Christian Themed Moving Flame Paraffin Wax Flameless Candles with 10-Key Remote, D3″ x H4″ 5″ 6″ – Set of 3

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20 - 29 $26.50
30+ $26.00


[The difficulties we are experiencing together, we need it to inspire] By adding some beautiful swinging flameless candle lights, inspiring Christian theme patterns, exquisite cross and gorgeous roses, it will send you and your family hope and light.
[Intelligent Control at Your Fingertips] The package comes with a 10-key remote control, which can be used in other products of our brand. The remote control allows you to control multiple candles at the same time Remote control functions include: ON / OFF / TIMER / MODE / DIM.
[Battery life increased by 50%] Each candle is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included). The expected battery life is about 160 hours. The unique timing function increases the battery life by 50% compared with ordinary flameless candles, and the life of the LED lamp can reach 50,000 hours.
[Keep Your Family, Pets, and Property Safety] No flame, no smoke, environmentally friendly. You can safely put it in any corner of the house without worrying about fire.
[Satisfaction Guarantee] This product comes with a 1-MONTH full refund trial period and LIFE-TIME customer service – If you found any problem with our products, contact us.

9190 reviews for Christian Themed Moving Flame Paraffin Wax Flameless Candles with 10-Key Remote, D3″ x H4″ 5″ 6″ – Set of 3

  1. R. Weiss

    These are very realistic looking candles. Would buy again. Unfortunately, one arrived damaged. I do not believe it was due to the quality of the product, but to damage in shipping. i contacted the company and they gave me a refund , no problem. I would order from again.

  2. Katie

    I like the remote programming feature of this item.

  3. patd

    I am very pleased with quality of candles. With timer, they turn on automatically to greet me when I return home. A good value if they last all winter.

  4. Julie

    Perfect For What We Wanted
    Excellent price and functions well

  5. Michelle

    The candles are great, look nice and the flame light looks nice. Glad we bought and the light options are nice.

  6. J. Shumaker

    Very realistic and easy with the remote.

  7. Gopher

    These are great! Very real looking and I couldn’t be more pleased with the candles!
    I love the timer function, via the remote control, and the ability to adjust the brightness.
    I plan to order another set, now that I’ve been able to try these candles out.
    If you’re looking for a more rustic looking candle, this is it!

  8. TyH

    I gave the candles as a Christmas gift. The couple I gave them too cannot stop raving about them. They use them every night on the mantle above the fireplace. Excellent product!!!!

  9. Osting

    I found the remote so I am giving 5 stars. These are so beautiful in my fireplace, I am going to order another set

  10. Wiley

    I wanted some candles I could display in a window without fear of my curtains catching fire. These are perfect!

  11. Jul

    Candles look really nice. The smallest candle came with the battery holder piece broken but I am still able to open and use.

  12. S P

    These are real wax. This may make the candles look more realistic. However, the wax can get damaged with time. Just be aware of this, and handle with care.

  13. K. W.

    Received a candle from a friend. Loved it so much that I ordered a set of 3. Wonderful! Creates a very nice atmosphere. I really recommend!

  14. Chase

    I have similar candles to these from Pottery Barn, but paid WAY more for them. In my opinion, these are just as nice! And these even look more realistic since it looks like the candle has partly melted. Great buy!

  15. BigFan

    I’ve bought LED candles in the past but was disappointed with the dim light and the price. Daughter got these for me for Xmas and I’m so happy with them. They were well packed, pretty realistic and provide the right level of brightness. They definitely add a lot of warmth to my living room!

  16. Mikpic

    Really nice candle lights. It resembles the real candle so much

  17. Diane

    Really am happy with these candles! Arrived on time, too. The brightness and timer are a nice plus especially with the remote. Thank you for making our hime a little cozier.

  18. Diane A. Starnes

    Really am happy with these candles! Arrived on time, too. The brightness and timer are a nice plus especially with the remote. Thank you for making our hime a little cozier.

  19. Steve

    These are beautiful candles! One stopped “flickering” within minutes…but still looks pretty lit up.

  20. Shopper

    These add such a soft touch! Excellent brightness

  21. Kathy

    I love these candles… the remote and timer are a plus… can have them on for a couple of hours and set to turn off… not worry about remembering to blow a candle out

  22. Tammy

    Nice gift
    Gave as a Christmas gift. Haven’t seen it cause they live out of state but she really went on about how pretty it was.

  23. Tammy Taylor

    Nice gift
    Gave as a Christmas gift. Haven’t seen it cause they live out of state but she really went on about how pretty it was.

  24. order

    I love these candles and the realistic flames that you have the option of moving or not using the remote control. These candles add a nice ambiance to the room.

  25. CJ

    These are great candles. We bought them around Christmas time and use them every evening. The flame is very realistic, ad from a few feet away they look like the real thing. We really enjoy them.

  26. Joy

    Thoroughly enjoy the authentic color, flickering and movement of the flame. Could not be any more authentic in rivaling the real thing!

  27. Devin

    Wanted these for a bookcase in my home office. Great value.

  28. Elizabeth

    I am so happy with this purchase. The candles are very beautiful and works really well with the remote control. Definitely stands out and lights the room up

  29. J. McGill

    These are perfect! Cost compared to same style at higher end stores can’t be beat.

  30. Stephen

    Best indoor candle I’ve purchased. They are on a timer and turn on and off at the exact time every night. Super impressed!

  31. carol

    I love these candles. Very fancy.

  32. Dee

    These are great candles! The remote works well and we really like the timer function. Very pleased with how real they look.

  33. Red

    Very good quality, the timer function works great! Highly recommend this product.

  34. Minneman

    these candles are great. Best from a distance, up close they dont look real. I have them on a wall candle stand and the light shining on the wall looks great. The lights around the candle add a great unique look.

  35. ro

    Don’t want my kids lighting candles in rooms so this is a great alternative.

  36. Wheelin

    I love these candles. They’re very realistic looking and great value. I’ve put them around my home and plan to order more for my bathroom.

  37. Nicholas

    Finally, a beautiful set of candles, and I do not have to worry about accidentally causing a fire! Excellent value for the price. These candles make a perfect accent for a romantic evening, and also a night of peaceful meditation.

  38. Reba

    I love candles for a romantic mood in the bedroom. But I’m always nervous about them falling over and causing a fire. These look so real it’s incredible. I really love them. And I gave them to several friends during the holidays and all of them are really enjoying them

  39. Stone

    At first glance I was skeptical of these with the type of wick. However, after adding batteries I am very pleased. The brightness is good,but, not glaring, and the floating wicks look real. I liked these better than some others I purchased without the outer glass. The others are dimmer.

  40. Autumnal

    Item as described. We put the candles in sconces above our bed and the look wonderful. It is nice to be able to control the flicker or steady light with the remote.

  41. Snoopy

    I absolutely love these candles. The remote works great and I love the look of a burning candle without the worry of causing a fire. Best investment.

  42. Terrie

    I actually thought I was ordering real candles! 😆 my bad. I decided to keep them for displaying purposes anyway. I’ve not lighted them up yet so I can’t really tell you how realistic they are.

  43. Anita

    I love the function of these candles. They are perfect for where they are! And add a nice touch. I think the flickering flame is very realistic.

  44. Timothy

    My friend used this for his wedding proposal! I am planning to use it to treat my lady like the valuable lady she is.

  45. Rick

    Fantastic fake candle! Can’t believe it. It absolutely looks real one turned on. The AA battery should last a long time. The remote control was great. Would definitely buy again. In fact, I think I’ll buy two more 🙂

  46. Tine

    The candles look & flicker just like real candles, except a breeze or fan will not blow them out & pets and children will not get burned or start a fire if they knock them over. The remote and timer makes them even more amazing!

  47. Marsha

    These candles look like real burning candles & the remote is so handy to use. I get many complements! I use them on my kitchen table & place them on a long tray of which I have many. I change trays depending on the table cloth & other decor I’m using at the time. They look beautiful with each tray I use.

  48. maltese

    These are very different from the usual battery candles you see. I like the metallic look and they look awesome in the metallic candle holders I had. The remote is nice and I’m very happy I chose these.

  49. Watson

    These are a great option and alternative to flamed candles. Smell great. Work 100 hours on new batteries. Have a timer and a remote. Really give a great allusion of fire without the danger.

  50. South

    We got these for our animal hospital to light when someone is saying goodbye to their pet to make people in our lobby aware. Love, Love these candles! The flicker feature is perfect and they are very bright.

  51. S. M. Wells

    Gift to an old friend who really loved it. “Just like areal candle except you don’t have to worry about it catching the place on fire.”
    Really liked the multiple settings and 24 h timer. Did not use the remote. So far (2 weeks) battery life is good—purchased battery separately.

  52. Michele M.

    I love this set! Have it up on my fireplace and it looks so great!! It comes wrapped so carefully- batteries included/ timer works perfectly!! I will be purchasing another set as a gift. So many times, when purchasing battery-operated candles, they do not include batteries. This set has them, so gifting them will be perfect!

  53. K. B

    I love these candles. The only thing that could make these even better is if one day they come out with one just like it but gives off a scent. They are perfect & my daughter thought they were real!

  54. Stacy G

    I like the look of the candle with the flame. It looks much more real than those without it. As expected though, the candle is not very bright on its own.

  55. Ayres

    I used these to add ambiance to my decorations. They were Gorgeous. I had placed them on my 90 inch cabinet so having the timer option was critical. I would recommend these to anyone looking for beauty, elegance and convenience.

  56. Modern

    I love these, they bring a nice glow to the room and last a long time with the batteries. Also love that they are glass and not plastic!

  57. Natasha

    I’m not gonna lie they freaked me out once. I was sitting on the bed fixing my son’s hair and out of the corner of my eye I seen the candles turn on. Made my heart skip a beat . Next day I walked into the bedroom and they was all on again. Mind you the remote is put up and out of the way so my toddler can’t get to them. I started to panic like I have a ghost. Before I jumped go conclusions I hopped on here and learned they automatically come on 😂 now I feel like a dummy lol but other than that I love them. They offer the right amount of light for relaxing, I love that I can flip them on and fall asleep to them no worries about a fire or having to turn them off because they are timed to turned off. They also look good in photos

  58. Phoebee

    I’m a big fan of candle light but fearful of fires. These are perfect! Nice soft flickering light for evening. My only complaint is the tiny remote which I misplaced within a week.

  59. Ayres

    I used these to add ambiance to my bedroom decorations. They were Gorgeous. I had placed them on my 90-inch cabinet so having the timer option was critical. I would recommend these to anyone looking for beauty, elegance and convenience.

  60. Majors

    I bought it use daily, but as soon as I got them the power went out for two days. It was really nice to have a candle automatically go on for the evening while the power was off too.

  61. Dena

    Love these candles. I like how they turn off after a certain time if I forget and then auto turn on the next day. They’re really pretty too. Will be purchasing more.

  62. lois

    Candles come on and go off as scheduled. The candles look real and they give a relaxing and soothing glow with a flickering flame. I really love them. And the price was right.

  63. Teddy

    Oh my goodness. These candles are truly beautiful. Not kidding. Arrived save and really well packaged. Don’t pass these up. I HIGHLY recommend these. I will be ordering more for my home and for gifts. With kindness, thanks for such a lovely product.

  64. Tasha

    I purchased these as part of my zoom backdrop shelving – and they look great individually or clustered. Nice warm glow in the color I got. My husband LOVED them and we ordered more so he can have a candle-lit man cave. Very cozy in there!

  65. MCR

    Haven’t tried the timer yet but these are awesome! They give the room a nice lighting and you can make them steady lighting or candle motion which I love! The price is great compared to stores! Will buy again!

  66. Brad

    I set mine on a timer for 4 hours a night- never have to turn them on. Batteries typically last well over a month or two even after daily use (I recommend also the Amazon brand AA batteries as they did very well in testing). Love them so much I bought 2 sets!

  67. Discoverer

    Very realistic candles in beautiful holder. These candles seem to flicker adding shadows to the walls and ceiling. Remote control. Light adjustment allows for just the right ambience. Excellent for rooms where candles are out of reach or where an open flame is not allowed.

  68. Mere

    I was very pleased with my purchase of this flameless LED candle set. I am happy that I did go with this seller, there are a lot of these types of candles on the market. They are perfect for what I needed them for. The package was well-padded and nothing was missing or broken A+ in my book.

  69. Britton

    I love this set! The candles are a good weight and the carving is pretty, but the best part is the “flame” effect. It is very realistic. The flames make a tiny little noise when the candles are lit, a slight click as the flame waves on a thin wire. My mom saw these, and loved them so much she ordered sets for herself, her sister, and some friends. I might get more, too. Super nice purchase!

  70. DAWN

    I love these candles. I thought for sure that they were going to look fake, but they don’t. People come in my home and comment on how beautiful they are, and are shocked when I tell them that the candles aren’t real and are equally as shocked when they see the remote control. Love them!

  71. Moya

    They are beautiful and look so real, I love that you can control them with the remote on and off, or just turn the candle on or the light, and the price was perfect will buy again…

  72. Cher

    I love it! I’m moving to an apartment where no open flames are unique bowl with antique marbles surrounding a candle that look so good when lit and I was sad to possibly lose it. But this is the perfect solution and looks so real from just a few feet away. I’m going to buy a couple more for other candle holders!

  73. Beth

    These work great and are so fun. I put one in a diy lantern I built and it perfectly set it off with the candle ring I bought to go with it. The dimmer and timer functions work great. They are great sizes. Can’t wait to set the other ones up in my home.

  74. sunnyday

    I do not use the timer function but do use the remote. The remote makes these types of candles more user-friendly. These are really nice and the color was perfect for where I am using them. They are of good quality and work very well. I have others of this same type and there is no difference at all. Happily surprised at the quality and value!

  75. fsag

    These candles look like they are a real candle. Hard to tell they aren’t when they are on. The flame is realistic. The remote works amazingly well. Looks beautiful and gives a nice ambiance when on.

  76. Bridges

    I loved these candles as did all my friends and neighbors. They wanted to know where I got them! Look like real candles with a flickering flame….very cool.

  77. Annette

    The remote works great, but once I set them to come on at 6:30 I didn’t need the remote. I love all the settings, low light, steady light or flickering light. I just got them a month ago and the batteries are still going strong. I would definitely order these again.

  78. Bar

    These candles are beautiful. I loved them so much I bought a second order. No one will know they aren’t real candles. Looks like they have dancing flames on glass. Best I’ve seen!

  79. Patti

    I bought these lovely candles for our downstairs bedroom fireplace. They are beautifully crafted and I love how they look and feel. These candles turn on and off with a small remote, in which the battery is included. Each candle requires two AA batteries. The candles can be programmed with a click of the remote to glow steady or gently flicker for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. Additionally, you can program the brightness level. I love the ambiance they add to the room.

  80. Laura

    These are nice. They have actual wax, the timer has been working great for the last week. In relation to other flamesless, remote controlled candles, these are work fantastic. Honestly, better than expected.

  81. Miche

    Need to purchase 2 AA batteries for each candle. I’ve had no problems with them. They do make clicking noises when in candle mode. Light mode is silent though. Timer function works well. I enjoy them and they will be great if the power ever goes out too. Easy set up.

  82. Running

    After reading the reviews I decided to go ahead and buy these for our vacation rental. We don’t want renters using real candles so these have been great for creating an ambiance. We have two sets with two remotes and have not had any issues with them. These would be great for weddings too.

  83. Kylene68

    These are the most realistic candles I’ve ever seen. I bought a set awhile back and have loved them so much that I bought another set for my new apartment. My family also loves them as well, so I got them sets too. They’re absolutely stunning!

  84. Schmille

    I ordered 2 sets of these for a fireplace project. I love them. Real wax and the sizes were perfect for what I needed. The remote control has timed options and makes using these so easy. Would order again.

  85. Denise

    These came in 2 days and box wasn’t damaged. These candles look real my husband was worried about wax dripping on the cabinet! I have them set on timer 4 hours at dusk there beautiful in my bathroom there very real looking.

  86. Beanie

    Everyone who sees these comments about how beautiful they are and then asks if they are real or not. They honestly look like the real thing and last on one set of batteries for a very long time. Exceptional product. Buy them, you’ll love them just as much!

  87. Krause

    They are AWESOME! When I first took them out of the box I didn’t know what to think because they have a plastic “flame” suspended by a small metal pin that allows it to “wobble” and I wasn’t sure if it was going to look tacky or what, but I am very pleasantly surprised that they look SUPER realistic as far as flameless candles go! The remote works amazing, everything was easy. Just add 2 AA batteries to each candle and boom! Instant (and safe) ambiance!

  88. CBM

    The most beautiful candles I have ever had in my home. I struggled to find the right candle for my table. These made my design absolutely perfect!

  89. JP

    They are pretty! The remote control is definitely convenient. You can also set them on a timer and they will automatically turn on and off at same time everyday. The “candle mode” doesn’t look real but you don’t have to use it. The flickering of the flame in “light mode” already looks very realistic. Very happy with this purchase!

  90. Bailey

    Great quality, extremely fast delivery. Came with a remoter. Very happy. So happy I turned around and bought 2 more sets. 1 more for me and 1 for my mom. I won’t have to worry about her trying to lite or reach to turn on. SUPER happy.

  91. g.

    Should’ve bought some for myself too!
    I got this for my grandmother for Mother’s Day and she absolutely loves them! The remote control is so convenient and the light is perfect.

  92. hellokitiee

    I got the two pack of AA battery operated candles. I love the remote because I have them in hard to reach places so all I have to do is click the button!! I highly recommend these candles and the price is great! I hope they last a long time.

  93. Senn

    This product is fantastic. I recently was advised my my apartment complex that we are no longer allowed to have candles. This LED set is a perfect alternative.

  94. Gibson

    Love these! Much better than expected for such a low price. Work beautifully, night after night, and the batteries last forever (Amazon AA value pack).

  95. Stephan

    I believe that these are better than advertised. Well priced. Very easy to use with the remote. Beautiful and a great alternative to a real candle. No wax splatter to clean.

  96. Very

    These are soooo realistic looking. The “flame” even leaves a nice realistic shadow on the wall and ceiling like a real candle.

  97. Seed

    I’ve had bad experiences with LED candles in that they are usually cheap-looking, unrealistic, and cheesy, so I was skeptical that these would be any good. However, they are much better than I feared! The flicker is tastefully done, and the moving flame makes the candle more believable. A real flame is always going to be more aesthetically pleasing, but these candles are a safer option for my purposes. Overall, they are well done!

  98. JeanM

    I’m very happy with these flickering candles. I didn’t think much about the flickering but the flame part is a a loose flame shape that wobbles to give the flickering effect. It’s not a bulb like a Christmas light. It doesn’t affect it or matter. I think the movement helps enhance its look.

  99. Tanya

    Can’t believe it took me so long to get these! I am a candle lover and having littles has diminished my candles. Having these gives me the piece of mind that my littles are safe and still get the great ambiance 🕯🥰

  100. Kestrel

    I really wanted a candle that looked lit all the way through. These did not disappoint. The three-pack came with a remote although I’m not sure why and I didn’t use them. But these worked swimmingly, I am extremely happy.

  101. Janet

    I LOVE these! They come on each day at same time; stay on for 6 hours, then go off. So much easier & safer than real candles. The time they come on is when you first turn them on.

  102. AnnieB

    Very nice set of battery-powered candles. They look great, and the remote control allows for easy on-off. You can set them to turn off in 4 or 8 hours, or have them stay on. They can also be set to flicker or not, as you prefer. We use them as a night light and they cast a nice glow.

  103. Vin

    I didn’t have the opportunity to use them, myself, as my sister saw them on my counter and wanted them. Remote very handy. Do use a lot of batteries, which aren’t included. Realistic feel.

  104. Masarik

    I hand make my own rosaries, and needed something for a nice background for image taking. Someone had suggested I use real candles, but I was wary about using those around flowers and a bible. So I found these battery operated ones, and I love them! They have different settings, and are great for everyday use! I also use these to set the ambiance when my husband and I sit down to dinner.

  105. Mrs

    Love these. Brilliant candles that add a wonderful, warm glow to any room and safe to use anywhere in the home. Are great as they come in glass holders and can be easily controlled by remote. Highly recommended.

  106. Gottahaveit

    These are well made, sturdy and beautiful. I love that they offer soft candlelight and sparkling light from the glittering lit wire around each candle. So pretty! Lots of compliments from my neighbors.

  107. Richard

    Pretty cool looking. I’m always going through real candles, this is a great alternative. Also nice is that they don’t eat up batteries, don’t require a lot of power. I think you’ll like them.

  108. Debbie Williams

    Very Good Safety Percautions With Lite Up Will Not Catch On Fire
    Very Satisfied With Sliver Stro Led Candles

  109. dizzyinsomniac

    These candles do the job and add the perfect ambiance to my home. The remote has multiple functionalities, not only are the candles dimmable, but you can choose a flickering light or steady wick. The timer is an additional perk, preventing batteries from dying too soon. Great product at an awesome price point, making these candles not only functional but affordable too.

  110. Froomer

    These are such great looking candles!! The set of 3 sizes looks perfect on any table and the remote works like a charm. I’ve ordered other flameless candles and these look pretty authentic!! Cant beat the price! Am ordering more!!

  111. FlyGirl

    Best flameless candles I have ever seen! These are beautiful, unique and I love the different settings on the remote. The glow color of them is a warm yet not orange color. Just perfect!

  112. Rhodes

    The candles look realistic and give off nice light. It’s bright enough to be able to see in the room, but not too bright. I like the easy use do the remote and the timer feature. Honestly, they seem to do as good as the more expensive brand. It’s a great price for what you get. I am very pleased.

  113. Pierce

    My mom bought a set for my husband and me. It’s in our living room and we just love. We bought another set for our bedroom. It is very unique. We also bought 10 more sets as gifts for family and friends. They all just love them.

  114. Duncan

    These are perfect for my lanterns! I love the remote and the timer function, set and forget! Still going strong after months and haven’t even replaced batteries yet! Highly recommend!

  115. Ohanian

    If you are like me, you learn more about products from reviews than their actual descriptions. I knew that these did NOT come with batteries, but I was surprised that they each require two AA. It’s nota big deal, but it does add $12 for the battery purchase. I love these candles for the soft, warm glow, the ease of having a remote and the danger free aspect.

  116. Memaw

    I use these candles on my screened-in porch. I like the soft flickering light from the candles, and they make a nice addition to our porch.

  117. navratil

    I bougt this product to go inside a lantern that was made in memory of my father. His light and love lives on in our family. Keeping it lit using the smallest of these candles allows me to keep my dad shining bright in our home and hearts.

  118. Diane

    So much nicer than I expected. Having the remote is such a plush. Was going to use party, but I will have to get more. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself

  119. Anderson

    I have purchased multiple battery operated pillar candles and these are the first ones that actually look like a real candle with a soft white glow. The remote control is an added feature that is fabulous! I am going to buy a few more sets to have around my house.

  120. SMHM

    These are great. The flame action looks real. The remote takes some getting use to, but love the fact you can dim them and also make them a steady flame if necessary. The outside wax coating is very nice and feels like a normal candle.

  121. Aunt

    These candles are made of wax and look so realistic! They have a remote control with a timer so very easy to have them “burning” for whatever amount of time you want. Great buy! I don’t notice any difference in brightness when I use that function but that’s fine – they are great the way they are!

  122. Ireyna

    Packaged nicely. Doesn’t looks that cheap, good quality wax almost looks like candles. Still testing battery life. Nice big bright warm glowing candles.

  123. Lisa

    I love these candles. I hadn’t liked the idea of battery operated candles before but these are great. Natural looking. Love the remote too. I’ve ordered two sets.

  124. Carol

    I purchased two sets of these candles. Years ago I had purchased one candle which had a timer function and liked it so much I wanted more. These candles were superior. Not only does the remote have various timer settings but also brightness settings. I love that they shut off on their own.

  125. Cook

    Timer function works well. Remote control is very convenient and can control all features. Brightness levels great to conserve and prolong battery life

  126. Magnolia

    I am so pleased especially with the control from the remote. I had not owned any such candles before so was accustomed to having to light and extinguish each one.

  127. Frannie

    Love these! So pretty and realistic with real wax outer and flickering light. The remote is awesome and has different timer options- 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. I love them 💗

  128. Susan

    These look like real candles from every angle. Very happy with this purchase. The remote control and timer feature are a great bonus—good value for the money. I would recommend this product.

  129. Sandy

    Love this set of candles. Choosing the “flame” option on the remote makes the wick dance so the light they shed look realistic. .

  130. CalGal

    These arrived today and are beautiful. FYI: They require 2 AA batteries each. They look very authentic. I like the handy remote control with timer. These can go in any room to set the ambience, but they are glass so keep out of reach of little curious ones and dogs wagging tails

  131. Mary

    We use them as holiday candles in our windows and they work perfectly. We set them in wide champagne glasses and they look elegant and shine very brightly- you can see them well from the roadway.

  132. Vescuso

    Gorgeous and looks totally real!!! My firefighter husband is super happy to not have open flames around the house.

  133. Laurie

    These are a breeze to get set up and programmed. The timer works perfectly and turns them on at precisely the same time each night.

  134. Pettinelli

    Unbelievable how real the flame looks! I have had similar candles but these are ver realistic!! I’m very happy

  135. F.S.

    Very nice looking candles with no more worry about an open flame. The candles are a soft golden glow.


    The timer function is accurate. The remote control works 20 feet away, and the brightness is adjustable. Very bright and awesome. Definitely buy these and dont look elsewhere.

  137. Logsdon

    Perfect for use in the middle of the night in our RV. They put off light but not so much that you cant see. Beautiful painting on the candle holders. Would buy again.

  138. Buchanan

    Love this for the timer and remote control. The flames are so realistic going to buy more.

  139. Eversole

    I really like them. I put them in front of the fireplace. I do wish they had some weight to the bottoms so they won’t blow over in the winds.

  140. Tammy S.

    I ordered 3 sets, that’s how much I’m obsessed with them. I even ordered a set for my mom. One candle was not working and the company sent a whole new order to replace and I was able to keep the other two working candles. Great customer service as well!

  141. Scott

    Love how natural they look. I also like the remote control, it makes it so easy. One does not have to turn the candles on by hand.

  142. Nancy

    These candles are so cute! The wick looks real when the candles are lit. I use them on my dining table. The remote is great and you can set a timer.

  143. Roth

    They have a unique mechanism for the flickering flame which creates a really authentic looking candle although I initially had my doubts. Love the ability to set the timer and amount of light with the remote. They come carefully packaged.

  144. Balsley

    I like the idea of the remote control. It lets me light up from a single location and not disrupt conversation. I like the timer function for daily use. Gives me lovely candlelight around the patio and in the main areas of the house without having to remember to light each night.

  145. katcar

    Love these candles. They feel like wax and look like real candles. I put them on at night while watching tv or relaxing with a book. Very pretty. The remote is a big plus. Don’t have to get up to turn them on or off and can even set how long you want them on. Very nice product.

  146. Shinbal

    These work well. For battery operated led’s it is reasonably bright. The moving wick is optional and looks good. When I walk into a room with only these on, it looks good. I consider these a good value for what I paid and I will buy again.

  147. Andrew

    They are nice candles. I like that there is a high and low setting. The remote works well and they respond immediately. I use them mostly as a night light when I’m getting ready for bed.

  148. MyheartsForever’s

    I like everything about them there no dislike and can be used for anything special or just relax with them

  149. Cherwes

    I’ve only used them for a couple weeks but they’re great. I have them in the fireplace & the flicker, brightness is spot on.

  150. Vicki K

    These candles are great. They look so pretty in my candle holders.

  151. Amystoneus

    High quality. They look great in my fireplace. They look like real candles burning.

  152. Wendy

    These are first rate flameless candles that are realistic looking and have multiple functions and a convenient remote control. There’s a lot of choices, but these are the ones to buy.

  153. Club

    I like everything about them!

  154. wife

    We have to hot plug in our bath room unless the lights are on. These make a great night light. On and off automatically. Plenty of light but not too much.

  155. Dunn

    I liked the ratio of sizes. I liked the flickering flames. I liked the soft shade of the light.

  156. JohnD

    The persons who received this gift from me loved them and wanted to order more. Said the remote control is wonderful; the candle is real candle material and the light is perfect for room ambience. Beautify without the concern of a real candle burning!

  157. Sandra

    I love everything about these Led Flameless (real wax) Battery Operated, Timer Candles. I definitely recommend. : )

  158. gaga

    I love how these look so much like a real candle. I haven’t really used any of the other functions but I have just turned it on for a bit and its beautiful.

  159. Litherland

    I love these! I bought 2 for my daughter for her birthday and she loved them!

  160. Jenn

    Perfect amount of light and flicker to provide a candle like ambiance. They are great for illuminating shelves and areas up high because they include a remote to turn then on.

  161. Az

    These are beautiful. Remote and timer are great to keep the batteries from dying so quick. They look like real candles burning. Will purchase more!

  162. Morano

    It is a great alternative to fire lite candles. The batteries do not last quite that long if the timer has been set. I used to set the timer so at night the candles would go on but it seems that drains the batteries. Now I set timer for special occasions. They work great and look eligant.

  163. diego

    Like that, you can buy multiples and use the same remote

  164. Fletcher

    I love these candles. I use them in Hurricanes and they look fabulous! Everything works as it should.

  165. Tetter

    I use these daily. They add a fantastic ambiance to my living room, along with my salt lamp. Haven’t had to replace the batteries yet either. I’ve had them for like 3 months!

  166. jennifer

    These are so beautiful on my fireplace! They dim perfectly as well as the “flame” looks beautiful reflecting off the wall without leaving soot stain on them.

  167. Miller

    Easy to set up and the remote timer makes it very convenient.

  168. Turner

    Just what I wanted. The work great!

  169. Halina

    These candles are beautiful!!!!
    I love how natural they glow and look.
    The remote function is great too!!!

  170. Johnson

    Loving these realistic looking candles! Kids love them too 🙂 I especially like the timer so it’s set it and forget it ambiance!

  171. Torres

    Looks real, gives off beautiful ambience and the remote is very convenient!…would buy again!

  172. Sebastian

    Really like these candles and would buy again. They really look nice.

  173. Club

    I love the look of the candle at night. Well worth the money.

  174. James H.

    Love these! They are going in every room of my house!

  175. Leslie

    it’s not easy having a real lit candle at a table while having kids that get into everything. I love that these candles look so real and I can be worry free about them!

  176. Indiana

    The appearance is so real in their features. I like how I can change their appearance to fit my mood. Would buy again and made do so soon to go with my Christmas decor. I’m happy with them.

  177. Colleen

    Use these like real candles without the potential danger. Love the look.

  178. Cartagena

    Great for the price… amazingly beautiful

  179. Dopest

    Love it. Makes for beautiful lighting.

  180. Davisson

    So beautiful and look real. I love them soooo much!!!

  181. Taylor

    They were so beautiful they look like real candles burning. I brought them for myself and as a gift for someone.

  182. Arnold

    Candles like picture, really relaxed the space. I’m thinking of ordering another!

  183. Wheeler

    Very beautiful design. Lights are perfect for that night time relaxing time.

  184. Bell

    Love the warmth the candles add to the room!

  185. donnells

    Nice bright candles with the flickering wicks. The remote is an added attraction.
    This is a winner.

  186. Sandra

    I love everything about these Led Flameless (real wax) Battery Operated, Timer Candles. I definitely recommend. : )

  187. Natalie

    Beautiful candles. Worth every penny. I love them.

  188. Saymi

    The warm glow it’s amazing, it really looks like the real deal, love the glass container the candle is in

  189. ycessna

    Besides being as described, these candles are lovely, useful and the remote control and timer feature are great.

  190. Grandma7

    Once the sun goes down, the lights are turned on! I love these candles so much and they’re such a vibe!

  191. P.W.

    These candles are very good quality. I love them!

  192. Harless

    I bought them as a gift for my sister. She put them in her cabin and they look amazing!

  193. Schara

    The prettiest candles I have seen
    The tiny lights really make them special and sparkly

  194. Candice

    I ordered them to use inside of colorful glass lanterns that are difficult to open up. The flickering wick looks just like a candle inside my lanterns when I turn them on remotely. Love them.

  195. Dravecky

    The flame looks real; could not be more pleased!

  196. Jeffrey

    These candles are great will be buying more fie me and for christmas gifts as well!

  197. Nora

    Bright light with a remote provides ease of use along with timer. Battery life is good.

  198. Leslie

    Just received these and so far they are wonderful.

  199. akroban

    Loved everything about these candles and remote. Decent price. Will order again

  200. kelly

    These are beautiful candles that look real! I put them in my fireplace on different height candle holders. Georgous!

  201. Ionecalifornia

    These are the best, most natural looking candles we have ever gotten. They have to be looked at very closely to see that they are not real.

  202. Debbie

    Lovely to look at and perfect gift the fall birthday that I needed

  203. H P

    Candles are real looking and the timer works great.

  204. Cu

    Ordered these for myself and loved them so ordered for gifts for family

  205. stef

    My grandmother absolutely loved them

  206. scinkay

    These candles are an awsome addition to your Christmas decor, Very well made, great value, so nice to look at , love the timer feature. So happy I purchased these!:)

  207. Airec

    My wife loves them. Look and act like real candles

  208. Blondie

    Beautiful. Look like real lit candles

  209. Tori

    They are beautiful. Can set the mood. Was a God sent when the lights went out from the recent Texas winter storm. Just like candles without the worry of a fire.

  210. Victoria

    Love the color and the “flicker.” My guests thought they were real

  211. zebabanene

    The candles are just gorgeous! I love the detail, the flickering, and the timer function. I can’t say enough good things about this set. I love them!

  212. Fletcher

    The candles looked perfect in my Christmas decorations. And of course if they’re battery operated, they’re worry free! I’m happy with the purchase.

  213. carmen

    Remote gives several options
    The candles can be set to flicker mode or just standard flame mode – that is a nice feature plus they are in glass containers that make them unique and elegant. I ordered several sets. Good purchase!

  214. Diane

    These candles look great in the daytime and evening!

  215. Morgan

    These are very beautiful in person and have a lovely flickering glow.

  216. Kellam

    These candles are worth the money. They flicker, dance and glow.

  217. Villegas

    The flickering! For church! Send it to the Philippines for Christmas, GREAT!

  218. KLDJ

    They were exactly what I wanted. The timer function I have not used yet. They looked beautiful in red when they were glowing at night.

  219. Stewart

    These candles are well made and look very real! The remote works great, after ordering 1 set I ordered another to place around the house. Excellent product.

  220. A

    All the candles lit up! They were a good brightness and I would buy them again.

  221. Donna

    Gives a beautiful glow

  222. Murcko

    I like the remote control to be able to turn the candle on and off conveniently.

  223. H.

    I liked that the candles were easy to assemble and the remote control is easy to operate the candles.

  224. Rudolph

    When I took them out of the box my first thought was they look cheap. But once I had them set up with candle rings and turned on I was amazed. My husband saw them and said I had put them to close to the drapes, he was afraid of fire. He was shocked to see that they are not real. Great purchase

  225. Michelle

    I purchased these for the holidays, but I don’t think I will be putting them away after.

  226. pace

    Everything looks great

  227. Knight

    I have them on the mantel and they are lovely.

  228. M.

    Love these! So realistic looking!

  229. Diana

    Perfect for individual christmas crafts when adding a candle. Flame is realistic which is perfect.

  230. Carol

    I was so impressed with these candles. They look amazing the way the flame sways – looks so realistic!!!

  231. Sanford

    These are beautiful and come with multiple features. 4 different timer settings, dimming, and you can choose candle or just light. All in a remote. The video doesn’t capture how beautiful these really are. My only concern is how long the batteries will last since it takes 6 AA for the 3 candles combined. So far I’m super impressed though!

  232. Chilman

    Product is as advertised, flame looks very realistic inside glass holder. Was under the impression that once I set the timer after it timed out, it would start again 24 hours later, I haven’t found this to happen.

  233. Atlanta

    I can’t believe it… they look just like the real thing… I was always afraid to like candles in the house not I can have these, and I don’ t have to worry about any accidents… going to buy more … I love them

  234. Gick

    I’m using them in hanging lanterns on my screened porch. Look great!

  235. Betty

    Decorated with them for Thanksgiving and now Christmas. They are perfect.

  236. Parks

    Really beautiful glass jars and a very life-like flame, but the battery drains somewhat quickly.
    I recommend spending your money on rechargeable ones.

  237. olson

    These candle are lovely. Being in glass containers increases their beauty.

  238. Chilman

    Product is as advertised, flame looks very realistic inside glass holder. Was under the impression that once I set the timer after it timed out, it would start again 24 hours later.

  239. Dee

    Looks even better in person. Timer function works as should. Brightness is just fine. Comes with option to lower brightness a notch but not much of a difference. Overall, they’re perfect. ❤️

  240. Sunshine

    These candles work like a charm! I put them in my non functioning fireplace as part of a Christmas decoration and they are so realistic when turned on. I plan on using them year round.

  241. michelle

    Everything works great. Ive heard no noises as some people have described. I am about to purchase more of these candles!!!

  242. Vergara

    Very happy with these candles worked better than expected. Very happy with the quality and look of the product.

  243. Gundlach

    I got a set for each my mother and sister and they both use and love them…

  244. Miller

    These candles look very real. I Love Them!!!

  245. Simpson

    The remote and timer are pluses.

  246. Quandt

    Candles are great
    Remote works great
    The flameless light is consistent and lights well

  247. Brandi Chaffman

    Easy to turn on. Looks great

  248. Kelly

    Exactly what I wanted, used all 5 for centerpieces at my church

  249. garcia

    I love it,with the remote control,you cant ask for more…my altar is always alive

  250. Piper

    These candles are great; the “flame” flickers in a very naturalistic way, with a warm soft glow. The remote control makes it all so easy (and if you buy two sets the one remote will turn all of them on at the same time).

  251. Kenia

    Genial para hacer decoracions

  252. Reader

    These candles were perfect for Christmas, and so nice that I’ve found other ways to use them throughout the year.

  253. M

    She likes the remote control and how they appear. She has other flameless ones and the timer length on these is better.

  254. Meyer

    I love these little candles. I have never used a candle with a remote before, and honestly, that’s pretty nice. It has a few different functions as well. And the timer works.

  255. sue

    They look like glass and are so rich looking!!

  256. Tracy

    I love these candles! I’ve only had them a week or so but so far so good!

  257. Vickie Moser

    It’s lovely… and bright
    A great value for the money. Timer function is very nice.

  258. B

    Color is gray which shows well when off. Look real when on if you don’t look closely. Would buy again Had about a week. So far so good!!

  259. Carol

    Remote works well. I have not used the timer.

  260. jl

    Love these candles, perfect for holiday use & just to add to the ambiance! Two settings still or flicker!

  261. Lynn

    My sister said she always wanted one so when she received this as a Christmas gift she says she uses it everyday after she gets home from work and loves the ambience while relaxing.

  262. koushyar

    Love the candles ! Looks so natural !

  263. J.

    I just love these. I have a them up on my soffets. There’s no reaching up & down and the ambiance is awesome!

  264. Gussy

    I love the look of these candles!!! I will definitely be buying more. I’m glad I had spare batteries when they arrived because I was anxious to try them out. The flicker mode really looks like it’s a lit candle. I like having the remote. I didn’t expect that. The timer function is convenient so you don’t have to remember to go turn them off to save battery. I’m going to purchase more.

  265. Haley

    This is a nice set of candles and the remote function is awesome.

  266. ARB

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