Flameless Flicker Moving Candles with Blue Flame Cone Pillar Paraffin Wax, 5″ 6″ 7″ Set of 3

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【No Longer Just Flicker Mode】Incredibly realistic dancing flame LED Candle, flame simulation technology makes the candles sway and flicker so convincingly. Waxy body, swinging simulation flame, unique patented blue flame cone, that is simply a real candle. This is the best choice for decorating your house, bedroom, livingroom, bar counter, bathroom
【The Candles without Remote Control Is Incomplete】We consider that you can operate all the candles at once, you can switch them at a distance of 5 meters away, or timing them, timer feature allows you to set 2/4/6/8 hrs, timed to automatically turn on and off, it will cycle every 24 hours. You can also adjust their brightness, our remote control can handle all our candles. Good products are to be simplified you know
【Placed Unconstrained Anywhere】Battery powered, AAA batteries are available everywhere, These impressive candles are expected to last for about 200 hours, while the lifetime of the led lamps is up to 50,000 hours, we must be more environmentally friendly, burning paraffin will cause certain environmental pollution. You can create the same atmosphere for your room with less money
【We Reject All Danger】The internal light-emitting element is an LED, LED candles without real fire, you will never worry about fire-related accidents, they are safe for children and pets, you don’t have to worry about your dog and children knocking over the candles
【Set of 3, It’s Definitely a Perfect Gift】The package contains 5″ /6″/ 7″ three height specifications of candles.These dancing moving flicker LED candles are a beautiful addition to your dinner table, parties, bedside tables, Christmas decoration and so much more, your guests will be definitely impressed. It’s alo definitely a perfect gifts for birthday parties, wedding parties, parents, teachers, girlfriends, business partner

2323 reviews for Flameless Flicker Moving Candles with Blue Flame Cone Pillar Paraffin Wax, 5″ 6″ 7″ Set of 3

  1. Christine C.

    Most realistic flameless moving wick candles I’ve tried – and I’ve compared a bunch!!! These are seriously the best flamless I’ve seen. I bought about 10 different packs of candles from various manufacturers, I set them each up and turned them on and compared. Many were too fake yellow looking when they glowed. These were the most realistic looking – especially with the subtle nuance of the blue flame at the base. Love them! I returned the others and literally purchased 10 more packs of these. Yes – I now have about 30 of these in my house in every room all set on timer and every night They come on and create the most beautiful ambiance. Love these!

  2. Erica

    The candles are made of real wax and the flame is very realistic. It even has the little bluish hue at the base of the flame…
    I like the remote as well because I have one of them in a lantern. The timer is a nice feature also, 2,4,6 or 8 hours. When the time is up it turns off and automatically comes on again at the same time the next night.. these candles are definitely worth the $10. The only downside is each candle takes 3AA batteries but they seem to last quite a while… definitely going to purchase again….

  3. Barbara T.

    love the glow and flickering , the only thing I had a problem is one of the candles won’t hold the batteries in unless you really jam it in . It’s not a deal breaker I could have returned them , but it still works , so I kept them . For the money , it’s a really good deal overall.

  4. Scott Thompson

    Bought these for my neighbors birthday. Where not allowed to burn real candles anymore. She seems to like the candles a lot. What I like is the increase in battery size. Remote works great too. Would buy again.

  5. Bad Hersfelder

    Bought 2 sets and will by more. candle’s look so real .thank you!

  6. Perry M.

    Looks like real flame, love the remote with timer option.

  7. Christi Biederman

    Loved these, good quality and very realistic looking flame. Love the timer function!

  8. Melo

    Lovely candles, I especially like the blue to yellow in the wavering flame. Great value for the money. I’ve left these on overnight by mistake, and there’s no loss in performance, so battery life is great.

  9. coolgrammy

    I love these candles. You have total control of how you use them. Perfect for my home. Highly recommended.

  10. mmd

    These led candle are awesome! Nice rustic look, good quality and even has a remote control. I get compliments on these all the time!

  11. Claudia

    Love these candles! The wick flickers and they provide perfect lighting for dinner on my screened-in porch! The rustic look works indoors as well

  12. Jennifer Bolden

    These are so pretty! They look like real candles. Perfect for any decor. I leave them on the timer. They come on every night at 7. Then they go for 6 hours. So if I wake during the night I can see them on. So calming and cozy.

  13. A SCOTT

    Love these. They work perfect. Timer and remote. Love how they preset so easy to come on at the same time and turn off at the same time every night. Very pretty.

  14. gapch

    These candles are really cool. The flickering looks real. They were on when my granddaughter came over and she was delighted that I finally put some candles in my fireplace because I don’t use it otherwise. When I told her they weren’t real, she had to go over and look closely at them before she believed me. LOL. The remote works great. You can turn it on and off. You can dim it or brighten it. And you can change whether the candle base flickers with the flame or just the flame by itself. I might have to buy another set to put all the way across. I like the ambience of them.

  15. Phuoc Le

    What can I say? I’m super impressed with this set of 3 candles. They were well review but these days you have to be careful on Amazon with these reviews. But I read a bunch of them and decided to take the plunge and try one set. Boy am I happy I did and will be ordering another set now! They come in 3 sizes and I have one in the bathroom, one in the family room and one in the RV. I need about 3 more so will be ordering another set. They have a warm, orange flame when dark that looks super realistic and with the lights on look a bit more like yellow-orange. Overall really nice looking. I’m not sure how long they will run continuously on batteries but I suspect for some time. So far I’m very impressed with them!

  16. Jess

    I am so glad I didn’t let the negative reviews stop me from buying these. Not only are they beautiful. But the candle option works perfectly. They really do look stunning. I already bought another set. I highly recommend them.

  17. RevJVegas

    These are great. The little reflector wobbles around to give it that “real” flame flicker look.
    The timer feature is cool too. I noticed that if I set the timer for 2 hours, it repeats every day. For example, at 730, I turned them on and set the two hour timer so they shut off at 930. Next day at 730 they turned on automatically and turned off again after two hours. Very cool.

  18. pcgeek

    This is exsactly what I was looking for. I bought a bunch of decorative lanterns and have them hanging from the ceiling now I can just turn them on or off with the remote that works perfectly.

  19. Lekeysha Alston-Page

    These Flameless LED Tea Lights was a hit for my weekend rendezvous! It highlighted my evening as well as helped me save time from constantly lighting matches or lighters. Check out how extremely happy I was with this product. And the best part about it is, I used them from 6 pm one evening until the next morning at 11am and they were still bright. Battery life is Great. Thank you so much for helping make my evening exciting and spectacular!!!

  20. Shirley G.

    This was given as a housewarming gift. My niece loves them in her new bathroom. Really beautiful glow at night. The remote is awesome!

  21. Stephanie Meyer

    I love these candles. The set came with a remote that gives you 2, 4, 6, and 8 hr timer settings. The remote works all candles at once unless spread out, then you may have to aim in sections. You can set the candle to flicker or to dim. (the flame doesn’t have any settings, the flicker is in the candle).

  22. Chantilly Lace

    I really like the realness of these candles when turned on. They flicker nicely. I haven’t tried the timer. I don’t know if I will. I have a hard time with burning candles, especially scented ones. These are perfect. I purchased 2 sets. Look really nice together. If I fall asleep with them on the worst that would happen is I’d use up the battery. Yes I recommend these candles.

  23. Jess

    I am so glad I didn’t let the negative reviews stop me from buying these. Not only are they beautiful. But the candle option works perfectly. They really do look stunning. I already bought another set. I highly recommend them.

  24. Carol Hayden

    Such a great value. Beautiful realistic candles. Hoping the timer function continues to work as that is the problem I have had with other brands. But right now I love them!

  25. Amanda Hickman

    I love these so much, I’ve ordered them multiple times. The remotes are universal, so one works for every order, which is super convenient. Has a good range. Timer and dimmer function are both nice and work well. I have a large bedroom, so I’ve got these everywhere, and they give my room a nice glow.

  26. Mookie K.

    These candles are beautiful. I didn’t realize they are actually wax also which made them even better. I’m so excited to use these for our sons first birthday of dragons and many holidays after. I highly recommend these and I can’t believe I finally got this style of flameless candles. They are usually so expensive but these are perfect


    These candles are the best. They look so real. I love the timer and the remote. Also they are made of real wax so if you have direct sun or particularly hot days you will need to bring them inside

  28. Mandy Marland

    Great quality and love that they have a remote so i can use them in my lantern and not have to remove them every time i want to turn them off and on.

  29. Wyatt’s Mom

    These are great candles! They have a dimmer feature and a timer. I turned mine on at 9pm and push the 8 hour button. Now the candle turns off at 5am and on everyday at 9pm. We have used them every night since purchased and I haven’t had to change the batteries yet (30 days).

  30. Chelsea

    The wicks move just a bit too much to be realistic in the “flicker” function but in the “light” mode they still move a tiny bit and look very realistic! I’ve had them on a 2 hour timer once a day (they will come on every day at the same time that you turn them on and set the timer) since I got them and they’re still on the original batteries. I love them and will be buying more!

  31. Jennifer August

    These are awesome! I love the design and I love how they are remote controlled. Gives a realistic flicker movement and goes great for my living room decor!

  32. Sparr

    These candles are the best. They look so real. I love the timer and the remote.Also they are made of real wax so if you have direct sun or particularly hot days you will need to bring them inside

  33. Steve Kim

    Realistic flame and easy turn on/off. And all of them worked. I’ll buy again.

  34. Courtcat

    Love the timer. My lights come on every evening at the same time and it looks like a fairyland.

  35. GMG0510

    Worked great, looked nice and price was right ….what else is there ?
    Like the remote too !!

  36. Shelby

    I was looking for a thinner style candle for a holder that I already had and only needed one. This set had the perfect size I was looking for and them some. I’m only using one candle for now but have plans for the rest of them once the holidays arrive. The timer functions perfectly and it casts a nice glow. Remote was easy to use and set. I would purchase again if and when I need more.

  37. ShoMan

    For the price, they are aplenty and I’m quite satisfied with the brightness as well. The remote is really an excellent addition to the ease of use and the different sizes offer to the aesthetics. All in all recommended.

  38. Warren J. Clark

    These are perfect. Wasn’t sure what to expect but they delivered. Work perfectly and it is great to be able to set the timer and not have to worry.

  39. Catherine

    Great quality, appearance and price! I bought 3 sets and all nine candles operate as advertised. I am delighted and would recommend them to anyone looking for a great deal.

  40. Lindsey Parker

    More beautiful than a picture can show

  41. ShoMan

    For the price, they are aplenty and I’m quite satisfied with the brightness as well. The remote is really an excellent addition to the ease of use and the different sizes offer to the aesthetics. All in all recommended.

  42. R. Fleming

    These candles are great. They are coated in real wax, so they seem like real candles. The flame looks “real” with a slightly blueish white little spot at the base and the flames move or flicker (front to back). I’ve seen candles where the flame moves all around, but they were much more expensive than these. The timer function works great and I like that you can adjust the brightness of the candles. Overall these are great value for the money and I am very satisfied,

  43. Michele Picone

    I liked the product but you cannot put your own time in.
    You set it for 4, 5, or 6 hours
    From the time you turn them on.

  44. Dennis

    These are great. They look like real candles the flicker and all. I really enjoy the fact they have a remote and I can adjust them without having to get up.

  45. Sakura

    These flameless candles are awesome! This is my second set of candles from this same seller. The timer function is great and makes it so easy.

    I bought this new set in large part so that I could have a new remote to set the candles up on the timer again. It works just as expected with my first candle set, which I am very happy about. I am putting the new set to use in other areas of my home so it worked out.

  46. TriedIt

    These are real wax so they will scuff and catch dust and stains over time. That can have it’s charm for that authentic look.

  47. Pag

    Used for wedding centerpiece. Beautiful, good lighting, love the clicker. A great product!!

  48. Amy

    These candles are awesome they look real and the remote is a huge bonus !!!

  49. Andrea

    I am in love with these candles! My favorite feature is that it looks like a real candle because there is a feature on the remote that makes it look like the light flickers! The BEST purchase for my fall decorating!

  50. Latte’s Love

    These lovely flameless candles come with a remote. No need to turn them on and off manually. They look very real in my Moroccan lanterns.

  51. Carla V

    These started out GREAT! I set the timer to run them 2hrs every night. I love the flicker of the candle setting and the ambiance it adds to my living room. I have them in my fireplace. After about six weeks a couple of them started flashing on and off about 20min after the timer would turn them on. After a few days of this I replaced the batteries and it fixed the problem.

  52. Colleen

    These candles are very nice; they came on time and securely packaged which I’ll reused to store them if not used all the time. They look real with a nice flicker or plain light. the dimmer is a nice feature too. They’ll be nice for holidays or every day/night. The remote is really useful which is the problem with the original candles I bought elsewhere. I’ve already recommended them to other people. I think I’ll be ordering more for a more dramatic look around my house. The seller was very helpful with questions and I would definitely work with them again.

  53. G-Mi

    These candles are amazing, so real looking. Like others mentioned, the blue tint in flame is great touch. Also like you can adjust the brightness of candle with remote.

  54. Jimbo

    These are awesome. Come on automatically, shut off 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 hours later, however long I want to set them for with the remote. Every evening they come on when I want and shut off however many hours I set them for. They are bright and really look realistic. I ended up buying 6 sets to give as gifts. Love Love Love them.

  55. Rochester

    These are exactly what we wanted beneath our TV table in our living room to hide the cords that run along the back wall. We turn off all the lamps and just use the lighting from the candles at night which gives off a cozy warm ambiance. I would definitely recommend!

  56. Brittany

    I love these candles! They can be set for a certain time and shut off when you would like too.

  57. Michelle

    I’ve had these for a little while now and I love them. I have had no problems at all. They work as described.

  58. carolbrown

    Beautiful color. I like to be able to dim them and the remote works great!

  59. Vendi

    The candles and remote work great! Placed them in groupings around my living room. So cozy at night with just the candles lit up. Plan to buy more for dining room.

  60. M.

    I have owned these for over a year and liked them so much bought 2 more. The remote control is a little flakey but once you get it how you want it they’re perfect. Much better than the name brand Luminaras we have. They aren’t scented but have a better motion and light.

  61. Divineone

    I purchae a glass pumpkin. I put mini lights in it and it did not look right. I looked for candles to go in the pumpkin. I chose these candles for the pumpkin. I am not a fan of the flameless flicker candles but these are very nice. the pumpkin looks just the way I wanted it look.

  62. Robertson

    Have one of these on our dining table every night, set on 2 hours this summer, but will put at 4 hours for Winter. Can change out the globe type holder every season with decorations. Flicker candles are going to replace all my other types, they are so real looking.

  63. J Paul

    Bought these for a friend and she loves them. My friend lives alone and has a fall risk. She loves candles and was lighting real candles which posed a fire risk. These flamesless candles are a wonderful gift for seniors or anyone who may be physically challenged. Easy set up and easy to use. Comes with a remote control that makes it easy for anyone to use and enjoy.

  64. Butterflies

    These candles are so pretty with just enough light and sooo real looking. They exceeded my expectations. My kids love to turn them on and watch them glow and the best part is I don’t have to worry about them burning themselves 🤗.

  65. Booperdooper

    These are so pretty! I have them set around the house to add some ambiance while not having to be worried about burning the house down because I didn’t keep an eye on a real candle. I love the way they flicker and dim like the real thing and it came with remote! Thank you!

  66. LaParry

    I use my flameless candles every day. I love the convenience of the timer and remote and enjoy the two settings for candle or light. I would definitely purchase another set to use in my home or as a gift.

  67. Neumann

    Just set it up and you’re ready to go. Very easy to set up, remote control works great. Would recommend, and will buy again if my other flame-less candles quit working.

  68. lei

    I can’t believe these are so inexpensive for the quantity and quality you get. Love the “candle” mode where the light mimics a candle’s flicker.

  69. New

    This look realistic and I love the remote feature

  70. S.

    This is my first purchase of wax remote candles and I am a happy customer. I love the options of flicker, brightness and hours to display, so cool. Great price. And I will be a repeat customer to purchase for other rooms.

  71. Wendy

    I like the realistic look and the options of having the candle flickering or a steady light. They can be dimmed or brightened easily with the remote.

  72. Stacey

    They look so real! Casts moving shadows on the walls just like real candlelight! I’ve never seen fake candles look so real! Fairy lights are gorgeous. A remote and timer?!? My mind is blown. Love love love!

  73. Zarbock

    I was surprised how bright these lights are compared to others that I have. I have lanterns that I bought locally that came with candles in them, they shine barely bright for a few minutes then they go dim. I will be replacing the candles that are in the lanterns with these. I’m probably going to order a second set. Love the remote timer.

  74. Michelle

    Great quality. Would order again. They look and feel like a real candle and heavy duty.

  75. Marlene

    These candles are just the best and so much more inexpensive than their competitors, Lumineres. The value is great and timer, remote is an extra bonus. Look so realistic, planning to buy more. Great gift idea.

  76. dml

    Love these candles! Nice and bright, just like Luminara candles with the moving flame!

  77. Kriesel

    These candles look so nice and elegant! The flames almost look real. If you’re contemplating…just go ahead and buy them 🙂

    Reminder: the candles do not come with batteries.

  78. A.

    I love these candles! The flame look incredibly realistic and they respond well to the remote! They look adorable as decor and set a very warm and comfortable mood in the space!

  79. BBryant

    just got my candles today and they are awesome. I love that they come with a remote control and they look realistic.

  80. Carl

    Looks better than the picture, nice a bright, lots of options on the remote, do not hesitate to buy them!!!!

  81. kclaya01

    Honestly, I was quite surprised at the quality of this product for the price point. The candles are realistic, and they give off a good amount of flicker. The remote allows for a timer and dimmer, which is high end.

  82. Evelyn

    I love these candles! They look lovely is many settings and the remote makes it easy to turn on and off.

  83. Ellie

    just beautiful. easy to use remote control. not too bright but in my opinion the perfect brightness.

  84. Lenton

    Beautiful candles. Look real! The remote is an awesome addition too.

  85. Audrey O.

    These candles are awesome! I love that they have a remote control, and you can change how bright or soft they are. Great for a romantic evening at home!

  86. Tiff

    Works perfectly well and gives a nice moving flame look. I use it to put inside a jar and not as a stand alone candle so it’s perfect for me. The remote control works.

  87. Johnson

    These candles are beautiful! The moving flames are very real looking. The amber tint is pretty. These candles add a warm and calming glow to any room. I placed them on a corner shelf in my dining room. The candles light up the corner nicely. The remote is a nice bonus. Just one click and they all go on or off. If you enjoy the look of flickering candles I highly recommend this product. If you have pets or small children these candles are a great and safe substitute for the real-flame types.

  88. Eugene Wallace

    I purchased these for my home and my mother liked them so much, she asked for them as her gift. These are lifelike candles. Emits a soft glow and if you want, a flicker. They come with remote that has many options. I’ve been pleased with my purchase.

  89. Megan

    Used these for the candle at my brothers wedding and I wanted WHITE candles! It didn’t glow the normal fake orange more of a white tiny so I was happy!

  90. Linnie

    These frameless candles look very realistic. I love the 4 hr timer.

  91. Ibuytoomuch

    Seriously love these they look so real and the brightness can be adjusted. Love the remote feature. I will be ordering another set. These are more affordable compared to others.

  92. kaiserklunk

    I’ve tried a few LED candles and this is by far the most realistic I’ve found. It flickers, it’s a realistic color (not too yellow), and it’s so nice to have a remote for ease of use. I like how the white wick/flame combo looks more real than the other LED candles I’ve tried. I highly recommend these candles!

  93. Oyunaldar

    I love this ! Cute little remote control and super good brightness . This stuff is real value for money ! Highly recommended !

  94. Ibuytoomuch

    Seriously love these they look so real and the brightness can be adjusted. Love the remote feature. I will be ordering another set. These are more affordable compared to others.

  95. Carmen Vera

    So impressed by the quality and style. The remote feature has got to be my favorite thing. Now I can enjoy having them on and taking a nap if I forget, unlike a conventional candle. I also really love that it has a timer function too and so many different options. Truly one of my favorite products I’ve gotten on Amazon so far.

  96. Good customer!

    These are fantastic! Look absolutely real and in the room without lights on, they create a great atmosphere. The remote is a wonderful addition and is extremely helpful. Our candles have turned on at exactly the same time every day. After seeing these, I wouldn’t buy any others. Everyone that sees them think they are real. I looked at many other candles and was very lucky to finally find these. Highly recommend!!!

  97. Angela

    I have had the, for a year and I love it!

  98. Kristen

    This is my second set. I really like these. The remote is great. They have a soft glow.

  99. Beth Budinich

    These candles are beautiful. I love the remote control feature.

  100. Kristen M.

    I really love these flameless candles. The light isn’t too warm, so they are more realistic. There is a slight clicking noise, but I think most of these type with the moving “flame” are the same. I ordered 2 sets and one remote works on all of them, which I absolutely love. I will definitely be ordering more for my Christmas decor.

  101. Lucy Casper

    These are BEAUTIFUL! Has the option of flickering candles as well as more steady light! I originally wanted to purchase these for my daughter’s wedding but they were out of stock and could not be delivered in time. When they came back in stock, I decided to purchase anyway. Adds perfect ambience to my room!!

  102. MJF

    It made the bride and her mother very happy. Perfect for a future wedding

  103. Laura Kalagher

    I used these candles in several places in my house and I love that one remote can control ALL of them, but in stages, so if I just want the candles in the living room on, I can do that. Add a timer to it, so I don’t have to worry about turning them off, and that’s why these are the perfect candles!

  104. Irene

    Nothing here to dislike. These “candles” are truly realistic. Shadows move on the wall. Everyone thinks they are real. And you can turn them on and off from where you are sitting. How convenient is that?

  105. Stacey

    Beautiful! Love the dimmer and flicker controls. Very realistic!

  106. Teach

    Everyone at church thought they were real candles. They are excellent. I need to buy more for our dinner table at home.

  107. Misty

    Please don’t mind my vacuum going downstairs…anyhow…This candle is the one in the center of the candelabra it is a beautiful warm white light with a faux flame that has a blue hue at the candle and a warmer hue through the middle and top of the flame. The candle feels like a real candle with a wax coating that is a creamy white with a hint of buttery pale faint warm white. There is no noise associated with the flame operation. 10/10 I would purchase again.

  108. Fiorella

    These little candles, when seen from a distance, look like real candles, but when you look closely you can tell that they are not real candles.Cylindrical in appearance, the flame under the light looks like a real flame, but they are very light and not as heavy as a candle. If you want to use them for a long time, it is recommended to have more batteries

  109. Bonnie L Miller

    Set of 3, wax, easy to use remote, realistic looking candles for my covered patio use.

  110. Cu

    It was not the remote it said I would get. I thought the remote would reach further. However I love the product.

  111. DiPalma

    These candles turned out much nicer than I anticipated for the cost. The remote doesn’t have great range but I wasn’t as concerned with that as much as I didn’t want to switch each candle on and off. It’s much quicker to have a single on and off function. I use these outside on my patio and they look realistic from inside looking out, especially with the flickering feature.

  112. Nearchus

    Purchased these in case of power outage at home. Last long time and don’t have to go looking for flashlight

  113. Lil Girard

    You will Love the Flameless candles. The remote is easy to use.

  114. Joan

    The remote works great. Easy to set and candles look great.

  115. Kay Anthony

    I am very happy with these candles. Very pretty and they look so real. I haven’t had them long enough to comment on battery life. I may order a second set. Highly recommend!

  116. Elaine

    Love these candles. They look beautiful and having the remote is great. They come on at same time everyday and go off at same time at night.

  117. Jacqueline

    Does exactly what I want and I love the timer remote.

  118. Stacey

    Beautiful! Love the dimmer and flicker controls. Very realistic!

  119. GERMANN

    These replaced a previous set I had used for five years. This set uses smaller batteries, so that’s a plus. Far better than the button cell varieties. Shipment came quickly, well-packed, and early!

  120. Jalovec

    I love these candles. They have a “flickering flame” that moves and are a great substitute for the real thing. They also come with a remote control to turn them on and off. Highly recommend!

  121. Kathy

    Love these candles. Easy on and off with remote. Love how the flames flicker. Very cozy looking.

  122. Andrea

    Perfect, my wife loves them.

  123. patti

    These candles are wonderful! Nice and bright!! Remote makes it easy!!

  124. bear

    I have these in my family room in different sized clear glass vases, and they are beautiful!

  125. Laurence

    Another LED light that is so beautiful, color and ambiance. I get many compliments on it and people want to know where I got it

  126. Becky

    As good as Luminara!
    Very happy with this purchase. Seems to be as good as Luminara candles.

  127. Maria K.

    Other reviews state that these candles aren’t realistic looking, but here is a side-by-side comparison. I have an actual burning candle in front of the Luminara candle I recently bought, and I find them to be very similar. I love the timer feature and the way the flame light dances on the wall. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend them to others.

  128. DorothyOfOz

    Everyone loves These candles so I’ll have to get more. They’re very realistic looking! Use all year round for mood ambience.

  129. Jennifer

    The lighting is good and so is the quality
    Good lighting effect, good quality, environmental protection, energy saving and safety, feeling very romantic, great.

  130. Steven

    Second one of these I’ve purchased. Look great on top of my entertainment center, inside of wooden lantern boxes, accentuating the rustic look of my living room.

  131. Chris

    The look so real flickering! The glass is nice & thick and such a pretty amber color. They look great grouped together in my hurricane sconce in my bay window. Highly recommend!

  132. DMP

    These candles are awesome. I love that they flicker like a candle.

  133. D. Ashton

    My candles arrived yesterday. Put batteries in them and lit them up. I set the timer to go on each evening for a few hours. The candles are sitting in my window, shining brightly. This was a great purchase.

  134. Jason

    Nice candle set!
    Very nice candle set! The flame flicker is very realistic and I love the timer feature!

  135. Janet

    My order was received promptly and efficiently. The candles are so realistic with a bright glow. They complete my mantle beautifully.

  136. Charisse

    These “fake” candles are the best candles I’ve ever used. I will never again use a real candle. These, in particular, are fantastic quality. The price is amazingly low. Buying more…

  137. Sommerfeld

    I love these candles! The remote control makes it so easy just hit the button and they are on. I have them on my sofa table right now and the Christmas tree lit up also. So cozy!

  138. Diane

    I love these candles. Have been looking for varying heights and glad to have found them in one set. Perfect size for my lanterns. Great price for the candles and remotes.

  139. Larsen

    I love how these glow and give off a warm candle light. They look real at a glance and almost look real even when really looking at them but they are not tacky at all. They flames sway in a natural flame way so it gives off a beautiful light. I love that you can set the brightness of the candles or the amount of flickering and the timer. I would highly recommend these. I also love the remote for them.

  140. Fancy N

    I like the style, the finish of the candle and the brightness control. However, I was unaware that I would have to open the bottom of the candle if I wanted to turn it off and on using only the switch and not the remote.

  141. PAMELA

    I love the look of these candles. I would love other types of candles with the color and look of the flame.

  142. Martin

    I’m so happy with this height and pleasantly surprised how long the product stays bright with it on timer mode. Some products with timers burn the batteries much quicker, this particular one on timer lasts so much longer than other brands I’ve had. The wick looks so lifelike as well.

  143. Alex

    These look good as decoration in the front, are easy to control with the remote, and really last a long time.

  144. JGallie

    Wonderful candles! Everybody thought they were real lit candles! Beautiful flickering and dancing soft light. Looks so very natural. I bought a second set right away for all of my lanterns and candleholders in the house. Very nice!

  145. Maw

    These candles are really nice. It’s hard to see in daylight pic but the flicker is very realistic. I can’t believe how much they look like real candles… at night I keep looking at them expecting to see candle drip. 🤗

  146. Castlecrest

    Very realistic flames. Excellent quality

  147. James Himmelberg

    Excellent LED candles
    Realistic flicker sets these LED candles apart from the rest. Remote works well. My wife loves them. Would definitely buy again.

  148. Chris West

    Beautiful candle
    I really like these candles. I bought several sets in several places around the house. Warm pale yellow, real waxy, looks like flickering candles. I like the remote control. I can adjust the brightness, they look real in the whole room. I will buy it again and recommend it to my friends.

  149. nancy

    Nice looking Ivory candles great quality!

  150. Daron

    Like these flickering candles, from a distance they do look like burning candles. I didn’t use the remote right away, tried it a few days later and it works. Now I have the candles set to go off and on each evening.

  151. Butterbean

    Just what I wanted. Saw some similar candles in a lighting store and they were more expensive.
    These are great, look like a real flickering flame and the timer /remote works great too!
    Am buying some more to give as gifts.

  152. 7crows

    This product is beautiful, the 3D shape of the “flame” looks as nice unlit as lit. I have had other flickering candles with flat flames that look strange during the day, I prefer this style.
    The timer works well. The candle is just bright enough to allow you to navigate but not too bright to distract, similar to a night light. The seller is very helpful, even sending notes to explain the features. I recomend this product and seller.

  153. Lisa

    Love these!

  154. U2Bttrfly

    Very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it. Love that the candles are a true white and not ivory. If you don’t want to spend the money on Luminara price flameless candles, these are the best bang for your buck. They are as advertised, realistic-looking from every angle and the wax is soft and nice on the hands as well as the uneven edge up at the top looks natural.

  155. Andrea

    I had purchased two sets back in September to use at my Daughters wedding. Absolutely loved them so decided to get another set for me. Great quality and love the remote.

  156. Jean

    Love these remote control candles. You have the option of a flickering flame or not. I love that you can set it for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hour run time that repeats every 24 hours. If you purchase these candles you won’t be disappointed.

  157. Norma-Jean

    Love these!!! They look real!! The remote is so convenient and works great even from a distance. My daughter in law was so impressed I’m going to buy a set for her. Thank you !

  158. Jane Senior

    Love how real they look and the timer operates another set I had bought! 0n cold dark northern nights or early mornings, it creates a sense of warmth. Paid less for these than my last non dancing flame😊

  159. M P.

    They are the perfect size, color, and shape. I put them in my glass candle holders and used them immediately!

  160. Carpenter

    I love these! Very realistic flame and they feel real as well. The remote is also a big plus! Very happy with this purchase. The price was very reasonable too.

  161. feralinmendo

    I was initially pleased with the candles. They look and work as well as the more expensive ones.

  162. 3X

    These flameless candles are surprisingly realistic unless you look at them close up. They give you the effect of lit candles without the smoke and mess of melting wax.

  163. Barbara

    I love these! The “flame” is so realistic! I was showing my husband these candles and he thought I was going to burn him. My son went to blow out the flame and found they weren’t real. I love the ambience they provide. So pretty.

  164. Mark

    These candles can make any room brighter. Gives the appearance of a comfortable room.

  165. Popiel

    Loved everything about these flameless candles. The dimmer feature and flicker feature is ideal. Easy to operate. I plan on purchasing another set.

  166. dale

    I didn’t buy these for a gift I did however purchase them for myself. I would definitely gift them because I have received many compliments on them. They are very pretty. They have a remote function. I used them as a centerpiece.

  167. LH

    Love these batteries powered candles, so…..beautiful !! Comes with a mini remote control that works like a charm,
    it looks just like real candles….& it is a good value purchase ! Thank you for fast delivery !! Super Happy….! : ))

  168. Bowen

    I love these, and keep them on all the time. So realistic looking with their flickering brightness, and batteries last a long time before having to change them.

  169. Leslie M

    Omg I love these! They’re even more perfect in person! They flicker like a real candle, you can even dim them and have them on a timer all with the remote control. I LOVE THEM!! I ordered 2 sets, I might order more!! A++++++++

  170. fegley

    The candles are great. After receiving the first set, I ordered 3 more!

  171. niki

    These candles look so realistic. Gives a nice glow to the room and you can pair them with things that might make you nervous if there were a real flame like I did in my centerpiece. So nice they have a timer and a remote control so I only have to disassemble when the batteries die and not to turn them on and off everyday. Definitely would recommend!

  172. Ima

    Was not sure which set of flameless cancels to by. So happy I picked these. love the dimmable feature and with the remote I do not have to worry about them being in a high place. Get these!!!!

  173. Rose

    Beautiful and behave like real candles! A slight flutter of light and soft glow. Creates a soothing ambience!

  174. Soward

    Flicker Motion Candles
    I like that they look like real flames without the worry.

  175. Dawn

    I love these candles! Remote control is convenient and they look so real. I bought a second pack and just ordered a pack of nine. The light is so natural and they flicker.

  176. Myers

    I am a candle snob and after my very expensive candle did not hold up to weather, I ordered a set. Now owning 4 sets! Handles the weather on my porch and great glow for the realistic candle effect. I am so happy with these candles and I am about to order another set. Get some…and of course the timer control makes life better!

  177. Arlene

    Beautiful flameless timer candles!
    I purchased this set to accent our updated cottage fire place and mantel. We’ve only had them for a few days. We love them and the 6 hour timer has worked flawlessly. Would make a wonderful house warming gift or welcome to the neighborhood gift, too. Highly recommend!

  178. Jax

    These candles are very realistic. Much safer than a real candle and the heat pump filter doesn’t become black from the burning of real candles. Yes, real candles emit a soot that passes through the air handler and collects on the filter. Grouped, the remote allows them to be turned on simultaneously and the timer shuts them off similarly.

  179. Randy A

    Purchased these as a gift. I own Luminara Candles and they are definitely better than the copy cats found for a lesser amount. I highly recommend these to those seeking quality electric candles.

  180. Z

    I was very skeptical to purchase these because I brought another kind from another company and had to return them…Let me say..I love them! They were a little more expensive than the original ones I purchased and it was worth it. They bring such a peaceful atmosphere to my living room! One candle did have a finger indentation in it but I don’t care because I love them so much! Definitely would be again!

  181. L. Bisnett

    These look like the real thing and would highly recommend them. I was amazed at how nice they look in my lanterns. I only needed 2 of them but I found a nearby place for the third one so the remote and timer work on all 3. I really like that you can hit one button and they stay on for 2 hours. If I need them longer I just hit it again. Battery saver for sure. That’s the only tiny little problem, they require 3AA batteries each for a total of 9 batteries. Well worth it though for how beautiful they are. Very peaceful addition to my living room.

  182. Smilingtulip

    I am so in love with these candles I bought one set for my table and my husband and I decided on buying two more. They look really real, and all three sets are controlled by the original remote we received.

  183. Scrockern

    Love these candles! I bought 2 sets. We have frequent power outages where I live, and these are very handy rather than fumbling with matches in the dark. I use them daily just for ambiance in the home. Nice to be able to set the timer to automatically come on around the time it gets dark. Personally, I’d love to see a 2 hour timer function as one of the options on the remote. Overall, these are great, and I’ll probably purchase more.

  184. Cindy R.

    These candles are awesome! They look so realistic. The remote control works perfectly. I light these every evening and watch TV by candlelight. Love it!

  185. Henson

    Great candles
    Exactly what I was looking for. Great price too.

  186. Ashlie

    These work great. They are not the most high-end looking compared to more expensive options but they are great for the cost. They really added something to my office. I love the 2, 4, 6, or 8-hour timer option.

  187. Shirley

    Look so real. They are beautiful. I have a friend who bought them as well. She’s satisfied too. Lol

  188. Brittany

    Works great! I really love the different functions and having these on when I just want to relax. Since they run in batteries (not included) they are pretty much great for an alternate to a candle. I actually purchased 2 and you can use one remote instead of two to control both! Pretty good to have around the house!

  189. Linda

    I love these candles! Their rims are more realistically shaped than others and the flicker is a delight. Frankly, I haven’t used the timer or any other features of the remote–but I’ve had no trouble at all turning these beauties on and off remotely. I liked them so much that I ordered another set for another room, thinking I was ordering the same product. I returned the ones that arrived from a different manufacturer and reordered Silverstro more carefully. The ones from another manufacturer were not only less realistic looking but were much more difficult to put together.

  190. JP

    The candles are plastic which is good because our balcony can get hot, wax melts. They are realistic enough, not fooling anyone that gets close but I like the way they look.

  191. Mary

    These are very nice they look so real. I ordered 3 sets of them. Everyone compliments on how real they looks. Very pretty.

  192. BradC

    I set mine on a timer for 4 hours a night- never have to turn them on. Batteries typically last well over a month or two even after daily use (I recommend also the Amazon brand AA batteries as they did very well in testing). Love them so much I bought 2 sets!

  193. cookedmom

    So far, I’m impressed with the candles. Hopefully when they are put out on the table for my dinner party, they will continue to impress

  194. A.

    The candles were still lit when My husband woke up in the morning. You could hear him saying, ” Who the he– forgot to blow out the candles last night, they could of started a fire ?” LOL he proceeded to try to blow them out and then started laughing. That says it all folks. They are beautiful when lit.

  195. dog whisperer

    Battery operated real looking flame candles
    These candles are great quality, operate with a remote, and have realistic dancing flame with blue at the bottom of the flame making it look like real fire

  196. KStark

    I love these candles! I purchased them because I go through real candles too quickly and it gets expensive, and also because I live in Texas and was out of power for 4 days this year when the polar vortex froze everything. Having these would have been amazing during the dark hours to offer long lasting light.
    From across the room they look like real candles. The light is warm and illuminates well. I haven’t tried a timer or the remote, I just flip it on and off as needed.
    Overall, this is a great product at a competitive price.

  197. Heather

    The candles were still lit when My husband woke up in the morning. You could hear him saying, ” Who the he– forgot to blow out the candles last night, they could of started a fire ?” LOL he proceeded to try to blow them out and then started laughing. That says it all folks. They are beautiful when lit.

  198. Jessica

    I absolutely love these frameless candles!!! They are even prettier in person then pictured. These are perfect for decor, using for when the power goes out, etc. they arrived super fast and are so easy to work. I love that they have a timer so invade you forget to turn them off. I will definitely be ordering another set.

  199. K. Dano

    I wanted candles to place on my candleholders on my mantel. I didn’t want to use wax candles as the chance for fire was too great. These flameless candles look like wax candles with the dancing flames. I loved them so much that I bought another set to place in other candleholders in my house. Recommend for most all uses.

  200. Oceangirl

    These candles are just what I was looking for. They work great brightness is good enough. I have a set of 3 and the set together gives off just enough light I’m looking for. I have them set in my fireplace to give the illusion of a fire. The timer is set and candles stay on for about 4 hours then turn off just as they are supposed to. Great product.

  201. Celeste

    These stunning candles out rival Luminara in my opinion, for a quarter of the cost! The remote is an added bonus and can turn all 3 on and off even if they are in different areas of the room, as long as they are in the same vicinity. Showed them to a friend and he ordered a set too…..and he was a Luminara snob.

  202. Ronald M

    First set had a defective remote and I returned the set for a replacement that came quickly and works perfect. I love that you turn them on and press the timer for the time you want them to light and they shut off correctly and turn back on the next day at that time and continue doing that till you turn it off or reset them. They could be a touch brighter but it’s not a big deal. They look like a candle flickering. Very white color and not yellow. Perfect for our porch candle holding lamps setup.

  203. Cindy

    Nothing everything was great.

  204. M

    This set is very nice. The candles are beautiful and realistic. From across the room the flame looks real. I like the remote feature, it makes them very easy and convenient to use. This could probably be a good gift.

  205. LiveHappyHeart

    They work great and are so nice for putting on the wall and being able to control with remote. Love the timer function and it works well! I like that when you use the remote and choose timer all the candles blink to let you know they received the signal. Worry free in a home of little kids and pets. Highly recommend for the price. The do take batteries but I like that it is a simple AA battery and not a watch battery or odd battery. Easy to change the battery. A couple of mine were knocked off the railing and fell a good distance down the stairs and still work normal so seem pretty durable for accidental events like that.

  206. C&W

    Very nice and seem to be well made. When first turned on with the remote control, they appear to flicker in unison, but after a few minutes they look more like real candles with offset “flickering”. I like that the remote controls only operate the candles that are within their immediate proximity, so I can put a few in one bedroom and operate them without affecting the ones in the next room over. They also don’t require any programming, so if I move all the candles into the same room and hit the on button a couple times, they all respond. I’m quite happy with these.

  207. Sandra

    I am loving these candles! They come on like clockwork every evening for 2 hours. Lots of choices on remote for times, brightness, etc. I always wanted this kind of candle with the moving flame but couldn’t pay the high price at some of my local shops. I am thrilled with these!!! I bought the Ivory color and it is a nice Ivory. I will probably be purchasing more for around the house!

  208. Linda

    These are just what I wanted and the flickering/moving flame looks so real. Using the remote, the flame can be dimmed and motion slows down. These candles are wonderful. I love these candles so much and recommend them!

  209. Nicole

    I love these candles! The moving “flames” give a very realistic effect and I love that you can adjust how bright the lighting is. You get the same movement and light like a real candle but in a much safer way.

  210. Mash

    Too early to know about battery life but I’m sure it’s the same as the other candles that are similar. I love them and never worry about forgetting to turn them off.

  211. Coffee

    And I was worried that since they do not have moving wicks, they might not look realistic. Fortunately they do. The flickering movement is perfect. They have an amazing timer of 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours and of course, like all such timers you can turn it on at a certain time and have it turn on for the specified number of hours every day till you change the setting. Each candle works independently with the remote so if desired, you could place them in different locations. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  212. Busy

    This is a really affordable price for the amount of candles included. I previously purchased one candle for as much as $9.00. so big plus there. I really love the soft glow and ambience they provide. I’ve spread them all around my house. They make a lovely and very safe alternative gift for anyone who loves candles. I’m thrilled with this purchase.

  213. Arthelia

    It works!
    I like the remote feature.

  214. Batyi

    This product is truly neat. I had been trying to find some type of understated lighting for my large bookcase. I searched a whole bunch of options without success. Then I saw this product online and ordered it. I am absolutely delighted. I actually plan to order a couple more. It comes with a remote control that I really did not expect to work (quite tiny). Well, it works perfectly. These could not be improved upon for my purposes. They would work great for placing “candles” anywhere in one’s place. I feel really lucky that I came upon them. They are perfect for people such as myself who own pets and do not want to risk having “real” candles. These have made me really happy, and the price is totally reasonable, actually surprisingly low.

  215. Beauman

    I like everything about these realistic looking candles. I used them yesterday for a house party to decorate the buffet table. It was so easy to just turn them on. The remote even has a dimmer function. I can keep them stored in their box and just pop them into the candle holders when we have parties vs. the time spent leaving candles outside collecting dust, cleaning the dust off of them and dealing with the melted wax deposits. Much cleaner and consistent.

  216. Minky’s

    These are so pretty.

  217. Lori

    Love these candles and that they are a little taller than some others I’ve purchased. They really make a statement in my lantern on the screen porch and you can see the flicker from in the house as well. Beautiful!!

  218. KGB

    These are the most beautifulness flameless candles that’ve ever seen. I had no idea they look they way they did. I purchased them for my sister who loves candles, but won’t light them and thought these would be perfect for her and they were. She loved…loved…loved them so much that I had to purchased them for myself to see what all the hype was over and boy oh boy. When you turn them on at night…the beautifulness of the flickering just takes you somewhere else. Pleeeeeease purchase and you’ll see.

  219. hecker

    When first saw in daylite was iffy and then when got dark these are beautiful and flames look so real..again my husband even commented wow..that looks real..awesome

  220. Nisbet

    Came nicely packaged and comes with an easy-to-use remote. The remote has a candle flicking button along with a dim button to make it lower or higher which is a nice function. There is also I timer switch so you don’t have to worry about turning them off manually. Overall this is a great product. Definitely worth the purchase

  221. Fischl

    These candles are a lovely addition to my decorating theme. My Dad was a firefighter for 20 years. He is very uneasy about regular candles used in the home. These candles are perfect – they are beautiful and pose no threat of fire. I highly recommend them!


    These are great! The battery lasts a long time. They look real 100%! I have so many flameless candles but these are the best. I’m buying many more!

  223. Danny

    They look like a REAL candles!!! The wick is sooo realistic! I love them. They even have that flicker a real flame has.

  224. Ruth

    These candles are gorgeous and looks like the real thing. Looks and feels so real. The flames even looks so real and even flickers.

  225. OrvixTV

    These are so realistic on or off! These are made of real wax so you treat them like actual candles besides the lighting part. These take 3 AAA BATTERIES. So you will require at least 9 batteries to light one full set.

  226. Chuter

    I was actually just looking for one to put in an old lantern that I had removed the original electrical lighting from. The smaller one worked perfect and I’m happy I went ahead and ordered these. Now I want more! The flickering is nice, especially in the lantern but I prefer the candle mode where the flame doesn’t move but you still get that realistic candle lighting. Being able to control the brightness is also a big plus along with the remote. I’m very happy with this purchase!

  227. Golfbooboo

    I love candles and these are the best ever. First time my husband has ever commented on candles. He said he could not tell they aren’t real. Actually going to order more today.

  228. Doxymom

    Love these. Priced other “flicker” candles at $45-$50 and up. The “flame” won’t fake you out upon close examination, but looks great across the room. The remote is convenient and works well.

  229. Reveles

    So we love the product. Remote works great and the candles look AMAZING. What I would like to tell you is that they scared my wife and I straight as we used these for our Day of the Dead altar. Every night, the lights were turning on BY THEMSELVES! You can imagine my face when I told my wife and she responded with ” I’m not turning the candles on, are you???”
    Turns out, they have a cyclical timer and remember your settings. Scared us, but great feature!!! Highly recommend!

  230. Greenway

    I love that these look so real and the remote makes it easy to change the mode, brightness, and timer! Best of all they are safe! I’m definitely buying more!!

  231. Joan

    They are more beautiful than the pictures

  232. AKM

    The look like real candles and fit nicely on top of my candle pillars. No mess is key! I’d rather replace batteries than messy candles.

  233. ptskywaker

    These Flameless candles are amazing. They are made from wax so they have the look and feel of a real candle. The shape mimics a partially burned candle and the “flame” moves similar to a burning flame, casting moving light. We have a few on a fireplace mantle and when you see them across the room they are very real looking.

  234. CHF2

    Purchased this candle set for my wife. She has an expensive name brand candle that was almost double the price for one candle and remote as what I paid for this set of 3 with remote. Everything about this set is the same as the name brand. The functionality of the remote, the brightness/coloring of the flame, and the overall look of the candle. So far this candle set seems to be an excellent product with an excellent price.

  235. stephanie

    These absolutely exceeded my expectations. They do look real and the flicker is not wild going round about and such but rather more like a gentle front to back. It’s perfect in every way, color, flicker, brightness and remote ease of use. And I love that I can have it in front of tv with no worries. I’m going to purchase a second set for bedroom.

  236. Mary

    When I first opened the box I was a little disappointed. But after inserting batteries, using the remote, and standing back … they are absolutely perfect! So very realistic! Very happy with this purchase!

  237. Pamela

    They are so pretty

  238. MFT

    They are so pretty

  239. Nikisaaan

    I used these for my proposal and they’re great! They feel completely realistic, which is a cool feature, and they flicker softly, creating a really nice ambiance.

  240. Thanks

    They look very authentic. These simulated candles are about as realistic as is possible. The remote control works well. The remote is super easy and simple to use. The candles automatically light up every night at the same time and they shut off automatically after 2 hours. Excellent product.

  241. S. M.

    These candles are just perfect. I have seen similar candles at specialty store for much high prices. I have these set up to come on at 8pm and go off at midnight. They are fairly realistic looking and will be buying an additional set soon.

  242. Carol S.

    I purchased two sets of these candles. Years ago I had purchased one candle which had a timer function and liked it so much I wanted more. These candles were superior. Not only does the remote have various timer settings but also brightness settings. I love that they shut off on their own.

  243. Howde2ya

    Works wonderful.

  244. Johnny

    If you are debating, here’s your sign…. get the dang candles! these are high quality for a low price. I almost bought some at a flea market that were going for more than 3x this price. These look so real and there are 3 different settings available to brighten or dim them depending on what tone you are trying to set. Highly recommend and will be purchasing more!

  245. LKB

    I like these. They feel and look like wax. The flicker is pretty. The timer and remote make them winners. I ordered 2 sets.

  246. McNally

    I really like these candles. I have them on a table in our breezeway, no sun hits them during the day in Sunny southern Florida. They light up the evenings nicely.

  247. Brunn

    I have these candles on my desk. I love that I can set the remote and forget it. They come on every nite at the same time. Brightness is great. Overall a very nice product

  248. Roberts

    Great quality on par with Luminaria at a much better price. Nice warm light and realistic flicker effect. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again.

  249. Tania

    Beautiful and I use the timer and they will turn off by themselves

  250. Riley

    I can’t believe how real the flickering flame looks. Even when you look closely at it, it still looks real. To get 3 of these candles and a remote control for the price , is a really great deal.

  251. Mitchell

    I bought the “Ivory” color and the thing I love most is that the color of the flame is beautiful, bright. I’ve tried other brands, but the color of the flame is always yellow at best and a greenish-yellow at worst. These truly look real when “lit” (and the dimmer works well too). I am buying another set to replace my almost-new (and much more expensive) Luminara candles in my family room.

  252. doodle

    Beautiful 💜
    Amazing and realistic. Really beautiful

  253. R. C.

    I bought these for a pirate of the carribean themed bathroom. I love it. I bought 2 sets and yes 1 remote will work for all of them and multi-sets. I just wish I could set a timer for them to go on every 24 hrs for 6 hours or so rather than just going on for 2-4-8 hours. love it! Looks realistic and feels like wax.

  254. Padilla

    The candles look real! I bought them based off the reviews and I’m so glad I did. The flame moves just as if it were a real flame. And the candles feel and look like real wax. These are great for the price.

  255. Karen

    Well worth the money! I love candles but have several small grandchildren around a lot so this is the perfect alternative. The timer and remote are just added bonuses!!

  256. Kay

    I liked this product. the price was right and it was efficient; It has a little remote with varying times it can stay on. the flickering actually looks like a real candle flickering, which is different because most the flameless candles I have bought just light up and dont flicker! I would suggest this is your best bet for a nice flameless candle.

  257. Carolyn

    Live these candles! Had no idea that they would automatically come on every evening once set up! Look very realistic!

  258. Joyce VanDunk

    Nice to add an extra lighting
    Perfect to add a little more lighting to a small room

  259. Orient

    great … so far had them a few months and they are sitting on the shelf, look good and no heat no fire hazard set the timer for autoshutoff in 6-8 hours it’s really good .. I like its good price, realistic look … even my mom likes them …

  260. Sabra

    These are life like! I placed all three in a lantern. They look like real candles. Fooled my husband! And the timer remote allowed for them to come on same time for allowed four hours an evening. Highly recommend.

  261. Smith

    The remote works great, but once I set them to come on at 6:30 I didn’t need the remote. I love all the settings, low light, steady light or flickering light. I just got them a month ago and the batteries are still going strong. I would definitely order these again.

  262. Massage

    They look like REAL candles and have a remote with different options such as 2 or 4 hour timer, light/brightnes, etc. Also, the wax on outside of candle makes it look and ‘feel’ more authentic.

  263. Fernandez

    My wife wanted to keep a candle on for a vigil. She bought a real candle in a glass container. For some reason it started smoking. Even left soot on the wall. We were worried it could cause damage to our house if this happened again and we were not home. This product worked great and safer than real candles.

  264. Ashanti

    Candles for calming, relaxation, or romantic times.
    I absolutely love these candles. It looks better in person oppose to the picture. The glare is so calming and peaceful. The remote control is a perfect tool. Very Good investment.

  265. Jessie

    After reading about the toxic effects of burning paraffin candles, I was looking for an alternative for our yoga studio that were cheaper than soy wax. Then I found these. At first I was a little sceptic about how realistic they would look, but I was pleasantly surprised! We’ve had these almost a month, using the remote to turn them on and off. They’re still going strong on the same batteries. I also love the realistic flicker setting. Very happy. I will be ordering more!

  266. Janie Grant

    Beautifully crafted
    I really like these, they are a great addition to my dining room. I wish the candle and light functions worked, there’s no difference that I can see. But I still, really like them.

  267. Miller

    I love these candles. They look very real when they are on. They are the closest to real candles that I have found

  268. Henry H.

    Exceded my expectations. Love them. They look so real

  269. Abs

    This set of three is a win. Right now, I have one in a lantern which I used the remote to set up the timer function. The others are inside and being used separately. If they are all placed together they can be used together with the remote, or separately, just aim the remote at the candle you want to turn on or off or set on the timer. They can also be dimmed. Love them.

  270. Danielle

    These actually fooled my 18-yr-old son. he thought they were real! The flame effect is the most realistic I’ve ever seen on a battery-operated candle.

  271. PJ

    The ones we used for years stopped working so we bought these. We won’t go back to the other brand because these are so much better in ease of use and in appearing so realistic. Love the option to dim brightness. These candles are great and will buy more in the future. We set the timer once and now every evening they light at the same time and go off at the same time. We have candlelight automatically every evening.

  272. JOSHUA

    The timer function is accurate. The remote control works 20 feet away, and the brightness is adjustable. Very bright and awesome. Definitely buy these and dont look elsewhere.

  273. SCheers

    Finally a flameless candle that looks stunning and I can afford it! This set of 3 each needs 2AA batteries. Remote works are great. Really surprised at the value.

  274. stuff

    Just received today and they are great.
    I have more expensive ones and the only difference is these are plain but the light and flicker when on are the same.
    Highly recommend and I’m picky.
    Hope they last but would buy again.

  275. Rhodes

    The candles look realistic and give off nice light. It’s bright enough to be able to see in the room, but not too bright. I like the easy use do the remote and the timer feature. Honestly, they seem to do as good as the more expensive brand. It’s a great price for what you get. I am very pleased.

  276. cope

    These are so realistic! I was very impressed. Highly recommend


    The timer function is accurate. The remote control works 20 feet away, and the brightness is adjustable. Very bright and awesome. Definitely buy these and dont look elsewhere.

  278. Amanda

    I am very pleased with these candles. With the timer set for 4 hours battery life lasts about 2 months. Great light is produced and can act as a nightlight (save energy)

  279. Steuernagel

    These are first rate flameless candles that are realistic looking and have multiple functions and a convenient remote control. There’s a lot of choices, but these are the ones to buy.

  280. Kristin

    I installed a tiny little shelf behind my front door, with hooks underneath for hanging hats, keys, or masks. I put a little orchid on the shelf and it looked cute, but at night I felt it needed a little bit of light. I bought these candles and put one there, and the others in similarly dark corners of my house. They all look great! I wouldn’t put them on my dining table, as close up they wouldn’t fool anyone into thinking they were real, and I can light real candles at meal times, but I’m too lazy to go around my house lighting candles every evening, so these automatic LED ones are perfect. The quality of the light is pretty good considering it’s LED (and I am super sensitive to ugly lighting.) The timer feature works perfectly. I recommend placing these candles high up or in places where people won’t see the “flame” up close, since, again, it won’t fool anyone under any kind of scrutiny, but for those dark corners that need a bit of glow, they are perfect.

  281. BN

    I bought the first set over a year ago and they’ve been so great that I bought a second set for another area in my house. Definitely recommend.

  282. Vicki

    These candles are great. They look so pretty in my candle holders.

  283. EG

    I read the reviews on this before I purchased as I did want to buy the luminara candles but much too expensive so I got these and wow, I am totally impressed! These are great!!!

  284. SS

    As I’ve said before him an elderly person who needs a nightlight and instead of turn on switch is I’d love to have the scandal time

  285. Brenda

    Very happy with these candles. They don’t look cheap & actually appear to look fairly real from a distance. Would definitely recommend.

  286. vickers

    Nice edition to the flameless candles i already have.

  287. DVeney

    These candles help me create a beautiful centerpiece remote works great candles look so real

  288. Kate

    I’ve been using just a few days and the candles are great. Timer and remote are easy to use. The candle gives off a very warm white glow.

  289. Pammy

    Very happy with the quality, brightness, and functions. Intend on buying more for gifts

  290. Kelly

    I love them. The most realistic flameless candles I have seen. Great ambience!

  291. George

    Hey this product surpasses all others. These look, luminate and flicker just like a real candle.

  292. theblackpill

    I love the look of them. They are grouped together INSIDE my bookcase and they are gorgeous… nonflammable, safe from the kitty, but lovely. I am very happy with these.

  293. Linda

    Value for the price. Illumination was better than expected.

  294. Lori

    I love these candles!! I have 2 sets. They look so much like a real candle, that my son tried blowing them out while leaving the house.

  295. Claire

    These are so neat and I love the remote control as I can pearch them up high. The “flame” actually wiggles and dances so from a short distance it actually looks like a real candle

  296. Sebastian

    Really like these candles and would buy them again. They really look nice.

  297. Lovemydog

    Used for funeral service. Looked nice

  298. pierce

    Love these candles. Brings light to the dark corners of my office. Love the remote works perfectly. Good quality overall.

  299. Happy

    These look real when they move and the color is beautiful!

  300. Claire

    These are so neat and I love the remote control as I can pearch them up high. The “flame” actually wiggles and dances so from a short distance it actually looks like a real candle

  301. Cbel

    Every feature worked as described…the timer, remote control & brightness…have paid more for similar candles w/less options! Keepers for sure!

  302. anna

    great for creating ambience without the fire hazard. people think its real flame

  303. ICF

    These look like real candles when off and when on. I have seen guests try to blow them out at the end of an evening!

  304. Patricia

    Very much like the real thing without the smoke etc. I love these so much I am ordering again. Makes a great gift for any time of the year. High quality!

  305. Spraggs

    Perfect candle and light it gives off. Flickers perfect. Timer and remote work great. Already bought 3 sets and will buy more. Definitely recommend for the price.

  306. DVeney

    These candles help me create a beautiful centerpiece remote works great candles look so real

  307. Jennifer

    Love these! By far the best that I’ve purchased and I have probably purchased 50 or more battery operated candles. So bright and realistic. I will definitely purchase more!

  308. Price

    These are beautiful. Remote and timer are great to keep the batteries from dying so quickly. They look like real candles burning. Will purchase more!

  309. Lori

    I love these candles!! I have 2 sets. They look so much like a real candle, that my son tried blowing them out while leaving the house.

  310. Pribik

    A great value. Looks very realistic. Most wouldn’t notice they are battery candles.

  311. Tmn

    Great product and very satisfied. Have good color and are dimmable. The remote and timer functions are very handy

  312. Owen

    I love these. I was a skeptic because I paid $100 for others. These look just the same and a fraction of the price.

  313. SR

    This is my third set of flameless candles, and I’m thoroughly pleased with their consistent, long-lasting performance and realistic look. The moving flame is so bright and realistic, there are never any imperfections in the wax, and they arrived promptly and well-packaged. I haven’t yet used the timer function. Hoping they’ll offer more colors someday!

  314. Thompson

    These candles are great and will last for years

  315. Johnson

    Loving these realistic looking candles! Kids love them too 🙂 I especially like the timer so it’s set it and forget it ambiance!

  316. Church

    I love these so much that I brought one set and turned around and got another!!!

  317. Butler

    Lovely candle trio. The color is very warm and the brightness is customizable. Remote control is very responsive.

    Make sure you have 9 AAA batteries because it’s not included with the candles.

  318. Campbell

    These look so insanely real, people don’t believe they’re LED. They’re so pretty!

  319. Fatih

    I really loved these candles, only they are a little expensive

  320. Pam

    This is a special occasion coming up. Bought 4 boxes…can’t wait to use them. Would highly recommend these candles. I bought 4 sets!

  321. Browns

    These are exactly as advertised. Very convenient, and to be honest, whether they are on or off, they look exactly like the real thing. The remote works great! Very satisfied.

  322. Ayres

    I needed some new flamless candles after mine accidentally melted in the heat. These are wonderful, love the remote, and the ability to dim the light or flicker the candle. Recommend.

  323. Leslie

    I ordered a set and I absolutely love these candles. They are not your ordinary battery operated candles, these are different. They look very realistic when they’re on. Even my husband was blown away with the way they look.

  324. Card

    I did a ton of reviews before purchasing these. Beyond my expectations! They are gorgeous! The timer is an awesome feature as they come on at the same time each evening. I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase!

  325. enee

    These are great, they look so real. There is a function so you can control the brightness. Also, has a timer, just in case you forget to turn them off. Happy with purchase.

  326. Johnson

    Loving these realistic looking candles! Kids love them too 🙂 I especially like the timer so it’s set it and forget it ambiance!

  327. M.

    These are really neat candles. The way they flicker makes them look very realistic. I’m impressed.

  328. Grier

    Love the amber glow of these flicker pillar candles. I have two sets and love them. The only issue is that they run on 3 AA batteries, and would last so much longer if it was 2 C batteries instead. You really need rechargeable batteries if you want to keep these running, since two sets, like I have, need 18 total batteries.

  329. gone

    I bought this candle grouping for a hearth lantern and really like it. Can’t speak to battery life yet, but love the remote control features.

  330. LeBlanc

    If you’re looking for realistic candles look no more………..these are the ones!!!

  331. lashay

    Requires total of 9 batteries, a bit much. But still worth it

  332. michelle

    I love how these look in the window so much I’m ordering more for my mantle. I got white they’re very pretty, we can’t use real flames so these are a beautiful substitute!

  333. brooke

    I bought these candles for my Lantern, I LOVE the REMOTE!.
    They are Perfect!, EXACTLY like the picture, Oh and packaging was GREAT!

  334. Burton

    Perfect for my table centerpiece.

  335. Elizabeth

    Soooo worth the money, I’m buying another set!! These look so sleek and the flame looks so real!

  336. Latta

    Beautiful! Really like this candle. I have ordered the Luminara candels and I like these just as much and much more reasonably priced.

  337. Conya

    These flameless flickering candles are great! Don’t hesitate to buy them.

  338. Shanno

    I love these, the look real from a distance <3

  339. Kindle

    these are everything they were meant to be, timer is right on target. We love them.

  340. beaver

    Bought for a friend and she loves it.

  341. Morrell

    They look real and batteries last I love them

  342. ByTheLake

    I love these frameless candles. They are so realistic and the remote feature is a charm. I will probably buy another set and also a set for my son who loved them too. Great purchase

  343. janis

    These have blue in the flame which makes them look very realistic.

  344. Jensen

    I love these candles. I love that the wick flickers and they are just beautiful. I love the amber color. I would buy move of these.

  345. WM

    I purchased these on two separate occasions and they are perfect. Very lifelike they create a lovely atmosphere.

  346. Randy

    This is the third set of these candles that I have purchased. So much cheaper than the ones you see in fancy gift shops but every bit the same.

  347. Coco

    I saw candles like this on a home shopping network channel but I couldn’t afford them so it’s straight to Amazon and some of the same candles cheaper.

  348. H.

    I suggest these candles if you want Luminaras, but don’t want to pay their exorbitant price.

  349. Nicholson

    There is nothing about these candles that I don’t like. The quality is top notch. I will use these candles for my holiday decore.

  350. Smith

    I was hesitant about ordering these; however they are really great! Amazingly realistic and calming to watch!

  351. Rebecca

    Frameless candles
    Nice quality durable and if knocked over they won’t smash .

  352. ingwe

    They look real
    I love these candles. I light them nightly to add a cozy ambience to the room. The flame actually looks real!

  353. RichM

    The product was well-packaged and arrived on time. It works very well and the realistic flame effect was just as good as more expensive brands that I’ve bought in the past, which by the way did not have the timer function which is a feature I’ve come to really appreciate. I definitely recommend the product and the supplier.

  354. Martinez

    Super bright!!! I have so many Luminara flameless candles and these are by far the most realistic!! Will definitely order more!!!

  355. Miller

    Set of 2, wax, easy to use remote, realistic looking candles for my covered patio use.

  356. Sus

    These flameless candles are very nice and good quality. The remotes work perfectly. They were packaged well. I would purchase them again.Sus

  357. Bjv5

    I had these candles on 24 hours a day for 2 weeks straight and they still worked.

  358. Kindle

    The movement of the faux flames is amazing. Battery life is second to none.

  359. Matthew

    I read reviews on similar products and decided to go with these. They look so realistic when they are turned on. Beautiful ambience. Don’t hesitate to buy them. You won’t be disappointed!

  360. Deb

    I purchased a different, more expensive brand very similar to these candles and they were not at all the quality that these are! I absolutely LOVE these!! I also love the remote feature, the timer function (which works perfectly!), and that I can control the brightness and flicker of these candles!! The fact that they are actually wax on the outside is perfect because they don’t look like a plasticy fake candle. I will be buying more!! Highly recommended!!

  361. H.

    I suggest these candles if you want Luminaras, but don’t want to pay their exorbitant price.

  362. Tuttle

    Will never buy another style of flame less candle. These are amazing and so beautiful. Providing that flickering candle vibe without the flame!

  363. jom

    good product-like that there is not a lot of flicker to the flame

  364. Wendy

    Very attractive and bargain for the price.

  365. Wise

    These are now definitely my favorite flameless candles… these are bright and flicker. They look amazing… Good job to the manufacturer… I highly recommend them. They are worth the price…

  366. Richard

    The candles have a very long battery life much better than the other brand we have

  367. sherry

    I love these candles. I wont burn candles no more because Im sick of painting ceilings every few years. I bought these and they look so much like real candles. I love how they turn on every night at the same time on their own.

  368. Forgey

    Delighted with these electric flickering candles. Could not believe the price and they have worked perfectly.

  369. Martinez

    Super bright!!! I have so many Luminara flameless candles and these are by far the most realistic!! Will definitely order more!!!

  370. Nurse

    When the power goes out just grab you remote and switch on they are Battery powered and you and use one in different rooms

  371. Ree

    The color is ivory, not the ugly yellow that some of the other led battery candles give of. I love them, they are the perfect accent to any room in the house

  372. S.

    The candles have a very long battery life much better than the other brand we have

  373. Tidwell

    I gave these candles to my 96 year old mother and she loved them. The three-candle set is a great value for the money. Batteries are easily accessible – uses AA batteries and not some battery that looks like quarter. Mom can change the batteries herself.

  374. Pali

    Have used frameless candles for many years to add warmth, brightness and a comfy feeling to the atmosphere.

  375. collard

    Ambience lighting in my bespoke studio for sound evenings and yoga classes

  376. Ohio

    I’ve purchased these types of candles from this manufacturer in the past. I’ve not been disappointed then or now. They are reliable, they look very nice and are nice to come home to thanks to the timer function that can be set for automatic on and off. I would recommend this product.

  377. CLB

    These are amazing, safer than candles, but still the candle feel! Worth the purchase.

  378. Sam

    I bought these and they are absolutely elegant and beautiful. They are amazing in the day not on as well. I have now bought 6 sets. I have then all over the house. I never leave reviews but this one deserved it !!!

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