Beach Themed Decal Glass Tube LED Candles

(1751 customer reviews)


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1 - 49 $27.99
50 - 99 $27.59
100 - 199 $26.99
200 - 299 $26.59
300+ $26.09


  • 【Like a real candle】We make each battery candles by hand to replicate the look and flicker of real candles. These flameless led candlelight candles have the ability to enhance, coordinate and convey emotions. Romantic warm white light combined with windproof flashing flame effect provides you with a realistic candlelight environment.
  • 【No need to spend too much warm atmosphere】The ON/OFF slide switch at the bottom of each candle light is easy to use, just press the switch to turn it on, and enjoy the warm flashing heatless light. Our glass candles is designed to set the perfect mood for any occasion. No longer need to clean the candle dripping or worry about fire.
  • 【Decorate your world】These stunning pillar candles are made of real wax and glass, and are designed with a 3D wick to radiate warm light more realistic. It can be widely used in weddings, parties, gardens, terraces, decks, restaurants, lanterns, children’s projects, core decor, Valentine’s Day decor, Halloween decor, Diwali deco, Easter decor, various holiday decor, etc.
  • 【100% Safe & Environmentally Friendly】Flameless simulation candles, powered by AA batteries, without real fire, will not produce smoke. There is absolutely no danger of fire or burning, it is safe for families with pets or children, and you can spend a perfect night at ease.
  • 【Absolutely the Perfect Gift】The moral of conch shell: Precious, eternal, wealth, strong, pursuit, tolerance, cherish. This is definitely the perfect gift for birthday parties, wedding parties, parents, teachers, girlfriends, friends, business partners.

1751 reviews for Beach Themed Decal Glass Tube LED Candles

  1. Cheryl Williams

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these flameless candles! They look so real!

  2. jane ferrara

    Like that they work

  3. Trish K.

    JUST BUY THESE! Don’t waste any more time searching. I have spent so much money on worthless flameless battery eating candles. Finally found these and they are simply the best!

  4. Hannah

    This candle has a nice warm glow and looks so real. I love it

  5. Jamie Smith

    I love the flickering flame, it looks so real.

  6. NikkiK

    Beautiful candles! They look amazingly real. Would buy again

  7. Jessica A

    These flameless candles are a great purchase. Many others are overpriced. These work well, are beautiful and affordable.

  8. Sharon Z

    I think these are the most real looking candles that are battery operated.

  9. Mrs. Pox

    Was very surprised by these. We live in an apartment that does not allow open flame. These look real. Absolutely love them.

  10. Theresa

    For the price, this is an amazing deal. The “flame” rocks and moves randomly like a real candle. I am very happy with this set of LED flameless candles. I ordered the first set and quickly ordered 4 more! I’m about to purchase a few more sets for each bedroom in my house, and for my mom. Immediately after seeing how these LED candles added the right ambiance to my house, I was so relieved because now I can enjoy the ambiance without the worries about accidental fire. I have two curious kittens who love to knock things over. I love it that these can be turned off and on when I want, and even better, there is no residual “candle blowing out smell” in my house when I am done using these!

  11. shopstoomuch

    I really love these candles especially the moving wick. The only thing missing is changing colors. I would recommend them.

  12. Brugn

    Super cute!! Perfect to decorate your home, yoga session or a romantic evening! Love them!

  13. Mellisa Mayville

    Absolutely love these! They are so realistic! My daughter walked by them and thought I lost my mind because I had candles “lit” in the window where the cats could reach them!!

  14. John Ludemann

    I am pleased with my purchase. It’s cute! Lights up well with AA batteries.

  15. Beth Barnat

    I bought these candles for two reasons — I want to put one on a birthday cupcake for a coworker, but can’t use a real candle, and I have always wanted to put candles in my windows. I have one of the candles on while I’m writing this and the light flickers, just like a real flame. They were sent quickly, safely, and I can’t wait to see what they look like in my windows at night! Thank you!

  16. Braintired

    Loved these so much I ordered another set ! When the room is darkened your brain really thinks you are seeing a flame ! It’s great !

  17. Jocelyn

    These are nice don’t get me wrong but I wish the color when turned on wasn’t such a warm tone.

  18. Nina

    Was a little reluctant at first because I didn’t like the fake flame. But once you turn them on they are very cute! Used them as a centerpiece for my coffee table

  19. Dee

    These are so and I highly recommend them for at home use, parties, outside events. They set the mood and just make a statement!

  20. Geaux Tigers

    These are the MOST gorgeous flameless candles ever! I suggest putting them up high like I did and they look more realistic! We have been staying home more because of the Covid-19 issues and these are a cheery way to watch tv or just relax…if you don’t have these in your home you are missing out! Totally serious! You will not be complete until you have these!

  21. Leslie

    Even more beautiful than the picture. I can’t stop looking at them! I’m glad I bought 2 sets… Highly recommend… I guess the only thing I don’t like is that it didn’t come with a remote.

  22. Ofelia Ahumada

    Best invention ever, don’t know how I lived without these for so long

  23. Olddogz

    I love these candles. I have been using them as a night light in my bathroom. They are so pretty and shine so brightly. Great value.

  24. Betty C. Billard


  25. deanna watkins

    Love it!!so beautiful will order again!!!

  26. clint

    I love the sets it looks so beautiful on my coffee table

  27. tee

    These candles worked well for my holiday decor. I’m pleased with this product.

  28. Paulina M

    These where such a great buy. The batteries last so long and they glow so nicely.

  29. Gloria

    Size fits perfectly for I needed. Works as described. More than good for the value.

  30. rdehart

    Very nice looking and sets a nice mood in the family room any time.

  31. Dan Somenek

    Love these! Use them in our bedroom and work great to add some romantic atmosphere or when we are just snuggling watching a movie. Also use these for table setting and Halloween decor.

  32. LH

    Great candles. Loved them so much I ended up buying a 2nd set a couple weeks later. Ended up having a minor issue with one of the candles and contacted the seller. The seller responded immediately and took care of the issue. Great Customer service. HIghly recommend 🙂

  33. Plainfield

    I will continue to buy more of these as I find more
    Places I want them in my home. In groups of three, they still look great! I have them in the bathrooms, on our wine cabinet, a floating shelf, our wine barrel, and much more… I love that they flicker like a real candle.

  34. Ciara

    Great value!! Best part is that they are made of wax giving them an authentic look. I love love love these and will be purchasing another set!

  35. Cgil

    These candles group together provides the illumination for a soft calm atmosphere. The light is warm in color.

  36. LisaB

    This is my third set! Love these and will buy more. Easy, safe, realistic, and worth the money.

  37. Martha

    Thanks so much for the lovely candles. They are burning brightly every evening!

  38. T

    Love this item, great value and quality.

  39. Crumm

    These are sooo beautiful and real like! I love that they sit in glass!

  40. Martha

    Thanks so much for the lovely candles. They are burning brightly every evening!

  41. BJ

    This is a great gift for someone you dont know real well. I include the batteries arrange them in a basket , add a bottle of champagne( my second cousinsjust became doctors. Great for hostess gift. You don’t even have to use all of them if your making a basket. They looks great all year round

  42. Estate

    The candles are amazing and I wanted to love them but DO NOT put them in the hot sun.

  43. Michele

    These are beautiful and the perfect addition to my new place. I also love not having to worry about my 2 year old getting hurt.

  44. Elle

    These candles rival any on the market!! They are sooooo beautiful ……..and the price is ridiculously low. Absolutely gorgeous. The flickering flame mode looks like a real candle. Love these… will too.

  45. CLARK

    Worked excellent for 25th Wedding Anniversary! It w as s a beautiful display.

  46. Mar

    Have had these since about July, I haven’t replace the batteries yet, they do give off a lot of light, I placeD them on the lowest setting and they are still very enjoyable.

  47. Reginald Hamilton

    I ordered a set of these candles before and they work so well with the event I am having that I had to order another set! Unfortunately I haven’t received the second set yet but I’m looking forward to it.

  48. Ted

    I buy a lot of battery operated candles and this one is the most realistic. I will buy this item again.

  49. Mc

    Put some of these candles around and completely change any room into a relaxing and welcoming one.

  50. Lehman

    These are so cheap and amazing. Don’t even bother replacing batteries. Just get new ones. I have roughly 200 LED candles and this set which is the cheapest of them all is by far the best. These are the ones that are the brightest and most realistic of all the ones I have ever owned

  51. Henderson

    Love them the timer is great replaced an old set that I lost the remote to, and these were perfect

  52. william

    These are really good for the price. So far they working just fine.

  53. Kelly

    All 3 candles work great. I have them on three tables in my yard. They give off a very warm glow.

  54. mar

    These candles are great. I love love the color. Would buy more but my hubby told me to stop shopping….lol.

  55. Maria

    I love how bright they look. I will buy more again.

  56. Bullard

    Worked as advertised. Great for our date night on the beach. No issues.

  57. Henderson

    Love them the timer is great replaced an old set that I lost the remote to, and these were perfect

  58. Magee

    They were easy to set up and look great.

  59. Nicolle

    Absolutely perfect for project! Highly recommend, Great variety and lights beautiful.

  60. Bullard

    Worked as advertised. Great for our date night on the beach. No issues.

  61. Felicia Gomez

    These candles are so beautiful
    They create a romantic night necessary for couples

  62. Tita

    From across the room, they look very realistic I was glad to discover. Very cozy effect.

  63. Bree

    Didn’t expect much from these. But turned out to be really great. Was surprised when I set a six hour timer on the candles that they came on at the same time everyday. They look realistic. Glad I bought them.

  64. Rochester

    I am so excited about these Led candles, they are so cute. Such a great value for how much I got.
    They work really really good! I love it.
    I love that it has the timer, I am probably going to buy more for the bedroom too. I love it in my non functioning fireplace with the marble seal around.

  65. Rouse

    Flicker without a fire risk on my wall sconces. They set a lovely ambiance!

  66. werner

    I use them on the floor accenting the base of the furniture for late night walking in the BR

  67. Lori

    These are on my dresser in my bedroom…I can set the timer and fall asleep LOVE THEM

  68. cv

    Much to my surprise, they are AMAZING. I put them in my bathroom to use as a night light. They look extremely real and give off the perfect light.

  69. Able

    These candles are beautiful and more than that, they are completely safe. I love using candlelight in my home and no longer have to worry about putting out all of the potential fire starters when using them. Also, they are wonderful when we experience power outages.

  70. Denise

    I love these candles! When it’s too hot to make a fire.. these stand in well! They look like real flame flickering. The timer is great so you dont wear out the batteries.

  71. Cali

    The candles were well packed and arrived quickly. They are bright and feel like real candles. I didn’t expect to pay more in batteries than I did for the actual product, but I do like the way they look so I’m fine with it.

  72. Tamara

    After reading many reviews I decided to try these battery operated candles. They are awesome.

  73. Patti M.

    Getting the timer was key ! I don’t have to think about them . Great candle !

  74. Jen

    Love these candles !!!! Look so nice wherever I put them.

  75. jkoppee

    The candle look great. The timer function is real nice so you’re not constantly unscrewing lights or remembering to manually turn them off. The fake flicker does add a real nice touch.

  76. n

    A very attractive candle with realistic looking shells. The candle itself has a very realistic flicker. It is a perfect addition to my beach cottage. I would highly recommend this product.


    These are so beautiful on our shelves! I love the flicker!

  78. Barbara

    I liked these candles very much . I used them for decorating and need more in the orange color. Thank you.

  79. Econ

    I love these, I have them in my bathroom and they look very realistic. The timer brings them on each night so since I first set them up I haven’t had to give them a second thought. I just walk up to my bath5each evening and they’ve come on. Don’t seem to drain the batteries too quickly or anything either so far which is also a bonus. would definitely recommend these.

  80. Donna

    I love these so much that I have bought them numerous times as gifts. They are incredibly pretty and look fantastic lit and unlit. They look like real candles.

  81. Cj

    Very easy to use and bigger than I thought. It’s a gift for a friend, she likes it a lot:)

  82. Joanna

    Beautiful candle.

  83. Lisha

    These add a nice ambience to any room! Made with real wax gives it a realistic touch. I am satisfied with this product. I would recommend it.

  84. Pak5

    Got these as a gift for my sister. So very pretty! Exactly as I had hoped.

  85. Angela

    Just as decribed. Packed nicely. Much more affordable than Pottery Barn and they look real.

  86. Marcia

    Love this candle. Third one I have purchase. They look so real and love that they have a timer

  87. K. Celeste

    Wow it looks so real and it creates a beautiful ambiance in the room. I love the time mode

  88. PS

    Fantastic value! They are beautiful. I’ve used 4 sets as gifts.

  89. Ann M.

    Love the set. Beautiful when lite up

  90. Blanca Corona

    Very nice they look real

  91. CHERI Worthington

    These put off a gorgeous light!!!

  92. JoJo

    Nice flameless candle. Don’t have remote. It is made nicely and looks like real wax.


    I can’t say enough about how much. I love these!!!!!!!! My husband even said out of everything you bought (included a whole new sofa set.. lol) the candles were the most impressive thing! Don’t think twice just buy it 😊

  94. heather Staats

    Love these timer pillars! I bought them once before and loved them so much I got another set. I use rechargeable batteries and the timer setting helps to make them last longer. They look like real flickering pillars when set to candle mode.

  95. Michelle Helms

    These are just what I was looking for!

  96. Violet Yan

    Our living room is too dark,bought this for me bf. He said he likes it a lot. Especially the timer function saves battery.

  97. figment

    The candles are quite elegant. Glad I got them.

  98. Jada

    They are the most beautiful candles I have ever owned for the past 35 years, I am a candle freak and I love these candles.

  99. G Sellars

    Brightens room. Love them!

  100. BoonvilleMT

    I love these candles!! Use them every day in my massage business. They last two weeks of all day use on 2 AA batteries. Buy them. You won’t regret it

  101. Minnie Millsaps

    I love these candles. I have too many. These are great.

  102. Kindle

    These last a long time. They’re obviously fake up close. They look real from father away though. Good value for the money.

  103. Bevy

    I love them! Hubby loves them! 90 year old dad loves them! Huge hit!!!!

  104. Moshville

    OMG -they are very beautiful. I bought this for the upcoming holiday season. Very realistic and safe compared to a real candle. Requires batteries that come with it. This LED flickering flameless candle is the best for warming up my place. I love it.

  105. DeeMaz

    The candles didn’t come with batteries, therefore couldn’t give a positive response. I do however love the candles and they actually smell like real candles. Perfect for my space.

  106. randi

    As soon as I received the candles, I loaded them with batteries and started using them.The remote controls are great and I can turn them on and off without having to go near them.They look beautiful when lit, especially the shell-like patterns, which add a wonderful atmosphere to our home.I hope the battery lasts a little longer because we just put them into use, but everything else is fine.

  107. nandan69

    They are so life like and easy to turn on and off. I like little reflected glow on the wall behind them. Such a warm feeling when they’re on.

  108. Ci

    Added warm ambiance to a lovely wedding dinner

  109. M

    I love them purchased a second set

  110. barbara rapp

    Love these candles look real and have a timer

  111. Sweden

    These are very attractive (more at night), a decent price, and work well.

  112. Bonita

    Love them
    Just what I need it. 😍

  113. Cherri

    I like these so much that I bought 4 sets. Once you set them to stay on for the hours available, they automatically come on each evening at the same time you started them the first night. Great Christmas gift.

  114. Pleased

    Liked the product. I use them over my fireplace and will love them for decorating at Christmas.

  115. barbara

    Love these candles look real and have a timer

  116. john

    I put these in a window that I can only reach with a 20ft. Timer are very handy.

  117. J

    I love them and will buy more!

  118. Vonda

    Perfect for that cozy vibe. I love it so far. Hopefully the batteries last long!

  119. shelcook

    they look very real & I feel they are very safe, no flames to worry about. I’d buy them again in an instant.

  120. Bebeautiful

    They are great for the money

  121. Reviewer

    Beautiful candles without the risk of fire.

  122. Idali

    They look beautiful -life like! Love them!

  123. Jodes

    I’m obsessed with these candles!

  124. Bergman

    They look real. I am pleased with them

  125. amyc

    Feels like a real wax candle, looks like a real candle, but no melting! Fun product and looks real. Use the candles all the time. Recommend.

  126. Thomas

    We just put it on the dinner table and enjoy, Its so pleasing. We have 6 now and will probably get more.

  127. JJ

    Wish it was brighter but I’m content with it

  128. DD

    I got these to use in my living room at night in case I don’t feel like lighting wax candles and from a distance you can’t tell they are not real. The middle of each candle flickers like a wax candle would and the color is very attractive in the day as well as when the lights are on. I would recommend these if you do not want to use wax candles.

  129. ML

    Very very pretty and work good. They are in my bathroom and look nice.

  130. Chelsea

    This looks life like and bright enough to be bathroom night light as well. Very happy with my purchase!!

  131. Liz

    Warm nice light

  132. Sharon

    These candles are so cool, I love these.

  133. Jamarkis

    Looks more lifelike lit up at night, makes a beautiful centerpiece.
    Love that they turn on same time every night!

  134. gail

    Beautiful and the batteries last! For me they added something special to the ambience of this years Christmas decorations.

  135. brenda

    Makes for great use of candle with no worries that it will catch fire

  136. Tanya

    Beautiful! Look amazing!

  137. Reviewer

    These are great. Love the timer setting. My Christmas decor looks great. I wish they were just a wee brighter. But it was worth it regardless

  138. Peg L

    Nice for background lighting. Also good for houses with pets when power goes out.

  139. jones

    These come on at the same time every night which I live! Nice looking candles with a good glow at night. Very pleased.

  140. BarbW

    Works as advertised. Have not had long enough to rate battery life but timer works as described.

  141. M.

    We love it. Great candle for the price. Excellent quality. Will buy it again.

  142. Amanda

    Bought this for my mother in law for Christmas. She absolutely loves them, the look, timer function, and brightness.

  143. Devin

    Love these! Exactly what I was looking for in regards to my dining table decor!

  144. Devin

    Love these! Exactly what I was looking for in regards to my dining table decor!

  145. Carey p.

    I love everything

  146. Tonya

    I love the flicker look of the candle, im purchasing a second set as well. they are gorgeous and perfect for your candle holders. I would recommend this item

  147. girl

    These are great. They look real, the timer is perfect, the light is bright. I bought another type at the same time and wish I had only bought these. Truly worth the money.

  148. el3ctricblue

    I love the ambience with candles, since I can’t leave a real candle on 24 hrs, this give me that joy.

  149. Nancy M. Chatman

    Product is nice, but not really what I was looking for.
    I use the candles for accent pieces, but the candles look inexpensive.

  150. Regina

    They work as described!

  151. Tina Welch

    These are freaking awesome! Look like real burning candles. Timer work is great! Love these being in 3 different sizes too.

  152. cederburg

    They look & work great

  153. Mickirule22

    Love these candles. I have them in my bathroom as a nightlight. They are perfect!

  154. Debra

    These are Great!

  155. Gloria

    They are just ok
    All likes don’t always come on with remote

  156. M.

    Great value

  157. fer

    These are simply awesome

  158. Darlene Wells

    Nice looking candles.
    They are very cute. I wish they had a remote to turn on.

  159. Platt

    I use the timer and they have been coming on daily for 6 weeks now, on same batteries. Have a warm glow, like a real candle.

  160. ronv

    These are very good copies of real candles. So good that we have ordered five sets as gifts.

  161. Patricia

    Nice… I placed these in my bathroom – up high – and the timer works great. The shells look very nice all the time, but especially in the evening when they are on.

  162. brenda

    Wanted some flameless candles for decoration (but also in case of storms and no power). They work perfectly! I have not tried the timer because I have them placed separately and don’t use them all at once.

  163. Nixon

    Just what I wanted and expected. Working great for the past 3 months, on the 6 hr timer. So welcoming to come home in the evening with glowing candles in my lanterns. Certainly worth the money, great purchase. Received them quickly as well. No cons!

  164. Joycek

    Described perfectly
    Very nice. Just what I wanted

  165. Sandra

    They are beautiful and very classy. I have many timer candles throughout my house, and these are a nice addition. It’s really nice to not have to turn them off and on. The timer is really a great thing with the candles. Thanks for such great products, and great service!

  166. arncas

    Much improved battery holder. The timer is great. Great Price.
    The previous battery holder was very flakey. Hard to open and close. The new arrangement is nice.
    Unbelievable technology at a low price.

  167. Jess

    I love these flameless candles. They look real and the timer is a fabulous feature. I am looking forward to seeing if the batteries last longer. The candles also put off the perfect amount of light. I use the small one in the bathroom as a night light.

  168. Moose

    Perfect size for our votives. Looks better than real candles. No worry about forgetting to blow them out. The timer was well.

  169. T.A.

    I have wanted to order such candles for a long time. Finally did it but opted for a 3 piece set. Also opted for a product with the flickering mode and raw wax, not plastic. Love the effect and the way it looks real. Makes the room look and feel so peaceful. Exactly what I wanted. Would recommend.

  170. Suzanne

    Great flameless candles. I have been thoroughly enjoying these. My only dilemma is setting them up on different timers. I set the one on an 6-hour timer and it comes on each evening at the same time. I need to check to make sure they can each be on different timers. Either or, I love them and would definitely buy more!

  171. Waugh

    I really like the fact of being able to have several candle boxes and not have to worry about forgetting to turn them on. So easy to just point with the timer….they are on. Great feature! I used them to decorate my office in different candle boxes and they look awesome! So good!

  172. Tracee

    These candles look so nice in the fireplace. I was going to get an electric fireplace insert for my fireplace but now I don’t have to. I just love them. I haven’t used the timer but it’s nice to have that option.

  173. Jessica

    I absolutely love these frameless candles!!! They are even prettier in person then pictured. These are perfect for decor, using for when the power goes out, etc. they arrived super fast and are so easy to work. I love that they have a timer so invade you forget to turn them off. I will definitely be ordering another set.

  174. R L C

    You need batteries but not surprise
    It is very nice. I am having a gathering with a beach theme. I will add some shells to the tables.

  175. Butler

    I really liked the color and real look of the flameless candles. I purchased a similar product for my bathroom which is why I felt comfortable with a second purchase.

  176. BG

    I am very happy with this purchase. The candles work as advertised… Come on and off automatically that same time each day. Very realistic looking.

  177. Austin

    I love these candles. They are the perfect color and true to the color shown. Work great and look like the real thing. I will definitely buy again. Great product, good price, quick shipping… cannot ask for more.

  178. Claudia

    I’ve had other flameless candles but nothing like these. They sit on my mantel and honestly you cannot tell them from real candles. It gives the whole room a warm, calming ambiance. I loved them so much I ordered more for a wedding gift. Just perfect!

    There was a slight problem with my first order and Lou communicated with me until we got it right. I couldn’t have asked for better service.

  179. Patricia Williams

    Excellent quality
    Love these candles. Excellent quality. Especially love the timer and remote control.

  180. DSH

    Beautiful Candles But I bought these candles believing that they had a timer setting to turn on hoping they would turn on everyday at the same time automatically.. then go off automatic after 6 hours! Candles do have a (timer switch) like most candles with timers. You don’t have to turn them on every time and they go off automatically after 6 hours.

  181. AlohaA

    Got these for a friend that needed remote control candles for some high shelves. Was there when she put them up and they were perfect.

  182. Bill

    These are exactly what I was looking for. They really do look like real candles. Easy to set up and the timer works perfectly. Battery life seems to be good. I actually just ordered two more sets to go with the other two sets I already have. I would highly recommend these.

  183. Erick

    I needed some realistic looking candles for my two lanterns on my fireplace lantern. The flame on the ones I’ve bought in the past were too orange for my taste, so I decided to give these a try. They’re perfect! The candles look real and are a beautiful warm white color. These come with three candles, but I only used two for my lanterns. Highly recommend!

  184. Tine

    The candles look & flicker just like real candles, except a breeze or fan will not blow them out & pets and children will not get burned or start a fire if they knock them over. The timer makes them even more amazing!

  185. Bragg

    Very nice candles. Timer works great, on for 6 hours then shut off by themselves. Gives a nice warm feel to the kitchen.

  186. Krueger

    I love this candle! It looks so real even the flickering flame. It’s perfect inside a hurricane centerpiece and with timer is great! Worth every penny & not very expensive!

  187. Andy

    These battery operated candles are beautiful and practical. They provide beautiful decor and I can light up my place safely without worrying about starting a fire. The timer is an awesome feature.

  188. AUST

    Love these candles. The timer option is great and loves the look. Use them in my living room so it’s great that they turn off on their own. Would definitely buy them again!

  189. Crystal

    I like that it’s a set if three. I like this “flame”. The timer works great. I will likely get another set.

  190. Sandra

    These are the best flameless candles. Flames look real. There is a timer so the candle can be set to come on and go off everyday. I’ve given them as gifts and everyone loved them as well

  191. Raider

    These candles are awesome. Fake candles are tacky right? I get it. I have pets and these truly give the genuine look of real candles; especially in low light, which is exactly what I wanted. The timer is a bonus. They are a bit pricey and they each take 2 AA batteries, but I might get a second set. The real wax is definitely a bonus.

  192. Jessica

    I LOVE these!! They’re so much brighter than most LED battery candles, and they are extremely realistic looking. The timer function works perfectly.

  193. Cutie

    I love these candles. They’re very realistic looking and great value. I’ve put them around my home and plan to order more for my bathroom.

  194. Karen

    I love these candles I have them on candlesticks on my dining room table. They are great. Very happy with my purchase.

  195. Bonnie

    I love these candles. The quality is the best. I’ve tried other brands only to be disappointed. These look so real!

  196. Stephanie

    These candles are awesome. They look so real. The color is bright. I was so impressed and received many compliments. I will definitely be purchasing more of these.

  197. S. M.

    These candles are just perfect. I have seen similar candles at specialty store for much high prices. I have these set up to come on at 6 pm and go off at midnight. They are fairly realistic looking and will be buying an additional set soon.

  198. bonilla

    I purchased these flickering candles because I love the design how gorgeous they look from the outside. I’m thrilled with my purchase I highly recommend this product!

  199. Teresa

    These are really nice .I have bought ones that cost more but I have been very happy with these ! They come on same time every evening and flicker like real candles.

  200. Janet Farrell

    These are so cute for my beach theme decor I love that they have a timer also. I purchased several sets I use them in several rooms plus I like having backups in case something happens to one.

  201. RenHi

    The candles are perfect and as advertised. They are mounted on the wall in the entryway and they provide a lovely glow!!!

  202. Marianne Moore

    Beautiful “Beachy ” Candles
    The product is lovely & fits in very nicely with my summer “beachy” decorating. They do seem to go through batteries rather quickly compared to other flameless candles I own. I would still recommend them as they are well made & perfect for summer decorating.

  203. Wooten

    I placed them into our new place this past weekend and just wanted to see what they would look like before I added any decorations and I was not disappointed

  204. Martha

    Well I tried to make a couple of pics just to show how good they look. I use them in 3 different rooms in my house. Couldn’t be more pleased with this product

  205. Sue

    So Much Fun
    These candles are pretty, perfect for my ocean theme room. Love the timer!

  206. Michelle

    Absolutely perfect. Each candle takes 2 AA batteries, all operated by the remote. Works perfectly.

  207. Kidd

    These are really nice. I have bought some that cost more but I have been very happy with them! They come at the same time every evening and flicker like real candles.

  208. Jennifer

    Love these! By far the best that I’ve purchased and I have probably purchased 50 or more battery operated candles. So bright and realistic. I will definitely purchase more!

  209. Nancy

    Love these!
    We redid our bathroom and I went with a seascape Decor. I love these! They actually flicker like a real candle. Very romantic looking and perfect match for the rest of my bathroom!

  210. Dymond

    These are amazing! They look real, they create a cozy glow, and they’re so easy to use! I want some for every room of my house!

  211. Elizabeth G. Lanagan

    Adds a soft, long lasting glow anywhere.
    We bought two sets of these gorgeous l e d candles, and they pop on exactly on time every evening. The 6-hour timer keeps our bathrooms glowing during the evening, and the shell pattern is so life-like. Fantastic!

  212. Pam

    Very realistic and very bright. Will be using them for a special occasion soon. Love them.

  213. Ramirez

    They are so relaxing to watch. Easy to use with the timer.

  214. Theresa

    Very realistic..absolutely love this set..takes AA batteries

  215. Brunn

    My wife wanted to keep a candle on for a vigil. She bought a real candle in a glass container. For some reason it started smoking. Even left soot on the wall. We were worried it could cause damage to our house if this happened again and we were not home. This product worked great and safer than real candles.

  216. Hines

    Product as described. Arrived next day and cut my candle holder exactly. Measurements were very accurate. Love the timer, have candle on high shelf.
    Perfect flickering light.

  217. Dee1

    I decided to use the candles in my fireplace and it’s so cute and convenient I love the timer feature! It works well from across the room.

  218. Kay

    The most beautiful imitation of candles you will ever own. My sister purchased them after seeing mine.

  219. Carolyn

    Live these candles! Had no idea that they would automatically come on every evening once set up! Look very realistic!

  220. Karen

    Love seashells and candles
    They are so pretty. They put out a good amount of light. Use them set on different times as a night light. Look pretty even when not lit.

  221. Carol

    I used these candles in my lanterns. They look great! The timer works well and the flame looks real. I like them so much that I bought a second set!

  222. sallysocks

    Bought these for my sister for her birthday and we both just love them!
    Love the flickering just like real candles and we have them set up in our fireplace!

  223. fernandez

    Timer works well, good brightness level

  224. Cimino

    I love to have candle light around my house & these pillars with a batteries & a timer give my dining room a beautiful glow

  225. Banning

    They are beautiful, work great, love the timer

  226. A.

    beach theme candles
    so pretty it completed my theme

  227. Terese

    This product is just as shown and beautiful.

  228. Ridings

    So far, so good! Like everything about these candles so far. Waiting to see about the battery life, but hopeful since they take D batteries. Like the look. Timer function works great.

  229. Demarks

    Beautiful Candles
    They are gorgeous, the color is just right on.

  230. Ternes

    No one knew these weren’t real until I turned them off. They are very nice candles

  231. KP

    Candles are beautiful and I love them. Great customer service as well.

  232. minicooper

    Perfect for my purpose
    I’m using the candles near my Roman tub for a soft lighting option while I soak. They are perfect for this purpose.

  233. JamesNY

    Great Value, very nice

  234. Parsons

    These are beautiful and well worth the investment!

  235. Valerie

    I have purchased these a few times. I love them.

  236. Ridings

    So far, so good! Like everything about these candles so far. Waiting to see about the battery life, but hopeful since they take D batteries. Like the look. Timer function works great.

  237. JimFromPA

    These are by far the best candles I have own to date. The really look like real candles. The timer is a fantastic feature as well.

  238. Maria

    Love them and the feature it come with it.

  239. Thomas

    We were very amazed by the look of the flame and how it works! Sets a nice scene for romance!

  240. Kelly

    I love them. The most realistic flameless candles I have seen. Great ambience!

  241. Owens

    Goes very well with my bathroom upgrade and it makes relaxing that much more enjoyable

  242. Newman

    This candles look so real. I love the timer function. Great add on to my decor

  243. J

    Bought 3 sets gave 2 of the sets away as gifts they really liked them . They are very relaxing

  244. meadows

    I love these candles. I would definitely buy them again very bright bang for your money

  245. Lanoue

    Very cute and it looks like the flame is real from some distance. Very realistic and perfect addition to my fireplace mantel.

  246. tealeaves

    These are wonderful, truly like flame. I was very pleased.

  247. Capodilupo

    Great for candle light dinner or any other occasion.

  248. Garcia

    Had a party and placed them in bathroom looked stunning!

  249. gabriella

    I love these candles, they look like they’re actually lit! Such great quality

  250. Ann

    I was so pleased when I turned on these candles! The flicker movement is realistic! I am happy with the look and quality!

  251. McCormick

    These candles are just what I thought they would be. I love the soft ambiance that they give off. Just turn them to the timer setting at the time you want them to come on and 6 hours later they turn themselves off. These are exactly as advertised.

  252. Raborn

    Takes fewer batteries and is simpler to operate than other similar products.

  253. Krause

    Timer works perfectly. Have set to turn on every evening. Truly enhances the coziest atmosphere in the the room. Very realistic

  254. Mercedes

    These candles make the room! Elegant!!

  255. jean

    Great candles
    I love these shell candies so many ch I’m buying two more sets for holiday gifts. They’re beautiful and functional. Great candle

  256. J&V

    Perfect for my party!It looks very romantic in the evening!

  257. Taylor

    Looks great- they look and feel like real candles. It has some sort of wax coating to give it an authentic look… Overall perfect for my coastal bathroom!!

  258. Lavelle

    I have them set on the timer. They look like a real candle burning. Just beautiful! Perfect for what I wanted!!

  259. M.

    They are awesome. Would totally recommend these.

  260. Michigan

    Love these candles! High quality look at affordable price. Very happy with this purchase.

  261. Dingy

    We liked ours so much we bought some for presents

  262. Dori

    Beautiful candles really do shine like the real thing.
    No worries about forgetting you have a candle burning.

  263. Jessie

    Beach lover
    These were a gift for my beach loving mother and she was absolutely obsessed with them. Definitely recommend these!! Beautifully made

  264. Hughes

    Beyond my expectations! Great addition to my timer. Ordered second set for bedroom. Good price too.

  265. Devestading

    Just simply BEAUTIFUL
    Love them to the fullest

  266. MBeyer

    What a pleasant surprise! These candles are so very nice. Far better than I’d hoped. I love the flames. Big success as a gift!

  267. Borokhov

    The candles look absolutely adorable and work as advertised and described in the manual.

  268. Junebug

    These candles look great in a centerpiece I created. They don’t look or feel cheap like some of the other flameless candles I’ve purchased in the past. These are the best I’ve ever purchased and they look great.

  269. life

    I love these! I wish they could get a little brighter- but other than that, they bring ambiance to any room!

  270. Jane

    Beautiful gift that will brighten any room!
    This is the perfect gift. Easy to set up & adds a touch of holiday spice!

  271. Ellyn

    Great candles. Realistic. Set timer and never worry about them again. Would recommend to family and friends.

  272. Jeanette

    Beautiful battery candles – and beautifully boxed for a gift to someone special who loves seashells.

  273. Mark

    These are really great candles. They look amazing and with no flame. Great technology. Good quality with a wax coating. Am actually buying more.

  274. HotinAZ

    I have been using this type of candle for years in places hat need just a little light. Saves electricity.

  275. Insco

    They look real. Love them

  276. Ryerson

    Very pretty
    These are very pretty and look like real candles. I bought these for my bathroom. They are glass not plastic.

  277. Harry

    These candles are perfect. Lobe the ease of the timer to set them. Will be purchasing more.

  278. Denise

    Really nice candles ! I love them

  279. Junkie

    This product looks very real and made for a nice gift for the person who has everything. Excellent pricing for the quality of the product. Highly recommend. The flickering is mesmerizing!

  280. laura

    Love these
    These are so pretty and I just love these. I am glad that I found these.

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    They are nicely made and so beautiful when lit. I would definitely purchase these again to gift.
    Very happy with this purchase!

  282. Craig

    Love the look!
    They are very nice. Love the look!

  283. Gretchen

    Everyone has to say something about them , everyone ask were did I get them

  284. Shelly

    These are beautiful candles! They work perfectly so far. They are really pretty with my holiday display but I also plan to use them all year long.

  285. Campus

    I really love these candles they make the room look so pretty without lighting a match!!

  286. cheryl

    Very cute candles. Brighter than I thought they would be. Remote is a plus.

  287. Coffey

    These are great quality products, and look just like regular candles! I am thrilled that I can have the ambiance of flickering candle light at the touch of a button without the risk of fire. These are the perfect addition to my decor.

  288. Kabs

    They look and the flame look real

  289. Elise

    Love these they are bright and definitely look like real flickering lights

  290. Ken

    Only owned a short period of time, but they do have an attractive look, the timer works, battery (tbd)… nothing to fault thus far.

  291. Birdie

    Very pretty!
    I gifted these to a special family member for Christmas. She loved them.

  292. Brnsm

    These are just what our living room needed! We use them often and appreciate the timer function! Would order again.

  293. MWash

    For a “fake” candle this product is awesome,,, it looks somewhat real, turns on and off with the timer each day and I don’t worry about blowing out the flame that could cause a fire.

  294. Stoltzenberg

    nothing not to like well worth the money

  295. Judy

    These work well and are fairly consistent with turning on and off per the timers. I am not sure what the battery life is advertised to be, but these seemed to work for about 2 weeks.

  296. Cyndy

    Definitely has a wax feel but doesn’t give off a natural candle flicker light. Still works for what I needed them for.

  297. Jane

    These are beautiful and realistic candles. Very good quality.

  298. AZBloomer

    The candles have are peaceful in the evening. We enjoy them.

  299. Raquel

    These are very nice! I was afraid they would look cheap, but I was wrong. They don’t look cheap at all. Very beautiful.

  300. Jo

    Great candles! Definitely worth buying and i’ll be back for more!!

  301. kaseyfan

    These are the best candles. I have ordered multiple sets because I like them so much.

  302. P C

    These candles look perfect in my living room

  303. Lambert

    Very nice quality looking candles- realistic flicker. Very happy with these – would order again

  304. Ladida

    Very pleased, Will order more. They look very real. Set the timer and forget it.

  305. Scissons

    I love these candles so much I got a set for my daughter. You cannot tell that they’re not real candles.

  306. Pechy

    I just love these candles. I have now purchased 3 sets to have them all over my home. The led feature is great and trust me I use them everyday almost all day and the batteries so far have lasted 1 month and counting.

  307. Kindle

    These candles are very realistic looking and add class to any setting.

  308. Debra

    Everything about these are gorgeous, love them,!

  309. Grimsley

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