Love Themed Rose Decal Glass Tube LED Candles with Remote – Set of 3

(3836 customer reviews)


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1 - 9 $36.00
10 - 19 $35.59
20 - 29 $34.99
30 - 49 $34.09
50+ $33.59


  • 【Like a real candle】We make each battery candles by hand to replicate the look and flicker of real candles. These flameless led candlelight candles have the ability to enhance, coordinate and convey emotions. Romantic warm white light combined with windproof flashing flame effect provides you with a realistic candlelight environment.
  • 【No need to spend too much warm atmosphere】The ON/OFF slide switch at the bottom of each candle light is easy to use, just press the switch to turn it on, and enjoy the warm flashing heatless light. Our glass candles is designed to set the perfect mood for any occasion. No longer need to clean the candle dripping or worry about fire.
  • 【Decorate your world】These stunning pillar candles are made of real wax and glass, and are designed with a 3D wick to radiate warm light more realistic. It can be widely used in weddings, parties, gardens, terraces, decks, restaurants, lanterns, children’s projects, core decor, Valentine’s Day decor, Halloween decor, Diwali deco, Easter decor, various holiday decor, etc.
  • 【100% Safe & Environmentally Friendly】Flameless simulation candles, powered by AA batteries, without real fire, will not produce smoke. There is absolutely no danger of fire or burning, it is safe for families with pets or children, and you can spend a perfect night at ease.
  • 【Absolutely the Perfect Gift】The flower language of pink rose: First love, courtship, happiness, sweetness, joy, touching. This is definitely the perfect birthday, holiday and Christmas gift for your girlfriend and lover.

3836 reviews for Love Themed Rose Decal Glass Tube LED Candles with Remote – Set of 3

  1. L. Thoreson

    These were GREAT candles!!! Wax exterior and very realistic looking flame. This was a great price probably 1/4 what I would spend for the same in a store. They were perfect for our outdoor wedding tables.

  2. Bernardina Leiva

    Very good candles all three are working fine.

  3. tiny

    These candles are absolutely beautiful. They look just like the picture and the flames are realistic when they are on and moving.

  4. D. Catellier

    Very happy with the flickering candle. It looks so nice in the window at night!

  5. Earthling

    Very nice and natural looking candle, looks like the real thing when on, but without the worry of house burning down or kids getting burned 🙂

  6. Claudia

    Love these candles! The wick flickers and they provide perfect lighting for dinner on my screened-in porch! The rustic look works indoors as well

  7. Kim Preece

    I really enjoy these candles. I have them on most nights.

  8. Debbie Berry

    I can put them at various locations around the house!

  9. Jes

    the color isn’t cheesy the flames look pretty real from a distance. The glass is nice and doesn’t look cheap these came handy during a power outage recently.

  10. megan

    I have some Luminara candles at home which I love but the price is too steep for me to get more. I was pretty surprised how great these are next to them. I’ll be getting more!

  11. Kindle

    happy that these provide a nice soft “candlelight” without fear of fire if you fall asleep or leave on overnight –

  12. Kelsey T.

    Really great for the price and highly recommend! Love them!

  13. Stacy S. Gottschalk

    I love these candles. I have wanted a set like these for a long time and finally decided to treat my self to a gift. They are a very realistic candle light and the moving flame makes them look so real. I love that I can put them anywhere and don’t have to worry about a fire. I also love that I can have them on and not worry that my cats might get injured.

  14. Rae

    I really liked these. They worked great for the open house.Wax made them more Real.No problems i bought return nearly new from Amazon.I took a chance and it worked.

  15. Rachel

    I like that they smell of real candles (waxy). They are also very beautiful,but I feel like I’m looking for something a little different. Like the ones in Costco that have a wick that literally dances. Not one that’s just mobile. That’s the reason I give 4 stars instead of 5.

  16. G in Phil

    Absolutely beautiful candles! My husband frowns on the real thing because he thinks I’ll burn the house down LOL!!! These are a win-win!!

  17. LargeOne

    These are really cute, and light up a space you are trying to decorate. I am not sure how long battery life would last – we’ve only had them on for a few hours. But they sure glow nicely.

  18. Xbronxbob

    It’s a gift; I hope they like it

  19. Tina

    We got these to decorate a table for a d&d event. 10/10 would buy again!

  20. Mary

    Perfect for use at wedding next spring.

  21. Nano

    Love these candles…shared with family, so the remote lites at the same time across the country!

  22. Shannon

    They all worked ..the romote to control these works great too…perfect for when we lose power or wanna have a romantic night …perfect mood lighting

  23. Forbes B

    These are great value for money and they work very well! I immediately ordered a second set!

  24. lat

    OMG. I used the candles as center pieces at my husband’s celebartion of life. It was amazing that NOBODY realized they were NOT REAL flame candles.

  25. Nunzia Conforti

    I like the color of the candles because they go with my decor….they do not emit to much light but they look good……

  26. Tiny Pepperdine

    Best deal around. Glad I purchased.

  27. Vicki B

    I like the way the candle seals at the bottom to keep water out. Looks great on my porch and in my house. I have the candles everywhere!

  28. Amber

    Because of the virus we couldn’t go our for our wedding anniversary this year so I did a candle light dinner theme in our bedroom. Perfect decoration for my vision.

  29. Greg

    Love these candles. Glad I got them. Will use for fall.

  30. Kimmy

    Trying them out right now, perfect need a few more.

  31. CKH

    I liked my candles very much just perfect!!!

  32. SLD

    Love these so much, i just ordered another set!!

  33. Simo

    I received these flameless candles today, and I love it so much that I ordered immediately other 2 sets!

  34. Taylor Janes

    I’m in love with these candles. I will continue to purchase more. So well made, and a great value. I’m obsessed!!

  35. Satish

    great quality! exactly as described

  36. KatelynS

    I am planning my wedding for this October, so I was on the hunt for frameless candles and stumbled across these. The description of them was perfect not to mention the reviews! I decided to order a set to try them myself before I bought for my reception. I received them today and got them all hooked up. So far I really enjoy them and think they will be perfect for my wedding. Other than that my fiancé and I love that they feel like a real candle.

  37. V Glasgow

    Bought for an upcoming wedding so I have been testing 1 single candle to make sure what it will do that night. I might have to invest in more sets, 2 aren’t gonna be enough to part with.

  38. Janet

    These candles look so real in my yard. I’m very impressed and they add such a touch of elegance to my yard.

  39. Prentice

    These work and are beautiful!! I love the clear glass! Would purchase again!

  40. Aleta Lundy

    I love these candles. They look so real especially on the candle setting!

  41. Peppy

    Very beautiful and realistic looking. They feel like wax candles

  42. Murphy

    Love love love this product. They work great. I would highly recommend this product.

  43. gail brake

    got more than I needed for less money

  44. Walter

    I use these in my RV. They work great for my purpose because they have no flame or smoke.

  45. Tonie

    These candles have a very realistic look and feel to them and I love them. The lighting is a warm lighting not to bright but not very dim either. I will mostly likely be ordering some more in the future for a few other rooms in my home.

  46. Alyssa

    Love that’s the flame flickers as if it’s a real flame

  47. aimee

    Nice ambiance. Timer work well. They come on at a certain time every night which is kinda cool.

  48. Sue

    They are on times around my house and I LOVE THEM. looks great. My sister’s both ordered them after seeing mine.

  49. Alaskan

    These candles are perfectly sized and feel like real candles. The remote control allows for setting a timer, brightness preference, and whether it should behave as “light” with natural flickering or “candle” with more pronounced flickering and fluctuating brightness. Each candle takes 2 AA batteries.

  50. Matthews

    We are beyond pleased with all the candles we purchased

  51. Lauren

    I just received my candles and they seem great. They were easy to set up using the timer mode just make sure you have plenty of AA batteries.

  52. Sage

    Item was shipped out quickly and arrived in good condition. I love these candles, so versatile and bright! I want to purchase another set as a gift!

  53. Vanessa

    I love these candles I have in my bathroom and provides wonderful ambience. I recommend them Highly. Great wax texture.

  54. yepthatsBri

    Beautiful Candle Set. Fast Service as it was delivered before the schedule date and well packaged. So far so good.

  55. D Pag

    Used for wedding centerpiece. Beautiful, good lighting. A great product!!

  56. eda

    The candles look so real. The flame is beautiful. So happy with this purchase

  57. Gregory

    I am so excited about these Led candles, they are so cute. Such a great value for how much I got. They work really really good! I love it.

  58. Sylvia

    I place these candles on my wall of angels. Illuminated to a beautiful glow plus the movement in the wick make them look real.

  59. tee

    These candles worked well for my holiday decor. I’m pleased with this product.

  60. Smith

    I love the candles. I never have to worry about blowing my candles out before I go to bed or leave the house.

  61. Martin

    Excellent product. I was pleasantly surprised by how good they look.

  62. Elizabeth

    I found out about these candles during a candlelight yoga class: I was blown away. Months later my idiot sister bought these to put around her fancy bathtub (god, they look good). Naturally, I bought myself a set and they add such a lovely ambiance around my apartment. I actually wish I had bought two sets cause you can’t have too many beautiful candles that won’t start fires around your place. Heeeyy.

  63. Jen

    Love these candles !!!! Look so nice wherever I put them.

  64. Henderson

    Love them the timer is great replaced an old set that I lost the remote to, and these were perfect

  65. patticole

    When power goes out. Love them.

  66. Kedy

    We used these candles for my sons engagement and they were so pretty!

  67. Mrs

    I loved that these came in glass and and a wax top covering. Gives these a very real touch.

  68. Marlene

    Love them!!! Bought more! The timers are easy and they work night after night on their own! Best candles!

  69. mary

    These candles were a great purchase. I love them.

  70. Amy

    Love these candles so much I bought a set for my sister for her birthday.

  71. Ashley

    These are freaking perfect, I’m thinking about getting another set to add to the ones I have now. I’m happy with the timer too, whenever you set that 6h…it turns on at the same time next day and goes fo that 6h. They are so pretty!

  72. pool

    These are lovely and I like the timer so they automatically come on everyday

  73. annette

    I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful these candles were. They look so elegant for my living room space. I will definitely buy more. I am absolutely pleased

  74. Rackham

    These are exactly what I was after for that soft candle glow without the mess. The timer works fantastic for those that want to know. I keep mine on from twilight to the watching hour.

    We’ll see how long they last with rechargeable batteries.

  75. Tyler

    Recently ordered this seller’s candle set and was fully pleased and satisfied with the quality and performance of the candle; totally delivers on ambiance and warmth! Candles look authentic turned on and in air! They even look great in daytime on a mantle, window, etc. I had a minor issue with my specific order and the company was so great in communication and customer service. Prompt, considerate, and professional. In a time like this that is greatly valued and does not go unnoticed. I will surely be acquiring more candles from them, and my wife and I look forward to our new SC apartment cozy fall fireplace design!

  76. Alexla1216

    The candles are beautiful. My order arrived with an issue that was not the seller’s fault, but they went above and beyond to resolve this issue for me. Customer service was outstanding. I can’t say enough good things about this seller !

  77. AS

    Look beautiful in home especially during cold winter nights. This is my 5th purchase in this store. Great price!

  78. DKA

    These are beautiful! Used them in a “real barn” wedding reception!They are lovely! Will be buying more!

  79. Felicia

    These candles are so beautiful
    They create a romantic night necessary for couples

  80. Dawn

    Love these candles if they are put higher on the mantel or shelf. They look very real at night and during the day if on a higher shelf you can’t see the fake wick.

  81. Maver

    I saw this same product while on vacation but it was too expensive. I got these 3 for half of the one candle I saw.

  82. rocky’s

    Our family using every night battery last a month then start too dark I had do change new one . I got cheap bulk battery I’m still happy . I have 3 sets at 2 bed room and one in living room . Made me sleepy and relax.

  83. Donna

    Absolutely beautiful candles ! Bought these for a feature under my tv table and put them on a mirror . They are awesome! Definitely recommend

  84. Jones

    These really are very nice and the price is very reasonable…I plan to purchase another set!!!

  85. Ellie

    I like that they have a flickering effect! They are the perfect size and they are a beautiful, realistic decoration to add to any room.

  86. H. Estep

    I am really impressed with this product and how it looks on my table. I like it!!

  87. Econ

    I love these, I have them in my bathroom and they look very realistic. The timer brings them on each night so since I first set them up I haven’t had to give them a second thought. I just walk up to my bath5each evening and they’ve come on. Don’t seem to drain the batteries too quickly or anything either so far which is also a bonus. would definitely recommend these.

  88. SD

    Very pretty & safe. Used the candles as a night light.

  89. Leon

    Perfect, my wife loves them.

  90. mom

    Our family using every night battery last a month then start too dark I had do change new one . I got cheap bulk battery I’m still happy . I have 3 sets at 2 bed room and one in living room . Made me sleepy and relax.

  91. gabrielle Arguello

    Candles did not all work but the seller is sending a paid return label which I appreciate greatly


    Absolutely love these candles!! Packaged well and arrived earlier than expected. Everything is as described in the ad. They really do look like real candles when its set to flicker mode.

  93. Kelly

    These are great for decoration. They are really pretty. Not great at giving light but are perfect for setting a mood for a date night. I would buy these again. I think they’d be amazing as a center piece for tables at a wedding.

  94. Debbie

    I Love these candles I put them in my windows I don’t have to worry about wires hanging I can move them anywhere nice little touch at night very cozy and welcoming

  95. Kathy E Gibbs

    Wonderful candles timer works great looks like real candles.

  96. Janice

    These candles look so realistic! They look like a real flame and not the usual “orangey” colored flame as in most flameless candles. Will be getting more!

  97. Chris

    it really sets the mood

  98. PDK

    These candles look amazing! They are so easy to use and look incredibly awesome!

  99. Lena Neely

    I loved these so much that this is my 2nd set!!!

  100. avashy

    I use these in my fireplace during the warmer months and I really like the way they look thru the fireplace screen. You’d have no idea they aren’t real. Would recommend.

  101. Pamela Davis

    I love the way they look on my mantel and the ease of the timer‼️

  102. Cherisse

    These candles added a beautiful glow to my home. I’m not sure of the battery life, but I did use them for a 6-hour dinner party.

  103. DKA

    These are beautiful! Used them in a “real barn” wedding reception!They are lovely! Will be buying more!

  104. Heather Dauro

    Just a super special item. I bought it over a month ago and set it on timer and randomly they are just glistening with joy. Love it would recommend and it’s not even the holidays

  105. ladyncurls

    These really look real add such a warm glow

  106. Anniebanany

    Love these candles they are beautiful they come on every night long battery life. Love the roses.

  107. mother-of-3

    and very bright, very real looking. I bought two sets and have them in my fireplace and absolutely love them. Highly recommend, you will not be sorry.

  108. Janis A.

    These were perfect for inside my fireplace when not in use. It gives a warm glow and the ‘flame’ flickers to create a wonderful atmosphere.

  109. Michelle

    These are amazing!

  110. Telang

    These candles are exactly what I was looking for. They are warm and create a lovely atmosphere

  111. Quynhnhi

    Perfect for that cozy vibe. I love it so far. Hopefully the batteries last long!

  112. Marsha

    I like the fact they have a timer!! I always forget to turn them off without the timer!! Great product!!

  113. Patti

    These candles are amazing! They have a timer on them and they automatically turn on at dusk. I highly recommend them.

  114. pacerbarb

    They are on my mantle and look amazing when lit

  115. Nayane

    Look gorgeous! I liked

  116. BusyBwithThree

    These are simple and beautiful. Love’m

  117. Laurence

    Another LED light that is so beautiful, color and ambiance. I get many compliments on it and people want to know where I got it

  118. Brandon

    These are great. They glow and flicker and look warm and real!

  119. MSsue

    They really do flicker and look great on my candle sticks!!

  120. Samms

    I love these candles, added a warm glow to the room.

  121. Nate

    Git these fir the bathroom. I like the timer fir 6 on and 18 off. I have it set to come on at dusk. Just the right amount of light to see without having to flip on the light. They feel well made.

  122. Satisfied

    Great buy
    As expected. Timer is great!

  123. Patti

    They work great and are very pretty

  124. DS

    I bought these because my room’s smoke detector is way too sensitive and would set off with regular candles. Good product in general, creates nice mood and not overly bright, and smells slightly of wax which I like.

  125. Carlos

    I love this set of lights, I have them in lanterns. They are working fine and look so pretty.

  126. Santa

    These candles are so pretty with just enough light and sooo real looking. Lovely candles, I especially like the blue to yellow in the wavering flame. Great value for the money. I’ve left these on overnight by mistake, and there’s no loss in performance, so battery life is great.

  127. Dorothy

    Great product

  128. Kathy

    Love them they are amazing

  129. Erika

    As Expected …
    Item was as expected. Giving as a gift.

  130. Joellen

    Prefect. Love the timer. Seems to last a long time on batteries.

  131. Rita

    Love these candles
    The flames look so real
    Not sure about the color a little to yellow
    But I’ll keep them anyway
    Got lots of likes from everyone

  132. Robin

    These are amazing! Bright and so realistic! I immediately ordered more when I set them up.

  133. Wildflowers

    Beautiful candles
    I bought these candles and I love em they came on time and in one piece and in working order. They look very very pretty and even more so when lit. This is a great buy for the money and did I say I love my purchase.

  134. Bernie

    Great quality candle. Of set against or near a wall it would be perfect. All that being said it’s a nice candle.

  135. Samantha

    These, I gorilla taped on a shelf and on our sound bar, and my boyfriend thought they were real. He was so afraid I was going to melt his sound bar! Haha! But really, these are ingeniously beautiful. They give that perfect candle flicker!

  136. Shumaker

    Beautiful exactly what I needed

  137. deb

    These candles are all I expected. They do not have to be all together to work. Each candle can be set up on its own timer.

  138. CIVY

    I used these on my kitchen island as a centerpiece. They are beautiful. The timer works perfectly and I love being able to se them through the windows. So grateful I don’t have to light the candles and make sure they are blown out every night. Happy with the way they look when off too.

  139. Marie

    This looks life like and bright enough to be bathroom night light as well. Very happy with my purchase!!

  140. Boston

    These look like a moving flame, and one remote work on all if you group multiple sets. The timer works great. These are bright.

  141. Toni Tanouye

    I use these as night light lights and there are more dark hours than this candle stays lit for. Only 6 hours on the timer is not enough!!! Especially during the winter months!

  142. Kenneth

    I love the look of these. They look so real even though they are battery operated. The light is very nice and soft

  143. Shirley bradberry

    Gave as a gift said they loved them sent picture of them to us on a table night bright and beautiful

  144. mike

    The timer is very nice. They go on the next day at the time you set it. I use rechargeble batteries and the last for days.

  145. KAZ

    These are very nice, good sizes and are bright when lit

  146. Donna

    Very satisfied 💯

  147. Stacey

    I love these candles. They add a nice ambiance to a room. The flameless candles are safe to use and look amazing!

  148. Dan

    liked them so much and delivery was so fast that I ordered a second batch. good job

  149. MONICA

    Amazing they look so real and they are easy to use.

  150. Kat

    I love these candles. They make the rooms feel so
    cozy!! My cousin showed me how to use the timer. A great product for an affordable price. I ha e ordered two sets and will be ordering another.

  151. Linda

    Love the brightness of this candle. So pretty! Bought it as a gift but I think I will keep this one and order another set.

  152. Julie

    These are great. Look very nice and work well especially for the price. Would like an option to just buy the 6in ones in bulk.

  153. Simps

    I love these! Put them in my fireplace for light when I don’t want to build a fire.

  154. Newkumet

    I love the war these candles have the rotating candle top as they are so much like a real candle! It would be awesome if they were offered in like a 2” wide by 3 “ high size or even a tea light size!

    Simply Beautiful!!

  155. Joseph

    They look beautiful as you can see. And don’t have to turn on or off. Ordered again. Love them.

  156. Red

    Very good quality, the timer function works great! Highly recommend this product.

  157. danni18

    I really love these candles. They are beautiful and so realistic. They flicker just like real candles. The flowers are so shabby chic! The only reason why I did not give it five stars is because there’s no remote. It has a timer for six hours but I wish it had an option for a four hour timer instead. I would totally recommend these candles. I also got the purple hydrangeas set as a gift for someone and they are just as beautiful!

  158. Barbara J Hagen

    Lovely flower on them and nice when on.
    Thought were remote but like them anyway.

  159. dpotter

    Perfect for a relaxed setting in the room

  160. Erica

    These are bright, elegant & beautiful. I put them on top of the mantle of my fireplace and they shine & sparkle at night. They give the room a beautiful glow.

  161. Debra

    Flames Candles
    Beautiful flame!

  162. Cohen

    I was looking for timer candles and when I saw these I knew I had to have them. Kept looking as I did not want to spend that much as I needed at least 3. Decided to order for my living room and they are Beautiful. Well worth the money. Look classy and the reflection of the candle on the sides of the holder is amazing.

  163. Sherryl

    I just received my candles so I can’t comment on the battery life yet. I like the brightness of the flame, it looks real. I also like the 6 hour timer. Will definitely buy more…assuming the battery life is decent.

  164. Oceangirl

    These candles are just what I was looking for. They work great brightness is good enough. I have them set in my fireplace to give the illusion of a fire. Timer is set and candles stay on for about 6 hours then turn off just as they are supposed to. Great product.

  165. miller

    I ordered these for my wedding! They are even more than I expected. They each need batteries so keep that in mind! (Buy a big pack of batteries lol) the timer works great and they look absolutely beautiful. Great quality for your buck!

  166. loretta

    Candlelight mood
    I love these candles! They are beautiful and the light from them looks like real candles

  167. Bluskyz

    These are nice candles. The “flame” is a flame shaped bulb. No moving parts. The rim is high enough that the bulb doesn’t show, which makes it more realistic looking. Perfect for inside a defunct fireplace or up on a mantle where the bulb isn’t in view.

  168. Abrahamson

    Love these candles. they look so real and adds a great touch in my house. Makes for a great night light and timer makes it easy. they work great and look great.


    So realistic
    I love the cozy look of candles but hated the soot they emit. So these are perfect. The timers work so well. I am very pleased with this purchase.

  170. Sanchez

    I love real candles and didn’t think I would be happy with fake candles however I purchased these to put in some lanterns since I have pets and children at home. I am so pleased with how real they look. They are made from real wax and have a beautiful glow!

  171. Hawkins

    The candles were a gift to my daughter. She loved them. So I ordered some for myselfI thought that the flame was a moving Realistic looking flame. I love the size and how realistic the candle looks.

  172. Thrasher

    I was surprised these candles as pretty as they are for the price. The only negative I might would have,is the batteries do not last long. However, they only use AAs. Which is better than some, I have that use.

  173. juettner

    My wife loves to decorate, and she loves horizontal warm light. These candles provide a safe way to give that subtle warm light in arrangements my wife puts together.

  174. christine

    Love it
    Very pretty

  175. tmflu

    Love these candles. They work great with the timer. They add a calm ambiance to the room

  176. ROB

    These are gorgeous, realistic looking, and so soothing at night. I have 5 animals so real flame is not an option. I ordered 2 sets and going back for more.

  177. Fenn

    Very nice. Warm light. They look very real and will be nice to add to my dough bowls and other decor pieces. I’m looking forward to decorating with them.

  178. Jessica

    I absolutely love these frameless candles!!! They are even prettier in person then pictured. These are perfect for decor, using for when the power goes out, etc. they arrived super fast and are so easy to work. I love that they have a timer so invade you forget to turn them off. I will definitely be ordering another set.

  179. SH

    I have many flameless candles made by the leading manufacturer. I hesitated buying these as I’m not familiar with the company but what a lovely surprise. They are very bright and have an active flicker. I would absolutely buy the brand again!

  180. Ladylena

    Love these candles. Look almost realistic and great value for your money! I liked them so much I bought some for my mom!

  181. Beanie

    everyone who sees these comments about how beautiful they are and then asks if they are real or not. They honestly look like the real thing and last on one set of batteries for a very long time. Exceptional product. Buy them, you’ll love them just as much!

  182. Gail

    These candles are perfect for the indoors. The timer function is exactly. I am planning to order more for my bedroom. Great product! (Be sure to get AA batteries)

  183. Judith

    Beautiful candles with timers
    The painting is colorful pretty and looks so nice when it’s lit

  184. sjbrown

    My family and I simply LOVE these candles! The delivery was on time and as promised. The price was very competitive for candles and timers highly reviewed. These are real wax candles but with no fire. They actually make us feel warmer by their flicker, and they add a pleasant feel to the room. I plan to buy again and recommend to others.

  185. Blessed

    Beautiful and large, but doesn’t eats up the batteries! We have rechargeable batteries in them, but have to change them about every week using the timer setting on the candles.

  186. Cohen

    I was looking for timer candles and when I saw these I knew I had to have them. Kept looking as I did not want to spend that much as I needed at least 3. Decided to order for my living room and they are Beautiful. Ordered 3 and can’t be happier. Well worth the money. Look classy and the reflection of the candle on the sides of the holder is amazing.

  187. Colleen

    Hi y’all! I’m a little late on this reviews but I got this for thanks giving and it was a success! I was super happy! I have them currently in my room and I love it ! Looks like the real deal!

  188. Hoddy

    Great candles! The glass and wax make them look real. The flame can flicker or just be in the lit position. Ordered more Sets! The timer is awesome! Ordered a battery charger and rechargeable batteries that I haven’t recieved yet so used regular batteries! Love these candles! Highly recommend!

  189. Roz

    Very pretty candles, I like the elegant amber color of these candles, they give a very warm atmosphere to my living room, which is what I was looking for. The flickering and timer are nice features.

  190. Amanda

    These are better than I had expected. These are completely adjustable to your taste or mood. Be aware that you will need 2 AA batteries per candle which adds up quickly. I would definitely recommend these.

  191. EES

    Beautiful LED Candles
    Well pleased – work well – so pretty

  192. Janet

    I’m used to paying a lot more for fancy candles but I took a chance and bought 3 of these roses. The color is very nice and much cheaper than the fancy home stores’ similar candles. The timers work well and the flames are pretty. Very pleased with this purchase!

  193. Jensen

    These far exceeded my expectations. They are beautiful when they are all lit up. These are so gorgeous for a great price. They come in very secure packaging and shipping was fast.

  194. Joseph

    I can’t speak about the timer because I have not used it. I see no reason really unless you’re so regimented that you relax and unwind at the same time every day, in which case I strongly recommend this candle set!

  195. Makanani

    Absolutely heavenly! I could have these all over my home! Some of the most beautiful realest looking “fake candles” I have ever seen and I am. A candle junkie! Trust!!!

  196. F.

    These candles exceeded my expectations! The timer works fabulous-turns on and off automatically every evening. The “flame” is very realistic and creates a beautiful ambience in the room. Highly recommend and definitely can’t beat the price!

  197. Cameo

    I absolutely love these candles! I’ve been slowly replacing all of my other flameless candles with these because the look of them is far superior. They are super bright but can be adjusted down to a softer flame and the timer functions work great.

  198. theresa wildman

    They go on and off at the same time every day. Makes it easy because my other candles I have to turn on and off. Sometimes I forget. These candles are great.

  199. Inez

    I use the flameless candles with timer for lighting through out my home. The timer allows me to enjoy the light each day without me having to climb around and turn each one on.

  200. Jose A.

    I love the look! The pink tint makes it look so slick and sexy. It has a timer button, so it automatically turns off after a few hours. If it came with a remote, I wouldn’t know because I didn’t see one. Maybe I threw it out without knowing. Great buy!!!!

  201. McCollum

    The candles are the ones on the end, perfect for what I need them for, the brightness is great, wrap them in flower design, the timer is just right. Going to order more I want all of my candles to have the same brightness.

  202. LAWNC

    These candles are great! They arrived exactly as described. They look so real and the flame is gorgeous. The flicker is so realistic looking. I sent these photos to video to 3 other people and they were shocked when they realized they weren’t real. I’m very happy with my purchase and will most likely be buying more here soon.

  203. Brenda

    This is beautiful!!! I’m going to use this for a wedding and it looks realistic and works beautifully! Worth the price! I would recommend 100%! You won’t regret it 🙂

  204. hmk

    I bought these for my wedding reception centerpieces. My sister has the really expensive ones but I decided to try to find some cheaper ones since I will only be using them for one night. I CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE! Definitely amazing for the price! I highly recommend these!

  205. Traci

    Most realistic looking candle ever. Timer feature works flawlessly and I love the light it gives off. Very happy with my purchase! I will be buying more for sure!

  206. Smith

    Pretty cool looking. I’m always going through real candles, this is a great alternative. Also nice is that they don’t eat up batteries, don’t require a lot of power. I think you’ll like them.

  207. Perez

    These are the best flameless candles. Flames look real. There is a timer so the candle can be set to come on and go off everyday. I’ve given them as gifts and everyone loved them as well

  208. S

    I LOVE these! They come on each day at same time; stay on for 6 hours, then go off. So much easier & safer than real candles. The time they come on is when you first turn them on.

  209. vivian bridgewater

    That they are just very,very pretty most woman or girl would be pleased to recieve as a gift
    The only thing i would like to be different is a little less blinking

  210. KItty

    Nice but…
    The candles were nice but there was no remote included

  211. Jennifer

    Love these! By far the best that I’ve purchased and I have probably purchased 50 or more battery operated candles. So bright and realistic. I will definitely purchase more!

  212. Collins

    I LOVE THESE! Great for gifts too. I’ve order a couple of these and I love that they all come in at night with the timer. It give a great atmosphere.

  213. Risha

    looks pretty in my bathroom!!!
    They are pretty i got it because it’s matches my shower curtain, bathroom window curtain & my other bathroom accessories..the one thing I don’t like 1 came damage I fixed it with crazy glue, but it looks beautiful in my bathroom ❤️🌹

  214. Wanda Reuter

    Great candles!
    Nice and bright and timers work great in this awesome 3-piece set. I would order these again without hesitation!

  215. Brenda

    These led candles are working beautifully for what I wanted. I have them on a breakfast room table and they come on for 6 hours each day. So far, the timer has worked perfectly, and they look very real, especially from a distance. I’ve had several compliments on them.

  216. susan

    These are as good as any flameless candle I’ve seen, even the much more expensive ones. Batteries last quite a while when I’ve had them on a daily, 6 hour timer. I’ve purchased 2 sets for myself, and one as a gift. Very nice!

  217. BG

    I am very happy with this purchase. The candles work as advertised… Come on and off automatically that same time each day. Very realistic looking.

  218. Orient

    These work well. For battery operated led’s it is reasonably bright.

  219. BKK

    Beautiful flickers… looks real. Put together well. Going to order another set for the bedroom.

  220. K.

    These candles are fantastic! It has a timer and can turn on and off at a certain time. Always on in the evening so it gives my living room a warm look

  221. chuck

    Amazing candles for the money. Look like expensive ones you can buy. Arrived quickly, very well packaged and the color is as described

  222. Dempsey

    The timer function is great works great too comes on every night at the right time

  223. Grand

    What a great purchase. These candles are beautiful and look real. Timer option works great!

  224. Dempsey

    The timer function is great works great too comes on every night at the right time

  225. PFK

    These are beautiful candles. The color is vivid and if you like a true glitter effect, you’ll love these candles.

  226. Ekard

    Excellent customer service. I had a small issue with the candles and contacted the seller. The issue was resolved without question in 24 hours.
    The candles are very pretty and I am enjoying them.

  227. brosnihan

    The candles were bought for two black lanterns that a neighbor gave me and they are perfect for them. I have had many compliments on them.

  228. auburntiger

    These look great! The timer works great too! Comes on every night at the same exact time & cuts off at the same time. I’m in love!

  229. Essiedoo

    Like them very much. Have them on the fireplace and on top of the headboard. Gives off a bit of light, not real bright. But nice ambiance, looks like a real flame.

  230. Kody

    I placed these in laterns on my deck. They come on every night the same time. Really like the flickering looks awesome!

  231. janet

    Easy to use and durable. I even bought some for my sister. These are great candles!

  232. Mary

    I know they are not the cheapest candle you can buy, but I guarantee you it will be the best. The flame is so real looking. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  233. Donna

    The candle looks just like the picture. The timer works great. The batteries only lasted about 1 month.

  234. Tamara G.

    Beautiful and I love the flickering effect. Not as bright as I would have liked but I love them nevertheless.

  235. Mason

    I’ve had 3 people try to blow out these candles. I just giggle.

  236. Patricia D. Miller

    Look like real candles
    I love the feature of the timer so that they come on at the same time each day.

  237. Myhearts

    I like everything about them there no dislike and can be used for anything special or just relax with them

  238. Robert

    I like every thing about it. So pretty at night when lights are low and candle is flickering. Great price too.

  239. Katie

    Bought two for our mantle. Forget the exact timing but they come on about 6 pm and stay on until about 12 pm. Work just fine.

  240. Ellyn

    Great candles. Realistic. Set timer and never worry about them again. Would recommend to family and friends.

  241. Cherwes

    I’ve only used them for a couple weeks but they’re great. I have them in the fireplace & the flicker, brightness is spot on.

  242. chareda

    I love these candles they are set on a timer to come on when it’s dark I don’t have to do anything for them they are absolutely beautiful

  243. Kopp

    I love that these candles look so real. It is great that I can set a timer for them also.

  244. Mollus

    My favorite candles. Looks so real.

  245. CDB

    I’ve only had these candles for less than a week. So far no issues. I don’t know how they will do long term.

  246. T

    Very realistic. Auto on/off was a great discovery. Getting more!

  247. McKnight

    These candles are beautiful!! No need to spend a fortune on the popular brand as these are just as nice.

  248. skimomnw

    I love candles but I know it is not safe to have them burning in rooms. These candles truly like like a flame, not a glow of a flame. The timer also is more flexible for choices. I will definitely buy more.

  249. Joyce

    I light these every night and they really do look like candles. I have other battery candles, but these are my favorite.

  250. WEJ

    Look so pretty and the pricing was great.

  251. Patricia

    They are beautiful and matches my decor. Just not bright enough, but will do. The color is very good.

  252. Rush

    Had a romantic night with my husband and didn’t have to worry about knocking the candles over!

  253. wallace

    Most believe that they are real candles, even make popping noise of real wick

  254. diana

    love the candles, love the timers, just perfect!

  255. Suzie

    One of my favorites
    I will continue to buy from this manufacturer because they are true to the advertising of the product. What I ordered is exactly what I got. The candles are well made, the flames flicker as advertised and the battery life is very long.

  256. wangliming

    These candles are our new favorites! Elegant, romantic and perfect brightness!

  257. Customer

    Flame gives it a very realistic look. Timer works well. Receives complaints every time they light up. Will recommend.

  258. Amanda

    Candles work as they should. Love that they have a timer option. Adds a nice charm to any room in your home!

  259. Taylor

    They were so beautiful they look like real candles burning. I brought them for myself and as a gift for someone.

  260. Grandma7

    Oh so pretty and just the right of dim light. Just like candles but safer. Sparkles we love them!

  261. Taylor

    They were so beautiful they look like real candles burning. I brought them for myself and as a gift for someone.

  262. Maryann

    Love these!! Gave as a gift and she loved them too!!!

  263. jude

    These are actually brighter than our indoor timer candles. The timer works well.

  264. Denise

    Gorgeous. Love the timer feature.

  265. Wesson

    My husband and I love these lights !! They look so real and just ad some light at night while we are watching tv

  266. Kathy

    I love them as a decoration they are beautiful!!

  267. Kelly

    They’re gorgeous and looks so real even in the daytime I made buy three more

  268. Gonzaga

    Just as good or even better as the expensive ones you buy at the retail stores.

  269. Davisson

    So beautiful and look real. I love them soooo much!!!

  270. janet

    I love these candles they are pretty and give off a nice glow. I highly recommend them!

  271. gjcarman

    So happy with this purchase. They are adorable.

  272. melissa

    These are beautiful and classy and add a great night time mood to any room

  273. PatinVT

    Very nice light and realistic candle flicker. No remote with these but the timer is a good feature!

  274. tbsimi

    These look beautiful during the day and are used as a night light in the evening in the bathroom saving money on electricity. They are classy and useful.

  275. Tawny

    Love these LED candles and they worked as they should.

  276. McLane

    The batteries didn’t fit well, but the candles still work. I ordered a second set and this time the batteries fit fine.

  277. Fernando

    I didn’t expect these too be very good but I was surprised. They aren’t as bright as I thought but they certainly Amit a good amount of light

  278. Leslie

    it’s not easy having a real lit candle at a table while having kids that get into everything. I love that these candles look so real and I can be worry free about them!

  279. holt

    So glad I tried these. Great product for the money.

  280. Lyndia

    They are beautiful!
    I used these flameless candles for my home decor in my living room. I love them! They are beautiful!

  281. Thomas

    I love how these look and the price is awesome. Got them for the camper and then some for the house.

  282. Horn

    I must say these are far better than I could have imagined. They are perfect for what I needed them for.

  283. Griffin

    I like these candles. They are bright and they work perfect with the timer control. I have them set up within our home and they are always on lighting the path when I come in! Great buy for that perfect glow in your home without having to replace as often as you would with real candles.

  284. NatB

    Give the same glow like real candles but w/o the safety hazard

  285. Frances

    These are nicer than they look in picture. Great gift.

  286. Charity

    Excellent product and excellent customer service!! One of my candles had a small defect in it and the company sent out a replacement immediately and I had it two days later. The candles are so cute and well made!

  287. Kelly

    AWESOME for my mother

  288. Steckley

    These candles are great. I ordered 4 sets. I really like that you can make them brighter or dimer and the timer function is great also.

  289. sallyhelm

    They are beautiful and so authentically looking.

  290. Elizabeth

    These are the perfect addiction to any room. I love the cozy feel when lit. Love that they are remote controlled and have timers to turn off.

  291. foster

    Beautiful! Realistic and elegant! Remote control is a real plus!

  292. Terry

    These are wonderful. Bought one set and liked them so much I ordered a second.

  293. Gooch

    Very realistic look and the timer function works as expected.

  294. Dori

    Beautiful candles really do shine like the real thing.
    No worries about forgetting you have a candle burning.

  295. Pat Erdelyi

    Great in my rose bedroom. They are bright and beautiful. Would reccomend!!

  296. Cook

    These candles add some elegance to the atmosphere.

  297. NJ

    I like the feel of the wax candle and the warm glow. I’m still using a year later in my fireplace in lieu of a fire glow

  298. Cline

    Exactly as described, and arrived in one day!!!

  299. DEBORAH

    Beautiful! Beautiful!
    They are perfect! Well made! Beautiful! I am ordering another right now!! They are on my fire place with some Valentines decorations!!! Great job to the seller!!!

  300. RL

    These led lights are affordable and easy to use. I love the timer and the flicker option. A great addition to any room. Beautiful and entrancing.

  301. Ronjon

    The battery life is so good! These take AA batteries and last for months! Turns off and on with the easy to operate remote and they stunningly beautiful and look like flickering candles! I bought 2 sets because they are so nice!! Highly recommend!! Great quality!!

  302. Diane

    Love the look it has in my spare bathroom. So many compliments

  303. Travis

    I bought these for my Motorhome…they look and flicker like a real candle ! I am getting another set! I LOVE THEM!

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