    I love them so much, I’ve purchased again for birthday gifts.

  39. Unturned

    We purchased these for Christmas and are pleased but have had problems with the remote. The 6 hour setting is not working. Also, ours did not come with instructions but we were able to look up comments and see what we needed to do, we experimented for several nights when finally figured it was the 6 hour button not working. Other than that we are happy!

  40. AK

    These faux candles are amazing for the price. Exactly what I was looking for. Amazing amount of technology in such a simple product. Highly recommended.

  41. LH

    Love these batteries powered candles, so…..beautiful !! Comes with a mini remote control that works like a charm,
    it looks just like real candles….& it is a good value purchase ! Thank you for fast delivery !! Super Happy….! : ))

  42. Weil

    These candles are amazing! Absolutely love them. Brightness is great! They look beautiful in my lanterns

  43. Duncan

    I really love these very real looking candles. They reflect the perfect amount of light to give the room the calming and peaceful environment which I was searching for.

  44. Cheryl

    At first I was not sure if I liked these candles. Once I had them set up they are very nice. I like that you can change the brightness of them and they have different timer settings.

  45. Shields

    These are perfect. I always think my cats will knock one off and the place will burn down — But NO!! Flameless that look very real.

  46. ijoyl

    I love being able to turn these on with the push of a button, program them for time, or push a button to turn them off. Great price, and wonderful convenience, and I need not worry about burning the house down.

  47. AmyColorado

    This set of 3 candles with the fairly lights are awesome! Nice soft light with the fairy lights on. Looks very natural, and the remote is the perfect touch. Would highly recommend.

  48. Cindy

    These candles are amazing! Absolutely love them . Brightness is great ! They look beautiful in my lanterns

  49. NickyP

    I love these candles they’re so relaxing in the evening they’re bright I keep them for emergencies because as we know April Showers around the corner people these work excellent everyone should have a set because the lights go out sometimes

  50. ruaphimu2

    I wasn’t able to get the remote to work but my husband was – I’m technically challenged 🙂 LOVE them. Come on every evening and go off after I go to bed.

  51. Denise O

    Such a great color and the settings on the remote couldn’t be better. The flicker of the candle light is very organic and creates such a soothing ambiance in my vehicle. I enjoy meditation drives and have about 15 of these candles velcro-ed around my car. I also use a lavender essential oil diffuser in my car. Will be buying a lot more candles.

  52. Jeanene

    Amazing 3 glass ‘real-like’ flame with remote control. Can be used as light or flickering candle, love these ❤️ would make a great gift but keeping these for myself! 5 Stars ⭐️

  53. Holly

    Was pleasantly surprised how very nice these really are. I have many Flameless candles and I think these are the most realistic looking ones from a distance.

  54. CWR

    These work fine and the remote is handy as I put the candles up high on a shelf. The remote timer can be set to turn off after 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours of being on. But later the candle will turn back on at the same time every day. This is not a countdown timer technically. A countdown timer will turn off forever until turned off again. This is what I call a “cycling timer”, it turns on again every day.

    Do not put alkaline batteries in these as they will leak after a while and destroy the battery spring inside, thus a broken rusted battery spring will not make a connection.

  55. Melissa

    These candles look 100% real. The flame has the slightest bit of movement which is great because they don’t make my eye twitch. The flame color is perfect… I love the remote, too.

  56. Elizabeth

    Great product for the money. Almost every time I turn them on, the small one doesn’t turn on. I have to turn them off and back on, and it works. It’s not a big deal to me. I love them under my tv.

  57. Barrera

    The brightness of the candles is good, the remote is very user friendly and the timer function is great! Overall this product is a must have.

  58. otterhvfun

    These candles are beautiful! And they have so many features that others don’t have like brightness control, timer, flicker or non flicker and they come on every 24 hrs! They look so realistic and all this is controlled with a remote.

  59. Teresa

    These are really nice .I have bought ones that cost more but I have been very happy with these ! They come on same time every evening and flicker like real candles.

  60. Jun

    We used to buy candles for our home altar and since we pray everyday, we buy a lot of candles. This was a great idea and we haven’t bought candles since I got these and the grandkids love them too.

  61. Emily

    I love the candles, but I had a problem with the brightness on the medium sized one. Let’s see if it was simply the batteries? I just received them today. So I replaced that set of batteries. I love that it has a remote timer. 😁

  62. MGBNYC

    These are lovely! They add such a nice feeling to the room. The timer works great. I am so pleasantly surprised considering how inexpensive they were.

  63. Charles

    Really liked the size and quality of the candles. The remote is great and makes it so easy to turn them all on. I put them in my fireplace and they are beautiful when lit up.

  64. Courtney

    I received these candles as a present, I love the candles themselves, the wick is a hard plastic and resembles real candles. I did have to buy my own batteries for the candles, they take 2 AA batteries, which isn’t a problem. I also received a remote that included batteries. Candles do have on/off switch on it the bottom also. I loved it so much I ordered another set!

  65. Reality

    I didn’t expect these to be as nice as they are! I don’t know how I did it, but I guess I must have set a timer function which makes these candles self-light at the same time every evening. These candles turn on every night at the same time, and then turn off a few hours later. I hadn’t expected it would be so nice to look over and see the candles come on by themselves.

  66. Jun

    We used to buy candles for our home altar and since we pray everyday, we buy a lot of candles. This was a great idea and we haven’t bought candles since I got these.

  67. Seed

    I’ve had bad experiences with LED candles in that they are usually cheap-looking, unrealistic, and cheesy, so I was skeptical that these would be any good. However, they are much better than I feared! The flicker is tastefully done, and the moving flame makes the candle more believable. A real flame is always going to be more aesthetically pleasing, but these candles are a safer option for my purposes. Overall, they are well done!

  68. Whitacre

    Great Flameless Candles. I have purchased these candles 3 times now. Two sets as gifts and finally one for me. There have been no issues or problems with any of the sets.

  69. Crystal H.

    From a distance they look real and I even forget they aren’t sometimes. The little remote is awesome. I have them sitting all around my room and with just a press of the button they are on or off… Adore it.

  70. Bradford

    Really liked the size and quality of the candles. The remote is great and makes it so easy to turn them all on. I put them in my fireplace and they are beautiful when lit up.

  71. Pmar

    This looks exactly like a real flame without the fire risk. There is no scent, no soot, no melted wax. The timer and dimming features work well and came in handy. The batteries have lasted for 10 hours so far.

  72. Garcia

    I used these for my wall sconces and they look great! I had candles that just glowed before but these have the flame look which makes all the difference at night.

  73. Sina

    These 3 candle lights are super cute. I am currently using them inside in my living room. They create a very cozy feeling and the set of 3 different sizes look perfect together. You can’t even tell that they are not real, unless you know about it. I love the timer options and the remote control. The only thing is that I wish you could charge them by USB instead of using batteries. But otherwise I am very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend them.

  74. Christine

    I was a little leery about buying a candle online without seeing it. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it looked. I’ve had it on the timer for a couple of weeks now. It works great. I even recommended to a friend already.

  75. Crystal

    I am really enjoying my flameless candles. It is nice to get the enjoyment of the warm candle glow without worrying about the mess of candle wax or the hazard of a real flame

  76. Makinitwork

    They came promptly and I have been using the remote to turn them on and off every night! People comment on how nice they are, they look like real candles with the way they flicker and I will definitely buy them again. Great candles for an incredible value!

  77. Jacobs

    I recently wrote to you and you passed it on directly to the vendor that one of the candles did. It work. To my pleasant surprise I received. Replacement candles yesterday and they work perfectly. Thank you so much to your vendors support in this matter.

  78. Sandra L

    I really like the fact that if I forget to turn it off, it’ll turn off on it’s own. I appreciate that i could also control the brightness and also the feature where I could have it flicker like a candle or simply use it as a light.

  79. Kay

    I love these. Beautiful candles. They are so realistic. The moving wick looks so much like it’s flickering. The remote is accurate with great range. I was really empressed that you can seperate the candles and use them individually.

  80. Peggi

    These were given as a gift. I had a similar set of candles that also had a remote control and I really liked it. When I purchase wickless candles again I will order candles with a timer on them.

  81. Ida

    I love these! They have several settings for brightness, and batteries last very long in them. The remote is a very good detail, especially when you are about to go to sleep and don’t want to get out of bed.

  82. baroness

    I did not know what to expect when these arrived. They were so much less expensive, I thought, than other brands, but OMG! These are FABULOUS! Not only do they look fairly realistic, they feel it! These are wax candles! Just beautiful! You won’t be sorry.

  83. Cathy

    I have 2. I love them so much , I bought one for my daughter in Florida. She is in love now. It looks like there is an actual candle burning. People ask me if I’m crazy putting a flame so close to the wall. I just laugh and tell them to go look at it and touch it. They are astonished. Lol

  84. labhusky

    The candles look realistic and since I like to watch tv in the dark, they add a nice relaxing touch. After working all day with lights on, it’s nice to zen out which is important to me.

  85. Taliaferro

    I enjoy the fact I can use a remote to turn them on myself. I am handicapped and often leave special touches out because I don’t want to burden others with too many details. It’s just sweet, to me, to be able to push a button and enjoy some candle light! Love the timer feature so I don’t forget to turn them back off after the event!

  86. Sonicmom

    I’m not much of a candle person. I can’t handle fragrance and I’m often feeling like there’s gonna be an accident involving flame or smoke. I bought these on a whim and I LOVE THEM! I have two in the bathroom at night, one by my bedside, and the rest in groupings in the living room. The glow is lovely, just really restful, and the remote works perfectly. For the price, they are well worth it – these candles have already given me an incredible amount of joy.

  87. MVM

    Looks absolutely beautiful and the flame gives really realistic look with the flickers and the flame actually moving. I didn’t realize this came with remotes which are super handy. Best product for the money.

  88. Diane

    Great candles, the way to go, my wife is very happy with this change from regular candles to this flameless candles, they are the best, looks like the real thing and batteries last a long time, great choice.

  89. Logsdon

    I placed these above a window so my husband could see when he gets up in the middle of the night. The timer works for 8 hours and the settings are great to use. Thank you!

  90. Robert

    These candles were a home run for setting the mood in our house of worship. Candles did not drain the batteries quickly. The shipping box design allowed me to reuse it for storing the candles. Very much worth the money!

  91. G

    If you are standing in front of the candles you can see the light is flickering on a piece of metal. The metal moves and makes the light look like it is flickering if you are about 5’ away or farther. If your eyesight is better than mine, you may need to stand back more or turn down the lights in the room. They are nice since they run on two AA batteries each and no real flame. No concern of fire.

  92. Sheryl

    I reallllly did my homework before I settled on buying this set….& I’m so glad this is the set I bought!!! It’s lovely on our small balcony, at night…illuminating it, perfectly with a wonderful glow! The remote control with the different time settings is really awesome, as we can be forgetful as far as turning it off at bedtime….I HONESTLY RECOMMEND THIS PARTICULAR PRODUCT!! Great price point, as well!!!


    These look very realistic without the danger of burning your house down. The dimmer control and timer function, all from the remote control is a great feature. Will likely buy more of these.

  94. SBD

    We were given these as a gift and I can say with enthusiasm that they make a great gift. I love that you don’t have to turn them on and off at the base as has been the case with other candles I have purchased like this in the past. We are using them on our back deck to create ambiance for “naughty hot tub” time!

  95. Laura

    I only use battery operated candles as my house burned to the ground in 2012. These are the most realistic looking candles ever! I bought several for me & as gifts. These candles are awesome

  96. Rho

    Have an antique candelabra- had fake candles. Love burning real candles, but nervous about burning real ones on the candelabra. These worked out perfectly!!! Great color and movement. Remotes excellent. Not beat as expensive as others. Extremely happy!! It does have a tinge of orange as others have said in reviews. For me more authentic!

  97. Fowee

    Ordering online you never know what you will end up with but this was a pleasant surprise. I don’t use real flame candles anymore & this is such a beautiful reasonably priced item. Very happy!

  98. Collard

    I REALLY like these flameless candles. So great to be able to use the remote. And I love how they can be set to come on at the same time each day for a set number of hours.

  99. BClark

    Candles have a very nice glow and are very lightweight. They look exceptionally real for made of wax. The remote has a variety of settings, which is very nice. I like setting them to come on at a certain time in the evening and turning off in 6 hours.

  100. B.

    These are a nice safe option for apartment living where fire safety is a consideration. I just love these, they are so real looking. You can make the flame flicker or stay still and you can turn them all off and on with the controller. No need to turn them on or off one at a time. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

  101. ctx

    These seem to last forever on their batteries, they look great, and the remote functions are good. They are slightly less realistic than the Luminara candles because the “flame” is not quite as bright, but it’s a subtle difference. The only thing I didn’t like is that when I pressed the candle mode button on the remote, the switch from an actual candle mode to one where the LEDs are actually flickering which looks much less realistic. The only way I could seem to reset them was to physically turn them off/on with the switches to get them back in default mode which is the most realistic. Otherwise a fantastic product at a great price.

  102. R.T.

    These are awesome candles, set on timer and they come on and go off automatically. Perfect size. Looks like a real candle and I bought cheap batteries and they are holding up very well. You cant beat the price on these. There are several different setting on the remote they all work well. Thank you for the perfect deal. I look forward to many more.

  103. Mayer

    We’ve purchased 1 set for our home and 1 for my sister-in-law and everyone loves them! They work flawlessly! The remote is SO handy and they look wonderful sitting out on their own AND inside lanterns! Love these quality affordable candles and will be back for more!

  104. Joe

    Wow!!…so happy I purchased this item! Not only did it arrive on time and was perfectly wrapped/shipped, but the look and the quality of these candle pillars and artificial flame are the BEST I have ever seen. I highly recommend this product for either at-home ambiance or for gift giving.

  105. Cat

    I bought these to add a little warm to the room and because sometimes I don’t feel like turning on an actual flame candles and I’m super happy with them they look beautiful I love the remote and my husband likes that fact he’s not worried I’m gonna burn down the house.

  106. Phoenix

    Three battery powered candles at a great price, this was a Deal of the Day and really worth it. The remote allows you to turn them on or off, set for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours and then they’ll turn off automatically and come on again the next day at the same time. You can also set the flames to “flicker” or not, and can adjust the brightness. I love these!

  107. Susan

    These look like real candles from every angle. Very happy with this purchase. The remote control and timer feature are a great bonus—good value for the money. I would recommend this product.

  108. Ed L.

    The fact that I could find remote control electric candles is what originally drew me to these. I just turned them on for the first time in my shower, which has a 12 foot ceiling. Within the shower are two glass shelves at about 9-foot height. The lighting effect is nothing short of amazing!

  109. S-Marie

    I absolutely love these! They look real when turned on and leave a luminous glow on the ceiling just like a real candle does. The wick moves just like a real candle as well . The color is great and matches all decor. I highly recommend them. It comes with a little remote so you can turn them on and off without having to go turn each in separately.

  110. Padilla

    The candles look real! I bought them based off the reviews and I’m so glad I did. The flame moves just as if it were a real flame. And the candles feel and look like real wax. These are great for the price.

  111. Shinbal

    These work well. For battery operated led’s it is reasonably bright. The moving wick is optional and looks good. When I walk into a room with only these on, it looks good. I consider these a good value for what I paid and I will buy again.

  112. Charlie’s

    Love the waving/flickering flame – also, the remote control has a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness which gives a more realistic look – just wish they came in different sizes, I would buy more

  113. Sabra

    These are life like! I placed all three in a lantern. They look like real candles. Fooled my husband! And the timer remote allowed for them to come on same time for allowed four hours an evening. Highly recommend.

  114. Zongo

    I love it!!! Fast delivery, timer control, brightness, and remote control functionality as described!! The remote control comes with batteries. Thanks!!

  115. sherry

    I bought these candles for decorative Lanterns to provide temporary lighting on my gazebo. The remote is a nice touch and you can operate all your candles simultaneously when activated via the on/off switch in the battery compartment. There’s also a timer option on the remote which I have not used as yet.

  116. cam

    I really didn’t care about the remote control when I ordered them, but I am finding it a wonderful bonus. these are bight and add “warmth” to my home at night. I would purchase them again without hesitation.

  117. Dee

    I have many flameless candles made by the leading manufacturer. I hesitated buying these as I’m not familiar with the company but what a lovely surprise. They are very bright and have an active flicker. I would absolutely buy the brand again!

  118. LCReads

    I’m pleasantly surprised how nice and natural these candles appear! I really love the remote control which makes it so easy to turn them all on and off at the same time. I honestly would find it too big of a pain to have to turn each one on and off so I probably wouldn’t use them much if I didn’t have the remote. I would definitely buy again!

  119. Misty

    Absolutely fantastic!!!! If you know of or have the brand Luminara you know how expensive just 1 candle is. For this set of 3 is cost less than 1 luminara brand candle. I bought these to go in lanterns on my bedroom and they fit perfectly!

  120. LZ

    LOVE THESE! Loved them enough to buy another set! Will never have to worry about a real flame again with pets and kiddos. Highly recommend. Two thumbs up!

  121. SBGirl

    These candela are great very happy with them and highly recommend. Bought two sets and use them all the time – so easy to operate and very real looking.

  122. Archer

    Loved the real wax instead of plastic. The remote is definitely a plus. Gives my little balcony a nice ambient light at night while we sip wine and enjoy the evening air.

  123. Soleil

    I purchased these for a gift for my sister. She loved them! She also relayed that the timers work great and she will be using them year round. Not enough info. yet on how long battery life is.

  124. Juan

    Love that the flame is above the candle so the light is warm white and not orange. Nice sizes and love the remote option as well as the ability to control the light with a dimmer.


    The color matches perfect with my theme but more importantly the candles look real. I absolutely love them . They are real wax not intended for direct sun exposure/ windows. Remote works as promised

  126. Lance

    I love these candles! They are stunning when on, beautiful warm glow! Very realistic flame. The remote control makes it nice because I have them on top of a hutch where it would be hard to turn on without it.

  127. Duncan

    These are perfect for my lanterns! I love the remote and the timer function, set and forget! Still going strong after one month and haven’t even replaced batteries yet! Highly recommend!

  128. ElleBee

    These are life like! I placed all three in a lantern. They look like real candles. Fooled my husband! And the timer remote allowed for them to come on same time for allowed four hours an evening. Highly recommend.

  129. Cua

    The candles were still lit when My husband woke up in the morning. You could hear him saying, ” Who the he– forgot to blow out the candles last night, they could of started a fire ?” LOL he proceeded to try to blow them out and then started laughing. That says it all folks. They are beautiful when lit.

  130. Kat

    I had a set of these and after a couple weeks, decided I wanted a second set! They are great and add so much charm to my family room!

  131. Arpi

    I love the candles so much. They transform any atmosphere romantic. The brightness of candles are adjustable and its great to control candles with remote control.
    Also they have great and kind customer service.

  132. Kaitlyn

    The color of the light is true to the picture. The remote isn’t super high tech but it’s easy to figure out. These look beautiful and quality is fair for the price.

  133. Kirchoff

    I just received them & so far I love everything about them. I love the candles are ivory on the outside (not white or off white)

  134. Brendlinger

    I have three sets of these candles I love them that much!! Love that they have timers and all sets can work off the same remote.

  135. Brendlinger

    I have three sets of these candles I love them that much!! Love that they have timers and all sets can work off the same remote.

  136. Hidalgo

    These are very elegant and expensive looking, worth the price. Flame is so real I felt like it would be hot.

  137. Saunders

    Really nice. I was worried there would be problems with the battery compartment based on other reviews but AAs fit perfectly.

  138. Montez

    We purchased for my daughter wedding & these were wonderful! Just the right amount of light, no worries of anything setting on fire & no worries for little children. The timer function is simple; set & forget!
    Remote is super easy to use as well. Very happy with this purchase!

  139. Victoria R

    These are very nice! When you have them on, it really looks like a candle burning. The remote is nice because you can turn them on and off without getting up and down.

  140. Napier

    We love these. I bought one set to check them out and loved them. Then we bought two more. Recomend.

  141. Michelle

    Very pretty day or night. I love the timer feature. They make the room cozy. Purchased these for bedroom decor but couldn’t pack them away.

  142. Linda

    Beautiful! Works great. Remote and timer works as stated! Great buy if thinking about it, stop thinking and buy them. You won’t be disappointed!

  143. Lacucinangel

    You won’t be disappointed
    This is a gift so I can’t rate the timer function but I would guess it works fine.

  144. Singleton

    The small flame looks so real!! it took a few times to get the timer set to come on at 7 PM and off at 11P. now it is perfect!! I move them all around the house to decorate.

  145. roseboro

    Yes! Great candles! Battery operated, warning though, they take THREE AA for each candle so be prepared. The container is glass. Comes with a remote. I liked them so much I bought a second set!

  146. Wendy

    These are first rate flameless candles that are realistic looking and have multiple functions and a convenient remote control. There’s a lot of choices, but these are the ones to buy.

  147. DragonFly

    I have bought all kinds of flameless candles but this is the best by far. It gives off such a soft glow without the flame itself flickering out of control. Plus you can see it from whatever side of the room you are at. A really good buy, trust me.

  148. Harris

    I love these, the two modes make it easy to control what kind of lighting you want. They have a great dimming feature, and are realistic looking.

  149. Nancy G

    Just got these a week ago and WOW! they are so amazing that I had to buy more. The remote works better than expected and actually one remote works on all of them. Not sure at this point how well they will do on battery consumption but time will tell. Love Love Love these!

  150. Linda

    Very pleased with the candles. They are realistic looking. Remote works well. I would purchase them again.

  151. DDallas

    Candles were exactly as described and were shipped quickly. I use them outside (covered area) in lanterns and they look great.

  152. Karen

    Love these! Got them for my kids room and I love the timer and the candle feature. They can flicker like a candle or just stay lit. They also have a feature to dim or to get brighter. Great candles.

  153. clarissa

    I love these candles. They are so pretty, look genuine, and are easy to use. Love the remote. Couldn’t ask for more.

  154. Darlington

    Keep this on all day and all night and last for like 2 weeks

  155. Pammy

    Very happy with the quality, brightness and functions. Intend on buying more for gifts

  156. Burke

    I purchased these for a centerpiece, and it turned out beautifully. The remote works great!

  157. Duchess

    I like the timer function, remote control and the ambiance the flameless candles provides.

  158. turner

    They work really well. The remote control is a nice feature.

  159. Alexandra

    These are so so cute. They look great and well worth the money compared to other flameless candles I have purchased.

  160. Plummer

    Loved them. Have them away as a gift. Beautiful glow. Always a plus to have a remote control.

  161. Memphian

    They look great when turned on, and are so easy to use because of the remote control. The “flame” dances a little and looks like realistic candlelight. They create great ambiance at night.

  162. lane

    Very realistic. Auto on/off was a great discovery. Getting more!

  163. Patricia

    I gave this as a gift to my sister who loves candles. She lives in a senior facility where flame candles are not allowed. Perfect for her apartment.

  164. Fulanie

    Helps when lights are off. Very romantic

  165. Claire

    Finally, a flameless candle that looks stunning and I can afford it! This set of 3 each needs 2AA batteries. Remote works are great. Really surprised at the value.

  166. Saulen

    Nothing to dislike. Looks awesome and remote makes it so easy with the timer

  167. Dixie

    Great realistic candles, the remote control is a bonus. Has a timer to shut the candles off. Very easy to use!

  168. Prais

    I love these candles, you cannot beat the price for what you receive. I love the glow changing and the timer. They are perfect.

  169. SHIM

    It literally looks and feels like a real candle , I love it so so much

  170. Sargent

    Love that you put it on and it shuts off after 4 hours and comes back on when you turned it on

  171. Constantine

    Coolest candles! I didn’t realize they were going to have little pieces that sit on a piece of wire and “dance” around to make the light flicker like a real candle. From a distance, and if you don’t know it’s not an actual flame, it looks pretty realistic.

  172. J&V

    Perfect for my party!It looks very romantic in the evening!

  173. PerkUltra

    Love the way the flame of the candle moves! I use them in my candle displays in my home.Bright and cheery!

  174. Michelebarrell

    Absolutely love these flickering candles. Work perfectly in a spare fireplace. Use in our spare room and timer was perfect to give the grandkids a night light until they fell asleep.

  175. Debsi

    I love the remote. Makes it so easy to put them. The timer is perfect.

  176. DVeney

    These candles help me create a beautiful centerpiece remote works great candles look so real

  177. syly

    The candles are beautiful and really appear to be burning. I have mine set to turn on at 7pm with the timer set for 4 hours. They flicker and dance during the time I relax and turn off after I go to bed.

  178. Gross

    The candles over exceeded my expectations! They are so beautiful! I would love to order another set!

  179. Little

    Use around my bath tub for ambiance.

  180. Alisha

    I like them. They feel like wax. The three candles are nice and I like that you can change the lighting up or down, or make it flicker. Pretty cool. The timer is a plus.

  181. Amy

    Several guests thought these were real candles until they got close enough to realize they were not! Super cute decor!

  182. Diecidue

    These are really beautiful! They are bright and realistic. I love how the light bounces like a real candle.
    You do have to be at the right angle an distance for the remote to work, but it’s not troublesome

  183. Riley

    These look like real flames. Super nice and use around the bath at night. She can enjoy her reading and videos while soaking.

  184. Renny

    Goes very well with my bathroom upgrade and it makes relaxing that much more enjoyable

  185. Elizabeth

    The candles are beautiful and look so nice in the bedroom. I love that it has a remote control that you can turn on and off and control the lights. Good quality.

  186. Marylynn

    These are beautiful. Remote and timer are great to keep the batteries from dying so quick. They look like real candles burning. Will purchase more!

  187. SMITH

    Absolutely beautiful. I put them over the fireplace and can keep them all year long for any holiday to look just perfect.
    Makes a great gift!

  188. Customer

    I am in love with these candles. They look so real, especially with the lights off.

  189. Gloria

    These candles are very beautiful and add to the ambience of whatever setting you choose to display them. They look and feel like real candles – not the hard stiff plastic of other flameless candles. I absolutely love them and can’t wait until my next set arrives.

  190. arnold

    They are so bright and look great in my living room. Remote is a great feature

  191. Carela

    Very realistic candle functions. Having different settings to customize … very nice!!

  192. Busymom

    Bought these for a romantic weekend away. They worked perfectly! Literally felt like real candles were lit. Love the remote option and they even smell like candles. Definitely recommend.

  193. Steuernagel

    These are first rate flameless candles that are realistic looking and have multiple functions and a convenient remote control. There’s a lot of choices.

  194. Steckley

    These candles are great. I ordered 4 sets. I really like that you can make them brighter or dimer and the timer function is great also.

  195. Cynthia

    Love love these candles!! Very realistic with a nice color!!

  196. Taylor

    They were so beautiful they look like real candles burning. I brought them for myself and as a gift for someone.

  197. watson

    Looks and performs perfect in my hanging bleached wicker baskets timer function is great on and off by themselves no problems

  198. attiegrl

    I love these. They really brighten up my home. Cozy

  199. cmgbuyer

    These are so realistic and bring so much atmosphere to a room. They are so beautiful and also so much safer than anything with a flame.

  200. Hairy

    These candles are great! I loved these at a friends house and decided to order them for myself.

  201. Denise

    I give this set to people as gifts often. They love them.

  202. Rowden

    Other than the battery life being not as long as I would like, they are simply amazing and awesome!

  203. Coury

    Very well made and they look beautiful during the day and during the night when there are lit.
    Looks like candles, not plastic. Very impressed.
    Recommend highly.

  204. Tina

    These are a great addition to my Christmas decor.

  205. K.

    Purchased during the summer. Remote has many features in a small slim package. I have used these candles nightly 6-8 hours and have just changed the batteries for the first time due to light output finally dimming significantly. Would buy again without hesitation.

  206. Tesch

    They are so realistic looking.

  207. D

    I turn these on every night and I love them!!

  208. Lorraine

    I really like these. They work well and are a nice size.

  209. Wilkin

    These are so cute and the glow from the led lights is perfect

  210. Stacey

    Loved these at Christmas time to add to my candle holders.

  211. Harris

    I am extremely pleased with this purchase. These candles are absolutely gorgeous!

  212. Groovylocks

    They actually look nicer lit up than the pictures would suggest. They’re very understated and tasteful and I’m loathe to pack them up for next year

  213. Barnes

    These candles have a 2,4,6, or 8 hour setting. And they can either just light up or flicker like a candle.

  214. Hansen

    I bought the candles and they match perfectly with my Christmas decor. The lights swirled around the candles are lovely and the wicks flicker against my mantel. Beautiful!

  215. Dlms

    I really like this candle with remote. It lights up part of the candle and makes the candle look real. I wanted the outside to be wax so I’m very pleased with it.

  216. Ghend

    These are great candles, they look very real, and look nice when they’re lit. I love the timer function, I don’t have to mess with turning off and on. Would buy again.

  217. Johns

    These are fantastic candles. They have multi-function flicker and brightness. Could be a tad brighter. I’ve paid three times as much for others that weren’t as nice.

  218. Porter

    Love them will be ordering more… Very great for surprises & relaxation times…

  219. Murray

    These candles are absolutely beautiful!! I have had a lot of complements on them.

  220. Jeff

    I put new batteries in and left them on… better than 2 weeks never being shut off on each battery change. Love the flickering effect

  221. segura

    Very nice and as described

  222. Nelson

    These candles are beautiful, they look just like a real candle!!!

  223. Catherine

    Loved the look on my dining room table and scattered in places where real candles would not be safe

  224. Arthur

    Love these, so Beautiful

  225. Barlow

    Beautiful set of candles. Vibrant colors. Nice size. Awesome that they are real wax but battery Operated. They can be sat on a timer. They flicker and look very realistic. Very pleased with purchase.

  226. Tori

    They are beautiful. Can set the mood. Was a God sent when the lights went out from the recent Texas winter storm. Just like candles without the worry of a fire. 😊

  227. Psalter

    We are enjoying these very much. They are on our mantel, stairs and a table with a nativity. Really enhances the decor and looks lovely in the luminaria sacks.

  228. H.

    These candles are great. My husband likes them so much we bought a second set.

  229. Jason

    Great electronic candle! Looks good in a dark room. Only drawback is the sound the magnetic wick makes bouncing around.

  230. Williams

    I like the way the candle dems and brightens with the remote.

  231. L. Kelly

    Pretty effects
    These candles give a pretty glow to an arrangement I have in my living room. They are softly lit. I have received many compliments on them. Timer works great.

  232. Johnson

    I enjoy candles and these remote/timer candles allow me to have them all over the house and enjoy the glow! I have purchased for my family as well and they have been enjoying!

  233. JH

    Candles are beautiful and appear to be real candles without the danger of real candles. Very happy with purchase.

  234. D.

    These things are mesmerizing! I got a set to give as a gift. My daughter loved them, so I ordered her a set. Plan on ordering my set soon!

  235. KatMar

    They are bright enough, very pretty and look real. The remote works well and has timer options that are very convenient.

  236. Stuckey’s

    I was so excited to receive these candles. I had seen them at my sister’s house and I could not believe how real they looked. I had to get some myself. I am so glad I did. I would definitely purchase again!

  237. Charlotte

    These three staggered height candles are so so pretty. Mine are on my dressing table and look lovely.

  238. cheryl

    Very cute candles. Brighter than I thought they would be. Remote is a plus.

  239. W.

    Slimmer than I imagined which made them perfect in a group of 3 and I put a group of 5 in my fireplace. Loved how they magically came on right at dusk. Great ambience for my Christmas decor.

  240. Ballard

    You will not regret buying…they look beautiful and so real looking

  241. Nicholas

    Much better than having a timer which limits you to a preset time the lights are lit. With this remote I can turn them on/off whenever I desire. Am very pleased with this purchase.

  242. Campbell

    I love the look of these flickering candles when lit. I am using them inside seasonal decorated table lanterns. The remote controls makes it super easy to turn on/off or set timer without having to move the candle.

  243. Trevino

    These lights came in handy for our Christmas party. They lasted a long time and the battery never died!! Loved them!!

  244. Carolyn

    bought these as a Christmas gift for my daughter..she loves them…soft light and looks so pretty when lit

  245. Carolyn

    bought these as a Christmas gift for my daughter..she loves them…soft light and looks so pretty when lit


    Ordered as a gift.. now i want my own

  247. Amy

    These are beautiful faux candles that look very real!! Love the timer function!! Battery life could use improvement.

  248. JB

    I love these candles. They look so pretty in my fireplace and are so easy to use. The remote control makes them dimmer or brighter and there is a timer feature. If you use the timer then your batteries will last longer. I would absolutely buy again.

  249. Joey

    This is a great way to have candlelight without the danger of an open flame.

  250. Nichelle

    They are so pretty. I was a little nervous that they would look fake but they really don’t. I am actually very happy with how realistic they look. The flickering really does make them look like an actual candle. So happy with them that I bought another pack the next day!

  251. Hartman

    Great Product, Fast Shipping, Great Seller

  252. BUNNIE

    In varied spots during the holidays. Easy to use and bright

  253. Rossco

    Can use as a nightlite. Turn em kff when wanna go to sleep, if ya gotta get up, click on on the remote it just like lightingba candle! Not turning on the light

  254. loulake

    Perfect! After pushing two buttons they come on every day at 6 o’clock and stay on for two hours. Looks like the real thing. However when you first open the box you think how on earth is this going to look like a candle and a flame but someone figured it out and it really does.

  255. Rori

    Love these. I was a little skeptical but it’s the perfect glow and they are go realistic.

  256. Young

    It is such a hoot using the remote to turn on “candles!”

  257. Lorenz

    The candles have multiple features that are excellent

  258. Bloomer

    The candles have are peaceful in the evening. We enjoy them.

  259. Christine

    Love these candles. Easy to use, remote is a great added feature, much less expensive then places like pottery barn. Very realistic.

  260. Julia

    Instant ambiance! I like these because the flame is realistic as it flickers, and the candle glows warm white, instead of yellow – which I don’t like. I also like the remote that comes with it. My only complaint is that the wicks began to lean, and I can’t get them to stand upright again.

  261. Hockey

    Thank you for such a pretty set of flickering remote candles. So far they are working wonderfully and look so bright. The remote feature is great, and I look forward with enjoying this very nice set. Thank you for the very quick shipment as well.

  262. kkbekind

    Love the look of these candles. The timer is a huge pulse. Very real looking. No which soot 👍🏻

  263. julie

    I like having just a little light on at night on in my house. To me it’s very calming.

  264. Barbara

    They last long and work great. You definitely think they are real.

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