Christian Themed Moving Flame Paraffin Wax Flameless Candles with 10-Key Remote ,D3″ x H4″ – Set of 4

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[The difficulties we are experiencing together, we need it to inspire] By adding some beautiful swinging flameless candle lights, inspiring Christian theme patterns, exquisite cross and gorgeous roses, it will send you and your family hope and light.
[Intelligent Control at Your Fingertips] The package comes with a 10-key remote control, which can be used in other products of our brand. The remote control allows you to control multiple candles at the same time Remote control functions include: ON / OFF / TIMER / MODE / DIM.
[Battery life increased by 50%] Each candle is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included). The expected battery life is about 160 hours. The unique timing function increases the battery life by 50% compared with ordinary flameless candles, and the life of the LED lamp can reach 50,000 hours.
[Keep Your Family, Pets, and Property Safety] No flame, no smoke, environmentally friendly. You can safely put it in any corner of the house without worrying about fire.
[Satisfaction Guarantee] This product comes with a 1-MONTH full refund trial period and LIFE-TIME customer service – If you found any problem with our products, contact us.

6821 reviews for Christian Themed Moving Flame Paraffin Wax Flameless Candles with 10-Key Remote ,D3″ x H4″ – Set of 4

  1. Linda

    Nice product. Like the flickering.

  2. KGB

    These are the most beautifulness flameless candles that’ve ever seen. I had no idea they look they way they did. I purchased them for my sister who loves candles, but won’t light them and thought these would be perfect for her and they were. She loved…loved…loved them so much that I had to purchased them for myself to see what all the hype was over and boy oh boy. When you turn them on at night…the beautifulness of the flickering just takes you somewhere else. Pleeeeeease purchase and you’ll see.

  3. Andrew

    The candles work well and I like the remote. The flame looks pretty good and I like the flicker it creates on the wall next to the candle.

  4. L.H. Chiu

    I purchased this set of battery operated candles for holiday decoration. It provide good flame like a regular candle will. It works great with the remote control, not more concern of forgetting to blow off the flame before bed. The great thing is it will last…

  5. Eileen

    These are very nice candles. The flameless tips were unique and they had a nice glow.

  6. DC

    Used for Christmas dinner. Only used once and so far so good. Good for the amount paid

  7. malissa

    Beautiful looks elegant and real much more affordable than other brands u see on TV shopping

  8. Brandi W

    Love that it has remote control. I really like the moving “flame”. Will be ordering another set.

  9. lovinlivinlife

    They really are the best looking battery operated candle I’ve run across. To be able to set a timer and easily turn them on and off with a remote makes them perfect!

  10. susan s.

    I love these candles! You can turn the brightness up or down. Multiple sets work off one remote.

  11. Sharetta

    Received my candles on today as promised. I absolutely love them! Matches the color scheme perfectly in my bedroom. So glad to have finally found flameless candles that are not only functioning, but very appealing to the eyes.

  12. Kandy

    I love using my remote control in the evening to have a wonderful glow across the room.

  13. Greenfield

    we have it in a hanger on the wall. it’s too high up to see the flame. at night, you can see the flame dancing in the shadows on the wall. i wish the front of candle was lower so we could actually see the flame.

  14. Azbard

    They do indeed deliver a good flicker. I bought one to put into a hanging lantern and it works nicely. For 3, fair price I think.

  15. Michelle

    By far the best flickering flameless candles that I have purchased. I love that you can dim them and the light is just right. Will be purchasing more.

  16. clarissa

    I love these candles. They are so pretty, look genuine and easy to use. Love the remote. Couldn’t ask for more.

  17. Shopper

    These add such a soft touch! Excellent brightness

  18. Gardengirl1

    I absolutely love these. They really look real from a slight distance. I got so many compliments. Add ambiance to the room without worrying about safety.

  19. Heidi

    Love these. Look and feel like real wax candles.

  20. Joanna

    I just got these in 2 days ago and they are very pretty!! I plan on buying more soon to add to my collection!

  21. Lovely One

    Very nice, look like real candles and the remote is very handy.

  22. Monica

    The candles do not produce smoke or odor.
    My first shipment arrived broken, but it was not the seller’s fault, it was the fault of the shipper. I love my candles! My candles was a Christmas gift, and I have them on my console under my TV. BEAUTIFUL!

  23. Axell Silen

    When you set the timer, like 2hrs, it will stay on for 2hrs then 22hrs later from last time you pressed it, will turn on for the same 2hrs from previous day. Dimming or even set it so it flickers like a real candle is a nice option as well. I recommend this product.

  24. philip

    All works perfectly. Have not used the timer since it is so easy to use the remote

  25. S. M. Wells

    Gift to an old friend who really loved it. “Just like areal candle except you don’t have to worry about it catching the place on fire.”
    Really liked the multiple settings and 24 h timer. Did not use the remote. So far (2 weeks) battery life is good—purchased battery separately.

  26. Terri

    They look like real candles with the flame moving. Gives a very cozy effect.

  27. Alice

    Wonderful! These cute candles are so nice! Love the timer! They come on and gooff each evening adding a comfy warn glow to the coffee table. LOVE!!!

  28. Cindy

    I was looking for something new to decorate a small table in my living room. I love that they flicker when lit & the fairy lights really make the candles look magical. I have them set up to come on automatically every evening and stay lit for 4 hours. I love all of the settings available on the remote! Very happy with my purchase!

  29. Daytona

    Worked as advertised. Timer function works great and they look great.

  30. Wanda

    Love these candles! Look like the real deal and having the remote makes turning them on, off, brightening or dimming, flickering or steady so easy! I shopped in stores but they were way too pricey. These are just like what were in the stores but a much better bargain! Very satisfied!

  31. Linda

    These were a gift because I liked mine so well. They were very happy with the gift.

  32. Kathleen

    I love these! I did not hold out high hope when I ordered these mainly because of the price. I only wanted them for the holidays. But they turned out to be great candles that come on automatically each night and can be adjusted in many ways with the remote. I am leaving them out all year in my front entry. So much more cost effective for my purposes than the expensive brand with the moving plastic tip.

  33. Nedcoop

    These candles look much heavier than they are. This feature l like very much. The lighting is perfect!

  34. Winterstein

    It really was one of the best purchases I have ever made. Very good quality with realistic dancing flame. I have used it everyday for around 20 mins each and it’s been several weeks – still need not to change battery.

  35. Ladonna

    I love using the remote, it has great lighting, easy to setup, inexpensive, great for a gift item.

  36. Miss

    I was slightly apprehensive about buying this after one reviewer stated that they received a poor imitation, however I’m happy to say that the ones we received are just as advertised. They are great candles and we’re very pleased with how they look. They give a nice ambience.

  37. Dianne

    This is way beyond what I thought I might receive. I could not wait to get them. They are awesome and I love the remote. I was so thrilled I showed them on my live FB crafting show. LOVE LOVE LOVE them so worth the money

  38. jk

    We are so happy with these battery-operated candles. They are beautiful and the timer works perfectly! Love this purchase!

  39. vitamed

    liked the style and cut of the candle; the dimmable option is very nice, use it at night. I would by them again

  40. lover

    You never know what to expect with things likes this, but I am pleasantly surprised. They look great! I bought them for decor and will not use them on much. Also, i have not used the remote or the timer function.

  41. Smith

    You cannot go wrong with this purchase. The best price for these candles and you get a remote what. Definitely would purchase again

  42. Jackie

    I liked them so much and when my Mom saw them, she wanted to have one set. I ordered another set for her and we are all happy! I put them in separate rooms and they made a soothing and calming ambience, especially for bath soaking nightly.

  43. Jake

    These look beautiful and add a nice touch to just about anywhere in the house and with anything. When lit up, they look like a real candle burning.

  44. NickyP

    I love these candles they’re so relaxing in the evening they’re bright I keep them for emergencies because as we know April Showers around the corner people these work excellent everyone should have a set because the lights go out sometimes

  45. TC

    Nice clean looking fake candle. Lighting is soft with real wax. Remote can stick a little when you try to turn the candle on at times. A little shake of the remote seems to do the trick

  46. Gigi

    These are great candles. They have a wax feel and the flame looks very real and gives off a nice light. The remote is very handy, especially being able to set it for different time lengths. I will get more of these.

  47. Blue

    The flame looks really real. I’ve bought many of this brand’s candles, including tealights, and they absolutely rock! Very pleased. Timer functions work great as well. My only wish is that you sold the 3 inch wide, 3.5″ tall candles separately as I’m looking for 4 all this same height with this kind of realistic flame. Maybe one day, I hope! Also, they have been going on the same set of batteries for over a month now and they are still bright after running 6 hours every night. Very impressed with the battery longevity as well. Thank you for offering such an amazing product!

  48. woman

    Love!!! Flickering gives that warm, authentic glow. Remote control for brightness and timer is perfect! Comes on every night without me even thinking about it. Get lots of compliments.

  49. TZ

    At first when I received them, I thought they looked cheesy and fake; but once on they actually appear realistic and look great. Love them!

  50. DrSLD

    Works very well and it was a gift to my mother in law who lives in snow country. The timer function is great and works well. Really a lovely when lit.

  51. Cindy

    These candles are awesome! They look so realistic. The remote control works perfectly. I light these every evening and watch TV by candlelight. Love it!

  52. Ayres

    I used these to add ambience to my room. They were Gorgeous. I had placed them on my 90 inch cabinet so having the timer option was critical. I would recommend these to anyone looking for beauty, elegance and convenience.

  53. HollywoodCA

    I AM PICKY. Very picky. These candles are amazing! They exceeded all my expectations. Just gorgeous. By far, the most realistic flameless candles I have ever seen. The color of the glow is a natural candle color. The remote works great. Candles come on and go off as scheduled. They can also be set to a higher and lower light. They flicker softly. Very realistic. JUST BEAUTIFUL 🙂

  54. CIVY

    I used these on my kitchen island as a centerpiece. They are beautiful. The timer works perfectly and I love being able to se them through the windows. So grateful I don’t have to light the candles and make sure they are blown out every night. Happy with the way they look when off too.

  55. Melly

    Candles are great and very nice but I did not get any remote with mine If I was suppose to have.
    Other than that I love the way they look

  56. Paula

    I was glad I purchased these. They were bright. They were spread out over a big room so I didn’t use the remote or timer yet but I will soon. Great purchase.

  57. carrie

    I love these! The timer means I don’t have to remember to turn them off. Super pretty with having to worry about open flames with curious animals.

  58. Meow

    I like the fact that they have a remote control. You don’t have to keep all the candles bunched together if you don’t want to. Just point the remote at the candle and it will turn off or on or flicker, whatever you have set them to do.

  59. Teddy H.

    Oh my goodness. These candles are truly beautiful. Not kidding. Arrived save and really well packaged. Don’t pass these up. I HIGHLY recommend these. I will be ordering more for my home and for gifts.
    With kindness, thanks for such a lovely product.

  60. Tina

    I love having ‘candles’ all over my home and the new battery ones with moving wicks was genius. Price was a bonus since this kind of candle started very expensive.

  61. H. W.

    These are perfect! They look so realistic that my husband was worried when he first saw them alongside my home decorations! They are bright, they twinkle and flicker, the remote works great, and everyone thinks they are real!!! I highly recommend. Great product.

  62. Patricia

    An awesome price for lovely candles that are remote controlled. No having to walk around and turn a bunch of switches. Just point and click and they flicker or continuous burn. I love them!

  63. Denise

    I love the fact that this item has a timer, remote control and brightness features. it’s great to set it and forget it and it sets the mood nicely, great find.

  64. Erica

    I ordered these to put into a large lantern and they’re perfect. The candles are very bright. Brighter than any other remote candles I’ve purchased before, which I love because it’s a dark room. They’re super easy to set up – add batteries, click “on” and push the amount of hours you want them on for at the time you want them to go on.

  65. Shannon

    These are a great addition to our mantel. It adds simple ascetic and appeal without looking cluttered. I love the candle flicker and the ambiance they give off.

  66. Polecat

    These candles are waxy so they don’t look fake. The remote control works well and will come in handy if I want to place the candles in a lantern or vase because they will not need to be removed to turn them on or off or adjust the light. The timer function is nice because you won’t forget to turn them off and run down the batteries.

  67. BumbleBee

    Love these candles, they are perfect for the price. The “flame” moves lightly and gives off a cozy feel. Sure, they aren’t anything fancy, but for the price they are more than I could have hoped for! We’ve had them for over 6 months now and with use every night we’ve only had to replace batteries once.

  68. john

    Very attractive and very satisfied with the function. We use the timer function and it works reliably but took a couple of days to get them all in sync. Would buy again

  69. Brandon

    Bought a bunch of these back in 2018 for my self and for gifts and they all are still working perfect. There are several brands that are very similar and I always bought the ones that were the best price and have had great success with them. It’s been a great value and the remotes have worked perfect and even with cheap dollar store batteries, I have gotten great battery life.

  70. Orin

    If you want that candle vibes but don’t want an actual candle this as good as it gets and it does look real to a certain extent. The flame effect wobbles back and forth but the flame is a flat surface so the front and back give a very real look.

  71. Sheryl A. Hawes

    Been considering purchasing something like this for a while. Didn’t wanna spend a lot of money. These seem to be pretty decent quality and work surprisingly well…setting a nice mood. I placed them by the tub in the master bathroom…

  72. Bishop

    They feel like real wax the optional flickering of the candle is awesome . Love the remote control ! Looks fantastic

  73. Ashley

    I absolutely love these. Our mantle is a little dark looking at night and I wanted something to put up there that I could just leave and turn on remotely. These are awesome!!
    Now that I use the timer it’s so awesome to have them turn on by themselves and then off by themselves nightly.

  74. Distance

    This set is very nice. The candles are beautiful and realistic. From across the room the flame looks real. I like the remote feature, it makes them very easy and convenient to use. This could probably be a good gift.

  75. Cohen

    I was looking for timer candles and when I saw these I knew I had to have them. Decided to order for my living room and they are Beautiful. Ordered 4 and can’t be happier. Well worth the money. Look classy and the reflection of the candle on the sides of the holder is amazing.

  76. Crickett

    I am so pleased with the size and quality of these candles. I especially love the fact that I can just turn them off and on with the remote as well as adjust the brightness of the “flame” and set them on a timer. An excellent product that I would certainly buy again.

  77. Calthine

    I was feeling good about this purchase because of the reviews, but when I got these out and played with them I was giggling with glee. They can be set for solid light or a candle-like flicker. They have several dim-to-bright settings. They have several timer options. And they look completely fantastic in my split staircase.

  78. Laikaalal

    Perfect romantic led lights.
    Wife loves these items. Not to mention they light up with a remote.

  79. Bridgette

    These candles are so pretty and realistic looking!! They look so much better than some other name-brand candles that have a flat “flame”. They are definitely worth the price!!

  80. Candace

    They were a gift and my daughter in law really liked them. My grandson likes to blow them out and we had fun turning them off when he blew them out.

  81. twiford

    I like sitting w candles on in the Lvrm & bedroom. This gives me the sense of candles w/o the danger of falling asleep w them on… Haven’t had them long enough to see how long the batteries last…

  82. ckbrown

    These are very realustic-looking candles. The flickering effect makes them even better. I can recommend these and I won’t be having anymore live fire candles burning in my home after discovering these. Fast shipping and good price.

  83. Salamander

    A little bit of sunshine
    The candles are absolutely lovely. It gives great ambience to any room. I would definitely recommend these candles as a mainstay to any room that you want people to walk in and feel welcomed.

  84. Anne B.

    These are a nice safe option for apartment living where fire safety is a consideration. I just love these, they are so real looking. You can make the flame flicker or stay still and you can turn them all off and on with the controller. No need to turn them on or off one at a time. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

  85. Kathleen

    I use oxygen now, so I can’t use real candles anymore. I found these, and absolutely love them. They are very lifelike and I have been asked if they were real. When my friend saw them, she ordered 2 sets of them, while she was still at my home!

  86. Schaeffer

    Honestly they look super real and are pretty awesome. Mine melted outside in a little hotter day because they are true wax so just be careful with where you are placing them!

  87. Crickett

    I am so pleased with the size and quality of these candles. I especially love the fact that I can just turn them off and on with the remote as well as adjust the brightness of the “flame” and set them on a timer. An excellent product that I would certainly buy again.

  88. Cheryl S.

    I bought a set for me but it was from another company. My friend loved them so I was going to buy her some but the same ones like mine cost twice as much as I paid. I found these at the more reasonable price and they are just as beautiful as mine. My friend loved them.

  89. Brown

    We needed some sort of lighting to act as a night light in our 5th wheel. These are perfect! Look wonderful and adds the light without being harsh. Love them!

  90. purple

    Absolutely beautiful. Great quality. Used them during a small gathering with friends and they gave such a beautiful ambience to the hangout. Definitely plan to buy more. So glad I made this purchase.

  91. Lacarra

    You get what you pay for and at this price it can’t really be beat. They look real when on and are easy to control from the light. I like them, but if you’re expecting some super formal setting, I wouldn’t use these

  92. Butova

    Love these candles. The remote control makes it so easy to set the mood and time them to turn off when you want. They’re very pretty.

  93. Happy

    I love the way these candles flicker, and I don’t have to worry about setting anything on fire. The control works easily and is clearly marked, red for off, green for on.

  94. Samantha

    i bought these to create and indoor candlelight dinner for my boyfriend and i for our anniversary and they turned out great!! you can change the lights, timer and brightness.

  95. Morales

    I love these candles!! The remote is so cool and easy to use. The candle brightness is adjustable to give a realistic look and the timer works great. I think it was a great price I definitely plan to order more!

  96. Kris10

    Super cute! Looks like real candles when they flicker. I love how easy it is to turn them on with the remote. They came quickly and were well packaged.

  97. Distance

    This set is very nice. The candles are beautiful and realistic. From across the room the flame looks real. I like the remote feature, it makes them very easy and convenient to use. This could probably be a good gift.

  98. Just

    Arrived in a timely fashion. Looked and worked as advertised. Their appearance is appealing and look like more expensive candles. So far the timer function as well as all of the remote functions work well.

  99. Kristina

    I love these flameless candles. They look real and the remote is a fabulous feature. I am looking forward to seeing if the batteries last longer (because it is easier to turn them on and off with the remote, so I will actually do it). The candles also put off the perfect amount of light. I use the small one in the bathroom as a night light.

  100. Dunson

    I love these candles. I like that they are real wax. They look so real. I was keeping candles like this on for 24 hours and the batteries were running down in just a couple weeks. Now I am turning these on at night with the 4 hour timer and they come on the next day the exact time. It gives my dark spaces some light and is very warm and appealing. My husband comments on them all the time. I will be buying more sets for gifts for family and friends. I keep thinking of other places I want to buy some for.

  101. 0ver

    We have others, that I love BUT AM not a big fan of the smell. This candle has no smell! We use these for the bedroom. They work great. No issues.

  102. lgrimes

    I hope I don’t jinx myself, but these have been outside in my lanterns on my front living room since Mother’s Day, and they have worked without fail! I’m very happy with these and highly recommend them. They look very nice in the lanterns, and I don’t have to worry about trying to remember to turn them off before going to bed.

  103. Den

    I initially tried these and liked them in every way: the quality, appearance when lit at night and when unlit in the day, timer and the “flame”.

  104. Orr

    These candles are very nice; they came on time and securely packaged which I’ll reused to store them if not used all the time. They look real with a nice flicker or plain light. the dimmer is a nice feature too. They’ll be nice for holidays or every day/night. The remote is really useful which is the problem with the original candles I bought elsewhere. I’ve already recommended them to other people. I think I’ll be ordering more for a more dramatic look around my house.

  105. PRIN

    What you see is what you get. These Flameless Candles look so real a family member who saw them for the first time after I turned them on said Are they Real? I actually put my finger on the wick area at which time I saw the shocked look. Seriously they are Beautiful, easy to turn on and off manually or by battery remote. Not complicated at all to set them up to use. Product was delivered promptly and Packaged extremely well to protect the Candles. They are Beautiful. Love them!

  106. Carla

    Beautiful set of candles … these are the Britney’s and most realistic electric candles we’ve ever purchased. The wicks actually move that look very real. My husband set the timers in minutes so very simple. We ordered 2 sets so that we had one for every window for the holidays. Definitely worth the money and suggest you buy for your home.

  107. Jordon

    Love these candles one of the best buys I’ve found in a long time, they look real very relaxing glow, I’ve shown it to 4 different people who immediately purchased 2 of them each, awsome buy if your looking for electronic candles, by far the best color too which makes them look even more realistic. Can’t say enough good things about them.

  108. Debbie Williams

    Percaution Safety
    Love These. Remote Pretty Lite Up Candles Its Better Than The Regular Candles That You Have To Be Careful When You Light Them They Do Not Catch On Fire

  109. AmCam

    These candles are incredible! They look so real its amazing. We have them in our living room arranged around the fireplace on the mantle and some furniture tables close to it. We (me and spouse) use them often and the batteries surprisingly last a long time. It is really beautiful to come home and see these on. The different settings let you get real creative. My mother came over and did not believe they were fake until we turned them off with the remote control. ( And yes she could of walked to them and inspected them and seen that). But they are that good of quality. I mean these do not have any aspect of cheap to them. Anyone who came over would never know! So I love it. No smoke or fire hazard or replacing candles and wax dripping etc. Honestly these are real nice and something to be proud of in your home and thats the truth!

  110. ElleBee

    I really like these real wax flameless candles!! They are perfect for my table, providing a warm glow and a nice charm to the room. The remote is easy to use and the functions are convenient. Overall, a perfect complement to the room and my aroma diffuser.

  111. Potenza

    I absolutely love this candle set. It goes above and beyond a regular candle. It has the flickering flame like a regular candle which gives the room that beautiful candlelit glow without the fire hazard, which I love. In addition, the twinkle lights add another element of glowing light to the room which just makes the room that much more relaxing. I love sitting at night with them on, I find them to be very relaxing. I try, these days, to surround myself with things I love and that make me happy and these candles meet both criteria. The remote is just gravy. If I feel the lights are too din or too bright, I don’t have to get up and go lower it. Especially at night when you’re trying to transition from the tensions of the day to a more relaxed and mellow mood before sleep.

  112. Archer

    I love these candles. I bought them for my bedroom and they give it the perfect look. I love the convenience of the remote and they don’t even have to be in a grouping for the remote to work.

  113. Kathy

    Love love love these candles! I didn’t know they came with a remote and they have different settings such as light/candle bright/dim and you can set the timer for 2, 4. 6, or 8 hours. Not a bad price either so if you’re thinking about getting them… DO!

  114. Tonai

    Looks really good. It is the closest thing I have found to fooling the eye to be a real candle. And I have quite the collection of electric candles and lanterns. I recommend them as a great substitute for the real thing.

  115. Bonnie

    Looks and feels like real candles. When lit, the flames look real too. Don’t leave out in the rain. We have to buy a new set and won’t make that mistake again.

  116. Jacqui

    I liked everything about the candle. The flame moves and the candle is rich looking. I bought hurricanes and these candles.won’t be disappointed.

  117. Michelle

    Love these! My husband is not a fan of flameless candles and was not thrilled that I was getting these. Now he is a convert! These are very real looking.

  118. LAWNC

    I figured I would hate these, but decided to try them anyway. They look like real candles and the flickering (unless you’re right next to them) moves and looks like a real flame candle. I’m pleased and will get more soon.
    The remote works great as well.

  119. Jose

    These candles are very nice. They look very expensive. I have sent other candles back because they looked very cheap. I bought a second set as a gift.

  120. RowanCordelia

    Candles are beautiful! Gives a great effect of real candles while keeping cats and kids safe. The timer and remote are super convenient!

  121. Jax

    These candles are very realistic. Much safer than a real candle and the heat pump filter doesn’t become black from the burning of real candles. Yes, real candles emit a soot that passes through the air handler and collects on the filter. Grouped, the remote allows them to be turned on simultaneously and the timer shuts them off similarly.

  122. Charlie’s

    Love the waving/flickering flame – also, the remote control has a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness which gives a more realistic look.

  123. Arpi

    I love the candles so much. They transform any atmosphere romantic. The brightness of candles are adjustable and its great to control candles with remote control.

  124. Alley

    The candles are a great buy and I would definitly recommend this to my friends and family. Easy to install the batteries and set the timer. Give my deck a nice finish and sets a reat mood.

  125. Cameron

    Definitely the best thing I’ve boughten in awhile! They are perfect for either a candle lit bath, or just in your room for comfy lighting. Definitely recommend!

  126. Bill

    Amazing how “real” this looks when lit. When “off”, flame looks like a bad fake. Definitely like it and will probably buy a couple more for Christmas gifts this year. 😄

  127. Geraty

    Love these candles! And the remote makes it super convenient. They give a beautiful soft glow in my family room. I typically don’t use the timer function because it eats up the battery too quickly, but having the remote makes it great.

  128. Lynn

    Very nice looking candles with no more worry about an open flame. The candles are a soft golden glow.

  129. Minnich

    I bought a couple sets of these. I used some of them in our see thru fireplace to give some ambiance. We had discontinued our gas usage and these gave it a nice look. I’m pleased!

  130. MAT

    They aren’t attractive up close but when the candles are on they look quite real. They are wax not plastic.
    I like the remote function. I turn them off between clients etc. to save battery life.

  131. Nila20

    I have ordered 2 times before from different sellers and wasn’t satisfied with the product. But this is awesome . I love the light as it looks super bright and natural. Going to purchase more for my other candle sconces. Thank you.

  132. Wanda

    These candles look more like real candles than real candles do. They are so cool looking and like I said are extremely real looking. Great product.

  133. Jose

    Very realistic!!! I’m very satisfied. Remote control works great and so is the timer. The battery seems like it’d last longer than I was expecting. Have had this on 24 hours a day for the last two weeks and is still bright like real candle especially when the room lights are dim.

  134. Happy

    I love the way these candles flicker, and I don’t have to worry about setting anything on fire. The control works easily and is clearly marked, red for off, green for on.

  135. BaxSyd

    For the price, these are great! Remote works perfect and they actually look as real as it can for not real flames. Would definitely order more.

  136. Charlie’s

    Love the waving flame – also, the remote control has a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness which gives a more realistic look – just wish they came in different sizes, I would buy more

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    Very Pretty candles ! Great Value for the price, and I Love they have a remote control. The Brightness makes a great ambiance to the room. Makes a Great gift , I Love them

  141. AL

    They are pretty, make a slight sound with the moving wick and are easy to schedule with the remote and know they’ll come on in a 24 hour rotation.

  142. FB

    Perfect gift for any age
    Great gift, ideal for nightlight and has timer function. 8 Batteries are needed but are not included though.

  143. Cher

    I love these candles. Safe to use and with remote, can use timer function. My pets love the flickering light, but they can’t get burned as they can with a real flame.

  144. Shannon

    These are so beautiful

  145. Cameron

    Definitely the best thing I’ve boughten in awhile! They are perfect for either a candle lit bath, or just in your room for comfy lighting. Definitely recommend!

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    I purchased these for a centerpiece, and it turned out beautifully. The remote works great!

  147. Wilson

    Absolutely gorgeous! They look like real candles in a glass holder and flickers like a real flame. Beautiful!

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    Was just what I was looking for in my living room. Just the right sizes for the space

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    Looks real, gives off beautiful ambience and the remote is very convenient!…would buy again!

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    Looks like real candles, they are made out of wax and they flicker. The brightness is exactly what you would expect from a candle. The remote makes them so convenient. The sizes are perfect. Love them! Would recommend.

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    I have these candles on my deck. I love that I can set the remote and forget it. They come on every nite at the same time. Brightness is great. Overall a very nice product

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    These are first rate flameless candles that are realistic looking and have multiple functions and a convenient remote control. There’s a lot of choices, but these are the ones to buy.

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    Like flameless candles that have timers and remote these were great and flame realistic

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    Love these candles so much. So realistic snd the remote works great! Highly recommend!

  156. JesseDawn

    The candles are beautiful. They even look real. Worth the money!!!

  157. Cort

    I’m obsessed with these! Buying several more! They are beautiful

  158. Bert

    Great value. Great addition to any room. They work independently from each other or you can set time to be simultaneous. Love them.

  159. Jean

    These aren’t the candles I originally intended to buy, but they are nice and I use them in my bedroom at night. They give the room a nice cozy feel.

  160. Kat

    I had a set of these and after a couple weeks, decided I wanted a second set! They are great and add so much charm to my family room!

  161. otracej

    Absolutely love that if you have more than I pack you can still control all the candles with 1 remote. The brightness is also adjustable and it also has a timer!

  162. carol

    These candles are beautiful. I have them grouped on a table on my lanai. The flames look so real when candles are on. It’s nice that with a push of a button on the remote, they light up. I haven’t used the timer option yet but I’m sure it’ll come in handy

  163. Dee Ann

    The lights work as described. They look just like candles The timer actually works!

  164. Shopasaurus

    These are really great candles. Very happy with the look and feel.

  165. Myhearts

    I like everything about them there no dislike and can be used for anything special or just relax with them

  166. braden

    Great soft lighting that you can turn on and off with a remote. Beautiful

  167. Fiddler

    I love these flickering candles. The timer works great. I have them set for the 6 hour duration. Love the fact I don’t have to turn them on/off.

  168. Peach

    Works great, couldn’t be more pleased, remote has timer function for 2-8 hrs. Ordering more!

  169. KH

    Quality product. So realistic! Purchased multiple sets. You will not be disappointed. Well worth the money spent.

  170. Riley

    These look like real flames. Super nice and use around the bath at night. She can enjoy her reading and videos while soaking.

  171. Rone

    Love these, so real looking. Going to buy more

  172. Gerbasich

    Very nice so realistic. I’ve ordered 2 sets and ordering more. Great when electric is off!

  173. Erin

    These are really nice looking and wax feeling candles and are easy to use. The flame looks very realistic

  174. S

    Needed some cute candles for my decorative fireplace and these were perfect! Loved the remote too!

  175. Brown

    We needed something for our motorhome to act as a night light, these are perfect!

  176. KOHEl

    Bright remote is easy to use timer is great brightness you have a choice of dim to super bright

  177. USA1

    After darkness these provide a realistic candle experience.

  178. Moore

    These are so so cute. They look great and well worth the money compared to other flameless candles I have purchased.

  179. Fletcher

    I love these candles. I use them in Hurricanes and they look fabulous! Everything works as it should.

  180. Kahn

    I absolutely love these Flameless candles. They have the perfect amount of lighting, not to bright and not to dull, just perfect. I love the way they flicker, looks like the real thing. I would definitely buy them again.

  181. Ann

    I love these. They really brighten up my home. Cozy

  182. Nic

    I adore these! Bought a set, and fell in love. Had to buy some more!!

  183. ford

    The candles are so cute and a great addition to my room.

  184. Anderson

    Great candles. They come on at dark and stay on for 8 hours then go off

  185. gone

    I bought this candle grouping for a hearth lantern and really like it. Can’t speak to battery life yet, but love the remote control features.

  186. Happy

    Love these Flameless Candles. I bought 2 sets of them. One I will kept the other set I will give to my daughter in law for Christmas 🙂

  187. DS

    Absolutely Beautiful!
    These candles are absolutely lovely and beautiful. They are much more beautiful than the photo. I love the remote control. Everything works perfectly. They are an excellent addition that brightens up the whole room!

  188. WALDEN

    Put these Candles at our camp house, matches with rustic decor and looks like really burning. Very well made for the money and love that they are remote control.

  189. Alice

    I bought these candles just to make me happy – they are absolutely beautiful & they glow like a real candle.

  190. S.L.

    I am very happy with my purchase! I set the timer and it works perfectly.

  191. Smith

    I was really impressed & plan to order more.

  192. Draper

    I love these! They are realistic… the best I’ve had. Very pretty soft white flicker. I’m using them inside and outside. I do recommend these and will buy them again.

  193. Lauren

    Really cute. The ‘flame’ moves also making it look real.

  194. Lionetti

    Timer works . Very easy to program. They look real

  195. Dawn

    The candles are beautiful. They even look real. Worth the money!!!

  196. Roy

    These candles are great for use in decorative lanterns and multiple unit displays. They have just the right amount of brightness and dimming to mimic a real candle flame.

  197. cam

    I really didn’t care about the remote control when I ordered them, but I am finding it a wonderful bonus. these are bight and add “warmth” to my home at night. I would purchase them again without hesitation.

  198. DVeney

    These candles help me create a beautiful centerpiece remote works great candles look so real

  199. Lap

    Like the look of the candles when they are turned on.

  200. flynn

    I like everything about these candles. They are very nice candles.

  201. Brown

    My friend had these. They were so nice, I ordered them. Excellent price too!

  202. Micheline

    I saw these advertised by a blogger. I bought them because they looked great. Liked the amber color, the realistic flicker and thought the price was fair. I LOVE THEM!!! Will be getting another set or two for sure!

  203. Traveler

    Keep these on my mantle for ambience when the fire’s not going. Adds a romantic cozy mood safely.

  204. Borokhov

    The candles look absolutely adorable and work as advertised and described in the manual: using of ‘timer function’ degrades the batteries life.
    Other than that, the set works perfect for me.

  205. Tycie

    It’s good idea this candles. perfect to put them anywhere to show faith. they came well protected. thanks

  206. kay

    These candles were a perfect addition to my Christmas decor! The timer function works flawlessly for me. With the timer, the battery lasts for about 8 or 9 days. This is a great Christmas decor item and a good product.

  207. Susan

    Buying another set for Christmas!

  208. DVeney

    These candles help me create a beautiful centerpiece remote works great candles look so real

  209. Amerson

    These are so beautiful! They really look like real candles that are melting in the glass container. Can’t say enough about them!

  210. D

    I turn these on every night and I love them!!

  211. West

    These actually look like flickering candles and have a warm glow to them. I had gotten some dishes elsewhere, and when I saw these candles, I knew they’d be the perfect match. I have not tried the timer. I have them sitting on a round glass mirror, so they also get reflected. Great addition to the Christmas table!

  212. Christine

    they are comforting to watch. they also look realistic

  213. GC

    The candle and flame flicker nice. I personally like the kind of flammess candles that have a moving flame.

  214. J.

    These are very pretty lit and unlit. The timer function worked well. Batteries went fast but I had them come on 4 hours each evening

  215. clark

    I love to be able to turn the hours I want love them

  216. Gorospe

    Beautiful and festive. I love not having to worry about a real flame. And they come on and go off each day on their own!

  217. Fowler

    I am very happy with my candle~~~ you can’t tell it’s not a real flame till you’re right on it!

  218. Fan

    It has the look and texture of wax. The timer function is on the candle vs a remote. I’m always misplacing the remotes so I like this better. Warm glow flickers and looks inviting.

  219. Robin

    These candles are AWESOME. THEY work wonderful. I love them.

  220. Phillips

    I bought these for my moms mantle above the fireplace and they are absolutely gorgeous. I might just buy them and put them all over my house. Just saying. Definitely worth the buy, you will not be disappointed.

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  222. K.

    Love these! Great look and really like the moving flames…

  223. Razzy

    Ordered two for all of the windows for Christmas. Beautiful and soft alumination to my windows and other decorations. I even have them placed sporadically throughout the house. Love this item and with the remote control…easy on and off!!!

  224. tancil

    I would buy these again! Highly recommend

  225. LHJ

    These candles are very elegant

  226. Elle

    Originally got these to set on our thanksgiving dinner table and just kept them there, they work great and look fairly real. Would purchase again.

  227. Kimbe

    Use at night for a night light in quest bath, really pretty

  228. RAMBO

    Love them. I keep ordering more. I have them all over the house.

  229. Dianamcc

    Everyone at our Christmas raved about the candles! Their beautiful!

  230. C

    Candles are very pretty and remote works perfect. Just one flaw they make a little noise when the flame movement is activated.

  231. Kindle

    this was a gift, I never saw it but the one who received it, loved it

  232. Rowland

    I LOVE these, will have to get more. I sent a video of them to my friends who thought they were real candles.

  233. Connors

    Works as advertised and has very realistic effect. Ordering more for ambiance.

  234. JP

    I like these candles. I ordered 4 sets. They arrived on time. I recommend it.

  235. Thompson

    Remote Control
    This was purchased as a gift item. The recipient loves it. She loves that it can be controlled remotely.

  236. JayEri

    So pretty and easy to set up. Looks sooo realistic

  237. Amylou

    Better than I expected! Great ambiance

  238. booklady

    These candle substitutes are lovely. You can barely tell their nit real

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    They were beautiful They look real very pretty

  241. Sharon

    Has a remote control which makes everything so easy . Super cute !

  242. Indiana

    The appearance is so real in their features. I like how I can change their appearance to fit my mood. Would buy again and made do so soon to go with my Christmas a decor. I’m happy with them.

  243. Renee

    I teach yoga so these will be just what I need in order to help me with my classes

  244. Jennings

    I got this as a gift for a friend’s birthday and she really liked them. She is elderly and not very mobile so the remote was the best part. Where she lives allows no real candles and she was missing them. Perfect solution.

  245. Jobella

    Great little lights! They work right out of the box and are made very nicely. Nice size for a small light. I put them all over the house for Christmas.

  246. kelli

    Nicely made and very cute. Remote works well with several features.

  247. anthony gutierrez

    Beautiful and elegant
    Very easy to use

  248. HT

    These are the best flameless I own. The photo doesn’t do them justice. When I have fresh batteries in them they’re so bright, I’ve used them everyday for hours! They have a flickering flame and are perfect.

  249. Gramajo

    Always click on the remote for the candle at night while watching my shows. Great cozy feel and options on remote for timing and light settings are great! Really looks like glass unless your actually holding it.

  250. Terri

    These are nice flameless candles for the money!

  251. Huesken

    love how they change colors and the pattern is so pretty on them

  252. harrigan

    This Was a great Christmas gift they loved it I bought one for myself and it works great in my bathroom at night when I need a night light and I control when I can put it on

  253. chickoo

    Wonderful candles, set them leave them alone. The flame is bright and beautiful at night, can’t go wrong with these!!

  254. Lizzard

    The wick moves so it makes the candle seem so real. The remote control is great. I love these and am going to be ordering more.

  255. Amador

    They are really beautiful, bought 2 packs because I needed 8, 1 remote control all 8.

  256. Hidalgo

    I love these flameless candles. You can set them to go off in 2, 4 or 6 hours. Very happy with my purchase.

  257. Barbara

    I really love the flexibility of the clock and comfort of the candles.

  258. burnett

    No more wax and smoke from a candle. There are great

  259. Jani

    Use several of these in my massage practice, adds a very cozy atmosphere.

  260. Leavitt

    These candles are a really nice addition to seasonal settings.

  261. babenson

    Living room decoration. Batteries are in and turned on. Have not attempted remote. Great value for the money and peace of mind not being a fire hazard as real candles can be.

  262. Camry

    These are perfect, looks so real and the remote is wonderful

  263. Tie

    Beautiful candles. The flame looks so real. I love them.

  264. Sarah

    These remote controlled candles are beautiful! The glass looks high class & elegant. The remote has several settings, such as dimming the light, flickering mode or plain light mode, and a timer function. They were packaged very carefully as well. I am very happy with them! ☺️

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