D3″ x H4″ 5″ 6″ Luxury Gold Glass Pillar Moving Flame Paraffin Wax Flameless Candles with 10-Key Remote

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【Elegant & Luxurious】Paraffin wax is placed in an elegant clear glass, and the realistic and dynamic flame is beating and flickering. The unique blue inner flame emits a warm light, giving you the illusion of a real candle burning
【Easy & Smart Control】Package includes 10-key remote control The remote control is universal for white, gold, and gray glass flameless candles. Remote control functions include: ON/OFF/TIMER/ MODE/ DIM.
【Longer Service Life】 Each candle is powered by 3 AA batteries (Not included). The expected battery life is of approx 160 hours (Ordinary battery). The lifetime of Led Lamp is 50,000 hours.
【Protect Your Family, Pets, and Property】No flame, no smoke, environmentally friendly. You can safely put it in any corner of the house without worrying about fire.
【Satisfaction Guarantee】This product comes with a 1-MONTH full refund trial period and LIFE-TIME customer service – If you found any problem with our products, contact us.

4109 reviews for D3″ x H4″ 5″ 6″ Luxury Gold Glass Pillar Moving Flame Paraffin Wax Flameless Candles with 10-Key Remote

  1. Kristine

    I purchased the gold and I love them. The batteries seem to last a long time too.

  2. Joseph

    They are absolutely beautiful!! I had no idea they would be this gorgeous! They look so real, make the ambiance of your room extra cozy. I purchased for the holidays but will be keeping them out all year round!

  3. d. mcclain

    I love them. However, one was broken but have another set on the way. They were sent immediately after letting them know.

  4. CalGal

    These arrived today and are beautiful. FYI: They require 3 AA batteries each. I was a little confused and thought it was only two. When lit, they have a golden hue and glow very nicely. They look very authentic. I like the handy remote control with timer. These can go in any room to set the ambience, but they are glass so keep out of reach of little curious ones and dogs wagging tails

  5. Cheryl

    The candles are beautiful and the remote makes it a dream to turn on! The brightness is perfect for above the mantle! I ordered 2 sets for the Mantle and liked them so much I ordered a 3rd set!

  6. Sharon

    These exceeded my expectation.. Quality made product that looks so realistic. I am very pleased and ended up buyer again!

  7. CalGal

    These arrived today and are beautiful. FYI: They require 3 AA batteries each. I was a little confused and thought it was only two. When lit, they have a golden hue and glow very nicely. They look very authentic. I like the handy remote control with timer. These can go in any room to set the ambience, but they are glass so keep out of reach of little curious ones and dogs wagging tails

  8. Judi

    Dims fast but comes with easily interchangeable AA batteries. working candle alternative.

  9. Ranea

    I love these real looking candles. I’ve had alot of people comment on them.

  10. danny

    These are great for the money. The remote is very helpful when it comes to turning them on and off. Instead of having to open the glass door (see my picture for reference), and then turn each one on/off, I can just hit a button! I like that they have a few different modes as well. Last but not least, being able to control brightness is a great added bonus!

  11. Kody

    I purchased 3 sets . I love candle light and these look so real and I love having a timer on them! great for hurricane season in FL for when power goes out and amazing to ” set the mood” in a room…. Love and recommend! (does NOT come with AA batteries, so buy those if u dont have already they take 3 each candle)

  12. Laurell Golden

    Love the look of these candles and you can space them out in your house and the remote will still turn them on!

  13. Jay

    I love them. Definitely look like real candles from a distance. And the remote is convenient and a plus. Wish the color was darker. But happy overall. Will get more.

  14. TAV

    Love the quality, the price and the warmth they added to my hearth. I bought two sets for my home and liked them so much I bought two additional sets to gift my children at Christmas!

  15. Bernadette

    They are beautiful. Love them!!!!! They look just like real candles without the worry of open flame. Well worth the cost.

  16. WtsotlI

    These are comparable to Luminari at an affordable price. They are battery operated and come with a remote.

  17. C Bernard

    I love this candle set , it’s as real to real candles as can get , plus the other features are great . Best battery operated candles there is . About to order 2 more sets for friends gifts 👍👍👍👍👍…

  18. Judith

    Would have preferred more brightness but overall very pretty.

  19. Carolyn F.

    Very sturdy well made.
    Very bright and realistic.
    Used in a lantern decorated with artificial greenery & ribbon.

  20. Kimberly

    These create a lovely ambience for the room, and the remote makes them even better. The dimming feature is a nice touch as sometimes you want them bright, sometimes you want them at their softest level. These are an easy way to make a room more glamorous.

  21. unbelievable!

    I really like this set of faux candles. I own some others but these are far more realistic looking. From a short distance, the flames look real. These come with a handy remote. The only drawback that I can see is that each candle takes three AAA batteries. So, that can get a bit expensive. Hopefully they don’t eat batteries!

  22. Zeke

    These are so beautiful I bought additional ones for gifts. They are amazing in the glass and love the timer.

    I love the brightness and glow.

  23. R

    LOVE the candles!
    I get the ambiance without the soot. The brightness levels are a nice feature, as is the flickering and timer functions. I also find that I use the remote more than I expected!
    Great purchase!

  24. Rebecca

    Love these candles. I got them specifically for my new fireplace mantle, and they are perfect. I got the gold tint and the little flame glows right through it. Great purchase.

  25. Funkhouser

    These candles look very realistic and the timer function works great. It’s nice to be able to turn them on and have them shut off automatically without having to remove them to shut off manually! Great product. Would certainly recommend them.

  26. gray

    These are great. They look real, the timer is perfect, the light is bright. I bought another type at the same time and wish I had only bought these. Truly worth the money.

  27. minerva

    Love this candle it make my room elegant and classy.

  28. GN

    We ordered this as a Christmas gift for our granddaughter when she had requested a candle on her Christmas list. We will now order one or more for ourselves. It is so pretty, and even close up, it really looks like a flickering candle! Granddaughter was very happy! Thank you!

  29. Myrna

    Nice looking candles. Color of the light is mostly amber. Well functioning remote control. Love the look of my dinner table.

  30. Jennifer R.

    I really like this candle a lot. I want to slowly switch out all my other timer candles to these! I love the white glow of the light vs the dark amber glow of my old ones. And I especially like the “dancing” realistic looking flame!

  31. Matthew

    The moving “flame” is fun and the timer saves the battery. I used them to decorate in my bedroom because they are safe with my toddler

  32. Mike

    Remote is a great feature. Added these to hurricane lamps and remote allows ability to tune on and off without removing them. Flickering light is a nice touch also.

  33. Axell

    When you set the timer, like 2hrs, it will stay on for 2hrs then 22hrs later from last time you pressed it, will turn on for the same 2hrs from previous day. Dimming or even set it so it flickers like a real candle is a nice option as well. I recommend this product.

  34. Clark

    With real candles I had to open doors to fireplace where we kept them, light each one, put them back in the fireplace and go through mostly the same thing before going to bed.

    With these, I just push a button to turn off or on and don’t even have to open the doors of the fireplace.

  35. Tan

    Love my candles they have been running every night since Christmas for 4 hours on timer and I still haven’t had to change batteries.

  36. Lynne B

    These are very nice and have a great “flicker”, but I think my favorite thing about them is their color when they’re on.


    Excellent for the money. Looks real.

  38. Kelli C

    I love these, ordering more!! Everyone who walks in thinks they are real candles with a flame until I show them.

  39. Amber

    I love these. Nothing bad about them. They come on automatically at the same time each day if you set the timer to one of the settings 2hr, 4hr, etc. and don’t shut them off manually. Very nice candles.

  40. ironcowgirl

    These are the best battery operated candles and at a great price. Easy to use and batteries have lasted two months. Very realistic.

  41. cissie

    I really wanted something waterproof to out on our walk in lanterns when we expect company at night to show them the walkway after dark. Works great

  42. RKHALL

    Flameless candle look so real, I don’t see how they did this, I had flameless before but hands down these are the best, I plan on getting more

  43. Blake

    Absolutely beautiful! Use them with timer in the bedroom. Great atmosphere. Love them

  44. Milz

    We used these lights while Texas had this feb 2021 SnowPacalypse. They kept us with light for over 4 days without power, heat or water! I didn’t have to worry about falling asleep while these were on like you do with normal candles. These were our only source of light for many days. They kept my family functional. Thank you. Definitely buy these lights! You never know when you will need them.

  45. Mamarose

    I placed two of these on my dining table and my husband and I love them. They look very realistic and have a long battery life. Surprisingly I can use the remote control from a far distance so no need to turn off the candles manually and put them back I can click a button and it’s on or off.

  46. Rene

    Loved everything about these flameless candles. The dimmer feature and flicker feature is ideal. Easy to operate. I plan on purchasing another set.

  47. MG

    Love these candles! Originally purchased as a Christmas gift, but had to keep them for myself! Very bright, and very realistic moving flame. The wick itself moves, (as opposed to just the light flickering) which makes it much more realistic. Looks great in low light or dark room. Looks great in daylight. Really nice ambiance in the room. I actually ordered a second set, which is just as beautiful. (Haven’t used the timer function yet). Purchase with confidence…you will love them!

  48. Voisine

    I set these to be on when I get home at night and turn off 6 hours later. They are perfect. They look so real, and are very bright. I will reorder these for other rooms in my house.

  49. Orselli

    I wanted to put candles on my piano, but I was worried about wax. I found the candle grouping that was flameless with a remote control and timer feature. They look lovely! Very happy with them and definitely recommend them!

  50. Benedict’s

    This set of candles are being used in my bathroom. They are fantastically realistic. The brightness are superb. I have a two year old great grandson who believes the fire is real. The set is beautiful

  51. Nancy

    These candles are a beautiful addition to my Easter decorations. I think they will be displayed until way after Easter.

  52. rikal

    I absolutely love these battery operated candles. Their flicker motion is so real my husband first got worried about them being hot near the TV. I love that once you set them they automatically come on at the same time each day and stay on for how ever long you’ve set. I have to say the remote seems to have a lot more options that I don’t find necessary.

  53. Candace

    They are the perfect candles for our room. The remote functions are helpful since I use them at night. I have them set to the timer to turn off right at bedtime.

  54. HollywoodCA

    I AM PICKY. Very picky. These candles are amazing! They exceeded all my expectations. Just gorgeous. By far, the most realistic flameless candles I have ever seen. Its very pretty. The remote works great. Candles come on and go off as scheduled. They can also be set to a higher and lower light. They flicker softly. Very realistic. JUST BEAUTIFUL 🙂

  55. julieb32411

    I set these to be on when I get home at night and turn off 6 hours later. They are perfect. They look so real, and are very bright. I will reorder these for other rooms in my house.

  56. J. C. W.

    These candles have added some ambiance to my living room during this winter quarantined existence. I like that they come on and go off without my intervention.

  57. Gigi

    I bought the golden ones and I love them! I love the flickering effect the light was nice from far away they look like real candles. Price is a little higher then I think they should be but I’d still buy them cause I haven’t found any similar ones that are just as nice. f

  58. Darlene

    I’ve had these for about 6 months and they work great. These are beautiful. The tinted glass and candle gives a wonderful ambiance. I would definitely buy again.

  59. cam

    I really didn’t care about the remote control when I ordered them, but I am finding it a wonderful bonus. these are bight and add “warmth” to my home at night. I would purchase them again without hesitation.

  60. Carol

    Took a while for remote to sync with candles but once they did they worked fine. Don’t know how they are doing it but they are coming on automatically and shutting off automatically, which is what I wanted them to do.

  61. Darlene

    I’ve had these for about 6 months and they work great. These are beautiful. The tinted glass and candle gives a wonderful ambiance. I would definitely buy again.

  62. D

    I like them alot. They are exactly what I thought they would be. Brightness is really nice. What would have made this perfect would have been the remote.

  63. Lyn

    Perfect for my new spa bathroom. Turn on the candles with the remote, pair my music to my surround, throw some scented bath salts into the shoulder deep hot water, grab my wine and I enter another world.

  64. Frantz

    These candles are so realistic! Great quality. Great price, and fast shipping. The remote has many options: Timer, dim, and mode- candle or light.

  65. Liz

    How nice they look
    These are perfect. Look real and a really pretty glow to them. Definitely worth the purchase

  66. Adri

    They are so so beautiful! the remote control is super useful and fun to have one of those cool moments where you click it from far away and the room lights up with mood lighting. great for valentine’s day (what i used them for) or any other romantic/mood theme decor! i think i might keep them around my bathtub or around my bookshelf. they aren’t super bright but paired with some christmas lights they are amazing!!

  67. Harris

    Ordered initial set of your flamless candles. Couldn’t believe when I received them, inserted batteries, pushed a button on the easy to use remote and saw what looked like to me a real flame. They are so very nice to just sit and watch and relax. From that point I ordered 4 more sets 1 more for my home and 3 others for family members. I haven’t got a dislike from anyone, everyone loves them. They are a must have for any home.

  68. cooked

    These candles are pretty practical, timers work great. I like how they flicker. Overall they look great in my living room.

  69. Jonjon

    I bought wall sconces that do not accommodate a 3 inch pillar. I was afraid I would end up having to use votive candles ( not the look I was going for). These candles are perfect!!! The remote works well, but I prefer to set the timer on the candles so that they come on automatically every evening and turn themselves off after a few hours. Thank goodness someone makes a narrow pillar!

  70. shanda

    These are a must have. My husband loved the set up i had. They look just like real candles even feel like real ones so watch how you handle them cause you can scrape the wax and dent them up. It came with a remote and have a timer. They gave off enough light and it was safe compared to using real candles.

  71. Terry

    These are the prettiest candles and I liked them so much this is the third time I have ordered them. I love how the timer comes on every night and lights up my fireplace area. I have purchased the gold color glass ones but this is the first time I bought the clear and they are just as pretty.

  72. AdrienneR

    I love having a remote control and timer. I can just use the remote to turn on if I don’t want to set timer and use the battery when not needed. Having both options is great.

  73. Vreenak

    These are exactly what I was looking for, they have the moving flickering flame, a gold glass (it’s really glass), and the remote is simple but has all the functions you need.

  74. Robert

    We received these candles about a month ago. The timer function works perfectly. The tinted glass and flickering flame look great. So far we are on the same set of batteries. We are planning on purchasing a few more sets.

  75. annamc

    After losing my baby this past January, I like lighting up a candle every day and leave it on day and night, but it gets expensive on top of the fire hazards . This candles just made my baby’s memorial shelf look more beautiful and is safe. Now I don’t have to worry about forgetting to blow off the candle. My baby girl can have her candle going day and night. They look real and the flame flickers. I love this candles so much I ordered more.

  76. Kennedy

    These are a must-have. My husband loved the setup I had. They look just like real candles even feel like real ones so watch how you handle them cause you can scrape the wax and dent them up. It came with a remote and has a timer.

  77. Demery

    I bought these for a few projects I was working on and to my surprise they are more beautiful than I expected. The flame effect look like real candles. I especially like the reflection off the glass case and the remote control just topped it off. I absolutely love them! So happy with my purchase!

  78. Tamera

    I put the candles in my Easter arrangement on my dining table. They lit up beautifully and the timer worked. They look like real candles.

  79. deborah

    A gift. They loved it.

  80. Barrington

    These candles give off a nice glow and they flicker like real candles. They are glass instead of plastic so that’s a plus..makes them look more classy. The remote control is an added bonus. These would make a wonderful gift. Buy them you won’t be sorry.
    Update. I have now purchased these candles 4 times. They are beautiful and make any room more inviting.

  81. Laura

    I received the grey ones as a gift and absolutely love them! They look high quality, work perfectly and go really well with my living room decor. I loved the candles so much I went online and purchased the gold set myself for a bedroom.

  82. sue

    I absolutely love these candles. I ordered 3, one for each sconce, and they’re beautiful. I like the different options on the remote control. There’s plenty of timer options. I love the wax, glass design and the flickering flame. Highly recommend them!!!

  83. Becky

    I love these candles. They are on my mantle and are so realistic! The ‘candlelight’ even reflects on the wall. I love the brightness and the timer options. So far, the batteries have lasted a long time even though I have them on every night. It was a great purchase!

  84. Barbara

    I love these! The “flame” is so realistic! I was showing my husband these candles and he thought I was going to burn him. My son went to blow out the flame and found they weren’t real. I love the ambience they provide. So pretty.

  85. Jrox

    Such great value as these look expensive and not as cheesy as some fake electric candles do. Great for summer ambiance without the extra heat of a real flame! Beautiful. Came with batteries (much appreciated!) Easy to unpack, pop the batteries in and turn on right away. Love them. Considering purchasing the grey glass tone ones too! Next iteration in product design for these would be a “flickering” flame. But love the vibe of these.

  86. Fox

    I bought one and then bought two more sets.

    They look great, last quite a while on battery – haven’t had to replace and used them constantly since I got them. Feels silly luxurious to make them all come on with a click of a button.

  87. Lizzie

    Love these candles! They look so real that hubby told me not to forget to blow candles out before bed! (He had no clue) Remote on and off makes them even better! Flickers just right! These are so worth it!

  88. Suzanne

    The candles are very pretty and they work well in my candle holders. I took one star off only because I was expecting the color to be more of a dark amber and these are much lighter than advertised.

  89. Daniela

    I live in a loft apartment, so it is very dark in my place, especially now that the sun sets early. I ordered these to give some light throughout the night in case I wake up for water or anything and not have to turn on all the lights. The dimmer option on the remote is amazing! I love the “light” and “candle” settings – they’re perfect for a calming environment and work great in my room. The remote allows for me to brighten them while I’m still groggy without having to strain my eyes and I can still move around my apartment without jamming my toes on my bedposts or the door jams. Haha

  90. Amy

    These are beautiful! They have a soft feel, realistic looking. Comes with a remote. They remote and timer are helpful. Priced well and packaged securely. Don’t forget to buy batteries for candles.

  91. Hardwick

    Love everything about these. The different types of lighting choice is wonderful. Best part is that they can be placed in different areas and the remote can turn them off and on individually. My family loves them. They are great for anytime, any place, and any occasion. I plan on getting some for gifts. No mess and no fuss with elegance and affordable so what more could you want. Love love love!!!!

  92. BEJ

    I have been looking for this size candle. The flame looks real, everyone that visits tells me doesn’t forget to blow out my candle.

  93. Saliandra

    These candles look so real when they are on and as long as you aren’t up super close. From close, you can tell they are fake, but who goes up and inspects candles closely? Everyone is surprised that they aren’t real. Note that when the candles are turned off, the color is gold. When on, the color effect is golden-yellow. Very pretty and shiny.

  94. Watts

    I have two sets of these. I have them timed to come on every night. One set on my dinning room table and one set in my living room. They look so cozy. Batteries last forever!!! Love these.

  95. Roth

    They have a unique mechanism for the flickering flame which creates a really authentic looking candle although I initially had my doubts. Love the ability to set the timer and amount of light with the remote. They come carefully packaged.

  96. Shannon

    Love these! I bought them for my dining room candle holders mounted to the wall. They had a small glass cylinder I didn’t want to burn a candle in all night long. These were just the right Size width and length. The remote and timer were added plus.

  97. D Lu

    Very Pretty! No Problems
    I was very lucky with my purchase compared to the reviews. Mine are really nice, no problems with them. Friends like my candles and I don’t think they’re cheap-looking at all. With this set-up I’m using only two of the three candles.

  98. Imaginext!

    Up close it is obvious that this flickering flame is a piece of plastic BUT from far away these are great. You can’t beat the price!!!
    The remote works perfectly and we have used these out on the lanai for weeks every night.

  99. Danielle

    It took me a min to figure out these candles actually take 3 batteries instead of 2. So please keep that in mind when you are putting the batteries in. At first I thought they didn’t work. The glass is not glass its plastic (or it seems that way) but they still are very pretty and look like real flame candles, which is the most important part. I’d still recommend them.

  100. Lefevers

    I have had these for a few years now, and they have moved around my house. I love them!!!! They are the best flameless candles and the price cannot be beaten!!!

  101. MeeMaa

    I love the look and especially the color is rich . The remote is just the best and it comes with a timer which makes this purchase well worth the money. I would recommend this product. Very warm and classy.

  102. FRANCIS

    I love, love these candles. I was very impressed with the way they flicker like real candles. Seeing their reflections on the walls and ceiling, you would swear they were real. The remote becomes indispensable very quickly. I purchased them to be used for centerpieces and decorating for the holidays. I am very pleased with this purchase and I plan to use them all year long. I had seen the reviews that talked about a noise emitting from the candles when they flicker. I personally was not aware of it. I highly recommend this product.

  103. Tati

    Please don’t be like me use the ribbon under the batteries, I thought I ruined them, I shoved the batteries in without the ribbon on the bottom thought I’d never get the batteries out again. The one candle I put the batteries in correctly was so beautiful. I didn’t care. These are gorgeous. My husband was able to get the batteries out and back in the correct way. These are a beautiful gift, I have future plans. I love these candles.

  104. KK

    Very beautiful candles! The touch feels like real candles, and the light makes the room very cozy and warm. It requires 3 batteries for each candle, so make sure you store enough batteries for them.

  105. stephanie

    These absolutely exceeded my expectations. They do look real and the flicker is not wild going round about and such but rather more like a gentle front to back. It’s perfect in every way, color, flicker, brightness and remote ease of use. And I love that I can have it in front of tv with no worries. I’m going to purchase a second set for bedroom.

  106. Crystal

    Oh I absolutely love my candles and I bought 3 for my daughter and she loves hers too. Remote control is the very best, especially in the bedroom all cuddled ready to go to sleep and you can either leave them on all night or use the remote to shut them off. Wonderful to turn on for a bathroom run. Works perfect for a night light.

  107. Lakeboy

    It’s a magical experience! These candles looks so realistic! People have asked about my candles looking absolutely beautiful , and say they never seem to drip ! and that’s when I tell them that they are artificial ! to their surprise! I would truly recommend these!

  108. Juanita

    These candles are good quality love the compartment for batteries the door turns to come off, much easier than the tab type. Glow is bright, perfect for the bedroom!!

  109. C

    Super realistic looking, wanted these for a room to add ambiance. Love them they flicker, dim, remote controlled and have a timer. What more can you ask for.

  110. Katrina

    When open these are by far the most realistic-looking flames. But when off it may look a little funny if the candles are low enough to see down into since the flame is white and raised off the candle. The only other thing is that I bought 2 sets and they all seem to start off on the same flicker sequence so looks unnatural initially but then eventually unsynchronize and look more natural. Also the candle portion may not glow as bright since the flame is further away from it but the bright flame makes up for it!

  111. JoeJo

    These candles are great…actually fooled our neighbours when we accidentally left them on going to bed! Got a knock on the door to say we should leave candles unattended! The remote works really well and the flickering effect is mesmerising at night. Would highly recommend.

  112. Laura G.

    Love these candles. They are a very natural, soothing color. Also of note is the excellent, responsive customer service support. One of the three candles stopped responding to the remote control and within a day of emailing the seller, a new candle was shipped. Highly recommend!

  113. Gerry

    These are such great looking candles!! The set of 3 sizes looks perfect on any table and the remote works like a charm. I’ve ordered other flameless candles and these look pretty authentic!! Cant beat the price! Am ordering more!!

  114. S.

    We moved recently and decided to add some candles to our holiday decorations. This pack of assorted size pillars was great. I found the batteries easy to insert. The bottom has a raised bar that was easy to turn and the bottom is flat when all put together. Never had a remote and I thought it would be an issue getting them all on and off. But you put the remote in the direction of the candles and they all turn on and all turn off, easy to pick time you want them on and off. This was a great purchase, very happy with the product.

  115. Hauptfleisch

    I got these candles to go in my bedroom. I got new furniture today. They are absolutely beautiful and realistic looking. The quality is good for the price. I would recommend to anybody.

  116. mapell

    These work exactly as described. From a distance looks just like a real candle. Very cool. My wife absolutely loves them. I really like the remote and the timer function. I set them to come on around sunset and turn off around our bedtiime.

  117. BaxSyd

    For the price, these are great! Remote works perfect and they actually look as real as they can for not real flames. Would definitely order more.

  118. linda

    Candles are perfect! They are silent when flames move -no noise ever! Perfect! Love love these and will order more!

  119. jdHays

    They are really nice. They almost look real. Made well. They flicker or not. Flicker looks more realistic. Big plus you don’t have to worry about fires.

  120. Misty

    These are a little different than most I’ve previously had. They have a plastic flame shape piece at the top which moves and has a bluish light to it. This simulates a flame. If you aren’t right on top of it, it’s pretty. The smoke enclosures are pretty. Remote works great. Haven’t used timer yet.

  121. Candace A.

    They were a gift and my daughter in law really liked them. My grandson likes to blow them out and we had fun turning them off when he blew them out.


    Look like real candles.
    This are beautiful and look like real candles burning. Love them!

  123. dasm

    These flameless candles are my favorite battery operated candles. I have purchased 3 sets now and LOVE them for their brightness, functionality & they do all they say they will do. The ambiance is beautiful. Highly recommend this product.


    Look like real candles.
    These are beautiful and look like real candles burning. Love them!

  125. Bree

    I love these candles! The flame is made from a material that makes it look like a real flickering flame! The candles are sooooo realistic!

  126. Lisa

    I love these candles. I hadn’t liked the idea of battery operated candles before but these are great. Natural looking. Love the remote too. I’ve ordered two sets.

  127. Brittany

    I love how realistic this product is! Both people I’ve shown thought it was real. The timer is accurate and I love being able to choose solid light or flickering like a candle!

  128. MrsSki

    These candles are great! They arrived exactly as described. They look so real and the flame is gorgeous. The flicker is so realistic looking. I’m very happy with my purchase and will most likely be buying more here soon.

  129. Carrie

    These candles work well and I love how the flame moves along with the light in the candle. Timer is functioning well. Thinking about getting a couple more in the future. I love how you can select the brightness as well.

  130. Amchuck

    They will look great in the family room of the recipients. A great gift. remote control eliminates the need to remember to turn ON or OFF when use is desired or completed.

  131. BROWN

    These candles are amazing. The flickering soft yellow flame is so attractive and realistic. Most important, it’s safe and cannot harm curious pets. From the street at night, the glow is really something to behold. We love them.

  132. Carmen L Perez Rojas

    So cute
    I liked so much very nice and cute

  133. Continued

    I’ll have these the rest of my life, they work just beautifully ! I turn them low, on a timer of around 4 hrs. so there’s a soft glow in my bedroom when I sleep. I also keep one of them in my front room window, when it’s night till I go to bed. They are my ” comfort candles”, they actually take my anxiety away since my husband had a major stroke and was sent to a nursing home. Alone, on a stormy night, they calm me. On high setting they provide good light when power goes out too. Not enough to read by, but I don’t feel alone in the dark. I recommend them completley.

  134. JimFromPA

    These are by far the best candles I have own to date. The really look like real candles. The remote is a fantastic feature as well. I only wish they had a set with 5 or 6 candles in varying sizes.

  135. kathy sherman

    After a few days they stopped flickering. I am bummed about that. Otherwise they’re great. Oh, my bad. There’s a setting on the remote to have them flicker or not. They’re great. I use rechargeable batteries.

  136. Tammy

    I bought the gold glass candle set. It’s almost iridescent gold and looks very elegant. The flame actually moves back and forth. I have mine set to come on in the evening and go off after 4 hours. The remote allows you to control the brightness of the candle, set a timer for auto on and off, and you can control how bright you want the actual candle inside the glass. I love them and plan to buy the grey glass set for my bedroom. Buy them, you will love them!

  137. Mary

    So this is a great year round decor choice! You set it once every time you change the batteries (once a month with nightly 8 hour use) and then it automatically comes on each night at dusk, and goes off at dawn. These are, hands down, the brightest artificial candle set with flickering effect that I’ve ever purchased, and I’ve purchased a lot of them.

  138. Unturned

    At first glance I was skeptical of these with the type of wick. However, after adding batteries I am very pleased. The brightness is good,but, not glaring, and the floating wicks look real. I liked these better than some others I purchased without the outer glass. The others are dimmer.

  139. Jordie

    Some of these are cheap…period! NOT THESE…REMOTE WORKS GREAT. candles look like they are real. So very glad I purchased these. I would buy again without hesitation.

  140. shuffm

    I now have purchased 3 sets of these candles. They are very real looking and I love the fact they are a bright white light that flickers. Also they use double A batteries which is a plus to me and they seem to last a long time. I do wish they had a timer on the candle itself. I sometimes loose track of the remote. Just has on/off switch on the bottom. For the price these are a must have. I am replacing all of my candles with these.

  141. Tennessee

    I love these candles! They are beautiful and quite realistic from a few feet away. They are good quality, and everyone who has seen them has complimented me on them. Very gift-able, too. They are an excellent buy for the price point. I wish them made them in more colors. Recommended.

  142. Wilson

    Absolutely gorgeous! They look like real candles in a glass holder and flickers like a real flame. Beautiful!

  143. Justus

    I actually ordered four sets of these (three separate orders). I absolutely love them!! They are so realistic & the flames reflecting off the gold containers add such a warm ambience. And I can use ONE remote control for all four sets.

  144. Nicole

    The candles look realistic and give off nice light. It’s bright enough to be able to see in the room, but not too bright. I like the easy use do the remote and the timer feature. Honestly, they seem to do as good as the more expensive brand. It’s a great price for what you get. I am very pleased.

  145. Norma

    The candles looks almost real. I like this battery operated because they are safer. I use them when the electricity goes out during the night.

  146. Kindle

    I was surprised but they was just as I dreamed beautiful. They just change the mood in the room to relaxing I’m happy I purchased

  147. Hardy

    These candles always make me happy when I look up and they are already on. The self timer works great and the beauty of the light looks so real. A friend of mine had these in her house and when it was time for me to purchase I looked them up and I’m so glad that I did. They do not disappoint.

  148. Wilson

    Absolutely gorgeous! They look like real candles in a glass holder and flickers like a real flame. Beautiful!

  149. Pettinelli

    Amazing candles, they’re work perfectly and the price is the best. Instead of paying $30 for 1 candle i got 4 for less than that. Im very pleased.
    Thank you

  150. Scott

    Love how natural they look. I also like the remote control, it makes it so easy. One does not have to turn the candles on by hand.

  151. Saunders

    Really nice. I was worried there would be problems with the battery compartment based on other reviews but AAs fit perfect.

  152. deb

    These candles are great!! Realistic and love the flickering flame that can be controlled on/off and timer by the remote!

  153. Alexander

    I bought these in gold and I love them! Be sure you have a big supply of batteries to set them up, but after that you can enjoy!! We recently lost power during a storm and I couldn’t believe how much light we got from these “candles.” I am ordering two more sets to have on hand in other rooms. At night you would swear they are actual, flickering candles! No fear of fire! Love them.

  154. Mike

    Love these! Got them for my kids room and I love the timer and the candle feature. They can flicker like a candle or just stay lit. They also have a feature to dim or to get brighter. Great candles.

  155. tammy

    I love these candles they give off a comforting light and look like real candles burning and feel like real wax candles. The remote is very nice to have since it runs on batteries and batteries are expensive so it’s nice to have the timer. Great candles I’ll buy more

  156. Lynn

    Product was as promised. Looks real and produces the perfect light.

  157. Amanda

    The light is very soft and does have the effect of an actual candle. I don’t use the remote much as I set them on the timer. Not sure how long the battery lasts as I do use rechargeable, but I am not having to change them out often, at least a month or more. Buying more

  158. richie

    Candles are perfect! They are silent when flames move -no noise ever! Perfect! Love love these and will order more!

  159. keri

    These flickering candles are as described. They flicker and move like real candles. The remote makes them easy to use. I would buy again.

  160. Pammy

    Very happy with the quality, brightness and functions. Intend on buying more for gifts

  161. Tim C.

    These were a gift because I liked mine so well. They were very happy with the gift.

  162. Kay

    They are lovely, they look real the flame flickers naturally.

  163. Katrina

    I love everything about these candles! The remote timer features, realistic flame effects, the overall quality of the trio earned 5 stars! They absolutely beautiful. I’m ordering a second set for myself as well as a set for my mother.

  164. Hines

    Product as described. Arrived next day and cut my candle holder exactly. Measurements were very accurate. Love the remote, have candle on high shelf.
    Perfect flickering light.

  165. Nancy

    I like these however they do make a little noise from the flickering of the “flame”

  166. Memphian

    They look great when turned on, and are so easy to use because of the remote control. The “flame” dances a little and looks like realistic candlelight. They create a great ambiance at night.

  167. Michele

    They are a nice gold with a reflective mirror on the inside. I’ve placed these in the guest bathroom for muted zen feeling. Can speed up or slow down the “flicker” action and adjust brightness. Nice set for the price, they are for ambiance, not to be used as a light source (maybe nite-light). Doesn’t come with batteries, 9 AA are needed in total.

  168. Mahon

    I love the candles!!! They look beautiful when I light them in the Gazebo!!!

  169. Ttge

    The glass is really nice. The Remote is excellent. The flickering of the flame is realistic.

  170. Jeanne

    I have sconces on each side of the door and they fit perfectly and are real looking.

  171. Millicent

    Great purchase and good price.
    I am pleased!!

  172. Capistrant

    It looks great and have it in a out of the way shelf so want it to last for long times even when it is set to 8 hrs times. seems to last maybe a month or so.

  173. Hill

    These candles are a great value. They are beautiful and the remote makes them very easy to use.

  174. Sylvia

    We love the atmosphere these candles create. The remote control timer is great with several settings.

  175. Pixie

    I’d bought a few items for Fall decorating and decided to order these for my mantel. I was very impressed with the size and quality – directions are straightforward and easy. They look amazing!

  176. Roz

    I was so pleased when I turned on these candles! The flicker movement is realistic! I am happy with the look and quality!

  177. evonne

    The candles add that special touch of believability… everyone things the candles are real … beautiful … just be careful … breakable … I order another set

  178. Momma J

    I love that its remotes operated and the candles can be dimmed. They are beautiful!

  179. Jaquith

    If you’re interested in LED candles then your search is over. So far we’ve purchased four sets of these and are thrilled, the batteries lasts for months on the low setting for 4 hours per night, and they look very realistic. I only wish they would sell all same size sets as an option. No regrets.

  180. Deb

    They provide just the right amount of light when you want to have romantic dinner alone with you spouse.

  181. Johnson

    Love these candles, love the remote control, a great price. I gave these to my mom and sister and they loved them also!!!

  182. Grier

    Love the amber glow of these flicker pillar candles. I have two sets and love them. You really need rechargeable batteries if you want to keep these running, since two sets, as I have, need 18 total batteries.

  183. Steckley

    These candles are great. I ordered 4 sets. I really like that you can make them brighter or dimer and the timer function is great also.

  184. Jan

    This is a very nice addition to make my home eel more cozy. Love the lights and they are a pleasure to watch!

  185. Kelsey

    Put it in my fireplace, in winter on the hearth.

  186. Rhonda

    Love everything about them.
    Wish I could get them in different colors now! Not cheap looking at all.

  187. SLC

    The amber colored smoked glass is perfect for fall, it looks iridescent when the candle is on. It’s a thin glass so you can see the waxy candle and “flame”, the glass and light create a flickering against the wall.

  188. Tmn

    Great product and very satisfied. Have good color and are dimmable. The remote and timer functions are very handy

  189. kelly

    Using for my center piece on my dining room table for fall decoration. Beautiful!!!

  190. Mitchell

    These are perfect for a pleasant glow. Very attractive, they do not look cheap.

  191. F.S.

    Very nice looking candles with no more worry about an open flame. The candles are a soft golden glow.

  192. Lisa

    These candles are really gorgeous! They look very real and great with my decor. I love the different settings on the timer. I purchase the gold and they look beautiful.

  193. Phoenix

    I bought these for a birthday present. They are absolutely exquisite. I’m going to put them on my Christmas wish list❣

  194. Watson

    Classy, elegant, and the flame flicker is believable! Stunning!

  195. Elizabeth

    Great for Fall!
    Very nice product, simple to use and great for adding pop of fall color

  196. Emma

    Very pretty, good accent lighting. The remote is a little glitchy, you have to hit the on button a few times to get all 3 candles on.

  197. Debbie

    good choice
    like them a lot; sitting on my mantel; however candles go on and off with TV remote 🙂

  198. adams

    Loved these, remote works well. Very realistic!

  199. Kristine

    LED Flameless Candles
    Candles are a nice addition to our fall decorations.

  200. Cerro

    These fake candles are perfect. They are made well and come in wonderful packaging. I love the way the candle makes it seem its real by moving the piece of plastic on top to give the effect of a real candle. The remote control is good also but do come across some issues while using it. Overall fantastic purchase.

  201. Highway

    Work great. The remote is Soo cool. Look like real candles. Good buy and no worries with my cats!

  202. poker

    Adds much to Fall decorations.
    I think that the product is very pretty on my crystal and sterling trio candleholders. Adds a lovely finish to my mantle decorations.

  203. Erasmo

    They are very white and gorgeous. They flicker so nice. They even make very small flickering sounds! So happy I found them

  204. Newman

    This candles look so real. I love the timer function. Great add on to my decor

  205. R.

    Easy to set them up with the remote to come on and go off. No problems and I am not too good with written instructions usually. No problem for me with these!

  206. Alisha

    I like them. They feel like wax. The three candles are nice and I like that you can change the lighting up or down, or make it flicker. Pretty cool. The timer is a plus.

  207. LadyG

    These are really good candles if you want a romantic amber glow setting then these are the right candles.

  208. Horn

    They look great, not the brightest. I just used them as decor for my wedding and the remote works, not sure how they work after a while but so far so good!

  209. AC

    These candles are great. As described and more. Would recommend.

  210. Rhiannon

    I love these candles! They look and feel real. It has a timer, which is convenient.

  211. Kindle

    They look beautiful and the timer feature has them turn on it dusk every bight.

  212. lover

    These look VERY realistic. Saw them at a restaurant and thought they were the real deal. Came home and ordered some for my home. You wont be disappointed.

  213. Warner

    I’m very happy with my purchase

  214. Jo

    I bought two sets. They are so beautiful I bought two more sets. Very Classy Look. LOVE THEM! Real Wax Flicker Fire are so elegant.

  215. Jeanne

    Love these flameless candles. Elegant look, realistic flame. Remote is easy to use and can change timer intervals to suit your needs. Very happy with purchase.

  216. Baker

    They really look like a fire burning candle, without the mess, highly recommend!

  217. kemp

    Perfect for mantle or table centerpieces. Moving flame looks authentic. Color is perfect. Very nice.

  218. Tsao

    These candles are realistic and with the timer function I don’t have to worry about turning them on or off. I have bought them for my family and friends.

  219. zenandjava

    Love the dark glass and overall look of these candles. Remote is great and makes it easy to use these on a tall bookcase!

  220. Bob

    the amber of the glass adds a nice warm glow. They are adjustable to have the flame “flicker” or the flame to stay still and the glow in the “wax” flicker. They added a nice decoration for the holiday season.

  221. MA

    Very pleased with these. Very realistic looking flame.

  222. janab

    These are beautiful- remote is too cool. They flicker so pretty. Ordered three sets. Great for all year use to give that pretty ambiance. I ordered the gold.

  223. ever

    I have ordered three of these because I love them. However, today I received one that was the incorrect color from what I ordered. So,, I will be contacting the seller to make it right.

  224. KO

    These candles look very real and the color is suitable for living room or bedroom. The timer works great and has never failed to work. A great gift idea for friends.

  225. Rhamy

    Loved they are in glass. It gives a different look with the flicker in the base of the candle along with the lit wick. Timer is a great feature.

  226. Jonnel

    I purchased these as I have been missing candles. I set them up and had my mom come into the room — she thought they were the real thing. She was astounded that they were glass holders and that it was battery operated. With the lights off, they really seem like real flickering candles. Having a remote makes using that much easier. Very pleased.

  227. Shadrick

    These look like real candles! Love the way the wick moves so it looks like an actual flame. The candles have a true wax feel, too. Perfect to add a little ambiance.

  228. bales

    These are a perfect addition to my collection. Warm golden color is a nice light.

  229. Williams

    I have ordered about 5 or 6 sets of these. Use them all over the house.

  230. Bob

    the amber of the glass adds a nice warm glow. They are adjustable to have the flame “flicker” or the flame to stay still and the glow in the “wax” flicker. They added a nice decoration for the holiday season.

  231. Dee

    Works as expected. I have no complaint or other comment.

  232. Campbellton

    I used both of them for customers and they were extremely happy with them. I have ordered more of these candles as I have additional customers that want them.

  233. linda Adams

    realistic and unique
    The wick shows up top the candles and moves reflecting the light.

  234. Denise

    These are a very realistic Looking battery operated candle!

  235. jazzlow

    Love these candles!

  236. Christen

    Beautiful looking like real candles, but have real wax so your kids can (and did) easily scratch them up.

  237. Patty

    These are so beautiful and look so realistic! Love that they look like glass and they look so perfect on my mantle ! Love them! Great buy !

  238. helen

    Bought these 2 x and would buy again

  239. Paradowski

    Excellent price and bright lite

  240. Tiffany

    so worth it !! Look real

  241. nam

    Nice candles. Bright and have a warm light…not like some LED candles that are orange. Wish the wick had some movement to it but, overall they work well for where I wanted them.

  242. Eileen

    Liked so much ordered a set for my son.

  243. Rxman

    Like plexiglass…

  244. Wiseone

    I was surprised at how realistic they look. Glad I purchased.

  245. Never

    These are very beautiful in person. They made wonderful Christmas table decor. Still have them on coffee table with different decor. Love them.

  246. Herman

    I love these candles and am even more tickled by the fake wick that moves in a fashion that makes it look real. It’s fun and safe at the same time. These are a household favorite.

  247. Barber

    The remote works well. I have it on a timer and they come on every night and stay on for 8 hours.

  248. Lizzard

    The wick moves so it makes the candle seem so real. The remote control is great. I love these and am going to be ordering more.

  249. Sharon

    I put them on three floor candle holders that I had and they look beautiful. Would purchase again.

  250. StacieLynn

    I am in love! I’ve had for a couple months now and yesterday was the first time I had to change the batteries. The remote is very convenient. Will definitely buy more in the future.

  251. Scott

    Love these candles!! Thank god they don’t have that tiny screw on the bottom! Much easier to replace batteries!

  252. Pondy

    I really like these candles. The clear gold glass makes them look clean and not fussy. I just purchased my third set.

  253. Donna

    Never thought I’d purchase a flameless candle. My daughter in law had something similar on their mantle and I thought it looked great. Found these in gold, which make our family room with a woodstove, look very cozy. Will place these on the woodstove once we are no longer using it, during the spring and summer. Glad I purchased these.

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