Christian Themed Moving Flame Paraffin Wax Flameless Candles with 10-Key Remote, D3″ x H4″ 5″ 6″ – Set of 3

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1 - 49 $27.99
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[The difficulties we are experiencing together, we need it to inspire] By adding some beautiful swinging flameless candle lights, inspiring Christian theme patterns, exquisite cross and gorgeous roses, it will send you and your family hope and light.
[Intelligent Control at Your Fingertips] The package comes with a 10-key remote control, which can be used in other products of our brand. The remote control allows you to control multiple candles at the same time Remote control functions include: ON / OFF / TIMER / MODE / DIM.
[Battery life increased by 50%] Each candle is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included). The expected battery life is about 160 hours. The unique timing function increases the battery life by 50% compared with ordinary flameless candles, and the life of the LED lamp can reach 50,000 hours.
[Keep Your Family, Pets, and Property Safety] No flame, no smoke, environmentally friendly. You can safely put it in any corner of the house without worrying about fire.
[Satisfaction Guarantee] This product comes with a 1-MONTH full refund trial period and LIFE-TIME customer service – If you found any problem with our products, contact us.

1762 reviews for Christian Themed Moving Flame Paraffin Wax Flameless Candles with 10-Key Remote, D3″ x H4″ 5″ 6″ – Set of 3

  1. Lisa84

    These candles are awesome. Fake candles are tacky right? I get it. I have little kids and pets and these truly give the genuine look of real candles; especially in low light, which is exactly what I wanted. The remote is a bonus; my kids love turning them on. They are a bit pricey and they each take 2 AA batteries, but I might get a second set. The real wax is definitely a bonus.

  2. Peggy

    It was a gift.. they loved them

  3. PDG

    I left them on and my husband came home. I was gone that evening and he thought they were real and went to blow them out. Had a good laugh!

  4. Laurell

    Love the look of these candles and you can space them out in your house and the remote will still turn them on!

  5. Tray

    These are a great addition to any room and look and work well whether in a lantern or own their own. I ordered two sets and and could not be happier. TIf actually havet olook twice as they are very life like……The remote control times function is the best! For the money, these are a fantasatic spend!

  6. WtsotlI

    These are comparable to Luminari at an affordable price. They are battery operated and come with a remote.

  7. Natalie

    Love them! They look incredibly real! I have them placed high in a window so the remote works perfect in turning them on and off!

  8. Charlotte

    Very classy and elegant looking candle set. This is a nice candle set the flickering feature gives off a relaxing ambience. They loved the gift. Fast shipping too. Thanks

  9. Jeanette

    These are really lovely candles gifted to me by a friend. The timer feature is the best, as they are set to go on in the afternoon and off at night without me having to even do anything. I will definitely be buying another set for other rooms in the house! My only complaint is that the wax is cracked on one of them but it’s not super noticeable.

  10. Rebecca Sampson

    This was sent as a gift to an elderly person who makes use of the hand held remote on and off and timer. It has a warm glow, fits great in a hurricaine lamp or anywhere you choose to place it. Adds a warm glow and atmosphere, very hand for any lived in room as well as on a dining room table. The flicker mechanism looks very authentic when turned on.

  11. Rex Notbohm

    Loved them so much bought two more sets for gifts and plan on buying more

  12. Mimi

    Good value for the price. The light can be dimmed or made brighter, that is a nice feature There isn’t much difference between pressing the “candle” or “light” on the remote. Over all good product.

  13. Xwoodman

    Love these ! They are bright and you can set them to flicker like a candle with no noise. So far battery life is good remote is a nice added perk 🤗

  14. Rachel D.

    Good looking candles. Remote timer works perfectly. Recommend.

  15. rstand

    These candles are wonderful. They look very realistic and it’s nice not to worry about fire danger. We bought them for several people on our Christmas list and they were a big hit.

  16. Brenda

    A great addition to any home! Came well packaged and as described.

  17. BigFan

    I’ve bought LED candles in the past but was disappointed with the dim light and the price. Daughter got these for me for Xmas and I’m so happy with them. They were well packed, pretty realistic and provide the right level of brightness. They definitely add a lot of warmth to my living room!

  18. Laurie

    I absolutely love these candles and also purchased a set for someone as a gift for Christmas. They love them as well. They look very realistic and I love the fact that they have a timer. The only complaint is they eat up batteries VERY quickly!

  19. Rony

    These candles look and feel great, the moving flickering is just like a real candle and this set of 3 is better than Luminara where you would get 1 candle for the price that these 3 cost. Very happy with this product

  20. Levon

    I love these candles. They look like real candles – they flicker and the color of the flame is realistic. I bought several sets as Christmas gifts. My 8 year old grand daughter loves them. She puts them in and around her Barbie dream house for ambiance 🙂 Since they don’t produce heat they can be placed on shelves, near dried flowers, etc.

  21. Victoria W

    These are very good looking and I love the remote feature – you can make them flicker like real candles or be on a mood lighting setting. Highly recommend!

  22. Trevor

    Looks realistic. The remotes work well and aren’t specific to a set of candles.

  23. Leeza Rae

    Beautifully done 3 candle set with remote.. Super bright and elegant.

  24. 7crows

    The timer works well. The candle is just bright enough to allow you to navigate but not too bright to distract, similar to a night light. The seller is very helpful, even sending notes to explain the features. I recomend this product and seller.

  25. Happilyknit

    These are so realistic, it’s unreal! Just put batteries in and they look like real flames. Very impressed!

  26. HMM

    These candles are the most realistic I have seen. You will not be disappointed!

  27. Kenneth

    I love the look of these. They look so real even though they are battery operated. The light is very nice and soft

  28. Carol

    I like the remote function because we don’t have to reach over the table and into the very tall Hurricane candle holders.

  29. Simps

    I love these! Put them in my fireplace for light when I don’t want to build a fire.

  30. Lesly bucio

    These candles are very good, they work well and they look so real, the feel of a real candle is what makes them unique. The brightness is decent
    I loved these

  31. Bobbie

    These are beautiful when lit! Nice addition in my kitchen for a soft, glowing light at night.

  32. Melissa

    I’ve had these candles for a few weeks nows. The batteries outlasted all my other candles. I’m buying more!!

  33. Terri

    I love these candles and the remote works from across the room! I’ve only had them for a little while but so far they are giving the “Luminaire” brand a run for their money!

  34. Elizabeth

    I love the flickering flame on these candles. They are so realistic. So pretty on my mantle. I also like the options on the timer. You can set each Candle individually or as a cluster.

  35. LinIad

    You never know what to expect with things likes this, but I am pleasantly surprised. They look great! I bought them for decor and will not use them on much. Also, i have not used the remote or the timer function.

  36. Adam s

    Works great. Nice center piece. Would definitely buy again.

  37. Clark

    I use the timer and they have been coming on daily for 6 weeks now, on same batteries. Have a warm glow, like a real candle.

  38. Barbara

    These are awesome! I put some in the windows. The timer is so nice to have! They can be bright or not; candle flicker; or not.
    I am really happy with these!
    Thank you

  39. Sara

    I absolutely love these flameless candles. They look great and I don’t have to worry if I forget to turn them off. They come in a set of three with three bases as well and a remote. They produce a warm white light and have a cool flicker feature so they look very realistic. The candles are 3 inches around and made of real wax. Each candle takes 2 aa batteries but if you use rechargeable batteries it saves money and is better for the environment too. The remote that is included has 10 buttons that control the brightness of the candles, the timer for the candles (the timer can be set for 2/4/6/8 hours), and turns them on/off. These candles are so great and look awesome. They are the perfect decorative touch.

  40. julieb

    These are great and look like real candles from a distance. The remote is handy and I like the timer feature as well.

  41. Rick

    I used some Amazon batteries and they last for ever. Over 3 weeks without replacing. They do dim a bit with the passing weeks but it still looks good. They do look so realistic when they are “on”
    Really great purchase

  42. julieb

    These are great and look like real candles from a distance. The remote is handy and I like the timer feature as well.

  43. Nathan

    I am so glad I decided to buy these candles. I have bought candles like this before and they just weren’t bright enough. These candles are bright have a timer and I love that it has a little remote with it.

  44. fegley

    These are great and look like real candles from a distance. The remote is handy and I like the timer feature as well.

  45. Chrissy

    Beautiful my mom loved it

  46. Raven

    They give a very realistic effect of a flickering flame. They have a really pretty glow against walls and my brick fireplace. I have a different set of wax timed candles and they use the same remote. I can have them all go on and off at the same time each day with one remote. I have mine on everyday for 8 hours and I change my re-chargeable batteries about every two weeks or so.

  47. Debbie

    Beautiful candles for the price!
    They are beautiful far nicer then picture shows! Very impressed with the quality of the product!

  48. kimberly

    I just set this up last night and the best test was when my husband went out to blow out the candle… he didn’t just walk up to it and stop, he actually bent down and blew on it really thinking it was real! can’t get much better than that. timer worked great, love the brightness and look and feel of the candle. can’t say anything about battery life yet since I just set it up. requires 2 AA size batteries. highly recommend!

  49. K Chroback

    The candles are very practical and look realistic. The timer allows a variety of different time sets. No need to go back and check it.

  50. Heidi

    Have three sets of these candles and we just love them have them scattered around in the living room and on our staircase and bathroom you can’t go wrong for the price

  51. Dougherty

    I placed my set on the mantel and they bring an ambiance to the room. A little pricey but I thought it was worth it because they are nicer looking than others you see out there.

  52. Gilroy

    I purchased these as a gift for my sister. She loved them! She also relayed that the timers work great and she will be using them year round.

  53. Linds

    These are the best flameless! Flicker and really Add to a room. I Ended up buying a lot of these because they were the best ones. I have many others at the house and they don’t look real at all or flicker

  54. TC

    Nice clean looking fake candle. Lighting is soft with real wax. Remote can stick a little when you try to turn the candle on at times. A little shake of the remote seems to do the trick

  55. Becky

    I bought these to use one in a lantern to hang, that’s why the remote is important, the other two are on an entryway table and they’re beautiful! The value for the money can’t be beat and I plan on ordering another set!

  56. amariew

    I lit them while I was on the phone with my sister and she was just as impressed as I was. Forewarning: please double check that you put the batteries in properly. I thought they didn’t work…. turned out, the batteries were not in correctly.

  57. Roxanne

    I adore these candles. They look so real whether through my windows or indoors on tables. They’re absolutely lovely.
    I liked the first set I bought so well I bought a second set to match.
    Unfortunately, I cannot review the timers or remotes as I decided not to use them to save batteries.

  58. Becky

    I bought these to use one in a lantern to hang, that’s why the remote is important, the other two are on an entryway table and they’re beautiful! The value for the money can’t be beat and I plan on ordering another set!

  59. Natasha

    Very impressed with the color and the ability to dim/brighten the candle light. Some of these are going outside other than my bedroom- definitely adds a comfort to a space 🙂

  60. Constance

    perfect for my project.
    I bought a ‘lighted” flower arrangement for Easter. However, 6 lights is not exactly what I was expecting. I took those lights out and used these. Not only do I have more lights, it also has a timer.

  61. KBell

    I really like these candles, especially when they’re lit. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the look when they were off, but I have gotten used to them and really like them now.

  62. Sue

    Beautiful candles, lights flicker to look like real candles and can also be dimmed. The glitter and shimmer make the candles noticeable wether on or off. I have these in my master bedroom and love that I can fall asleep and they will turn off all by themselves

  63. Bach

    I chose it because it’s a beautifully proportioned real-wax candle with the most realistic three-dimensional moving AND flickering flame. I can now program the candles to to light up and extinguish on a schedule. I highly recommend these candles. You will not be disappointed!

  64. Gagnon

    I love my new timer candles . I have some on my mantel in our livingroom and the others I placed on top of my kitchen cabinets .It makes it so nice at night !!

  65. Catherine

    I love my new timer candles . I have some on my mantel in our livingroom and the others I placed on top of my kitchen cabinets .It makes it so nice at night !!

  66. Cathie

    I used these for my wall sconces and they look great! I had candles that just glowed before but these have the flame look which makes all the difference at night.

  67. FishMama

    These candles are awesome. Got them for my Mum at Easter, loved them so much I had to have my own. First set went in the bath, larger set in the firebox, then bedroom, and living room. They are great. Love the brightness adjustment and timer, so if you get busy doing something you don’t have to worry about going round and shutting them off.

  68. jen

    I believe that these are better than advertised. Well priced. Very easy to use with the remote. Beautiful and a great alternative to a real candle. No wax splatter to clean.

  69. tgray

    Those who have seen this are really impressed with how realistic the flame is. I love these.
    The remote and timer options make use easy and convenient.
    You can have the appearance of real candles and not need to worry about your house catching fire.
    Happy with this purchase

  70. Martin

    I absolutely love these candles and they make a wonderful gift. They look beautiful and really simulate a real candle burning. I recommend this product highly.

  71. Enn

    I bought 3 sets of these in White, flame appears very real. Enjoyable to look at, and the remote is a plus for placing candles out of reach or in arrangements.

  72. Lori

    Candles themselves don’t come with batteries. Just a FYI for someone else who buys them. Only the remote has a battery. Other than that I’m very happy with my purchase!!

  73. Beauman

    I have been searching for 3 wax candles of different height and diameter. I finally tried Amazon and found these artificial candles. They are the perfect size for my 3 tall candlesticks. I love the fact that they are wax and that they won’t spill all over the candlesticks. Also the remote feature is wonderful. They turn on and off immediately. They are worth the price of the batteries. Battery cost vs. cleaning up candle wax. No contest.

  74. Patti

    I bought these lovely candles for our downstairs bedroom fireplace. They are beautifully crafted and I love how they look and feel. These candles turn on and off with a small remote, in which the battery is included. Each candle requires two AA batteries. The candles can be programmed with a click of the remote to glow steady or gently flicker for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. Additionally, you can program the brightness level. I love the ambience they add to the room.

  75. Smith

    I LOVE these candles! I especially like having a remote because I can have a candle in one room and the rest in another.
    I feel like a magician when I wave my remote and transform my home into a castle!

  76. Anderson

    At night they shined well and surpassed my expectations! The flickering effect was a nice way to incorporate a realistic appearance! The control is easy to use and I love that it’s safe! They do add some ambiance to our bedroom. I have bought two sets of these.

  77. darcy

    If you need to send a gift and just can’t be sure because you can’t see it then have faith these are ultra fabulous. I am in shock as I bought these for myself and they are stunning and from a few feet away look so real.

  78. LW

    I put in the batteries and lit them up. Wow. As long as you’re not staring straight down into the candle it looks surprisingly real. I would recommend putting them on a slightly higher shelf or in a holder to keep up the illusion.

  79. Gore

    Truly great quality. Battery life is not bad- because these require 2 AAs. Pretty natural color… The glowing color is a warm white. I have these all throughout my house. Everyone always complements them. If you want to add a touch of cozy and a touch of class to your decor, these are what you need – not to mention 100% fire safe!

  80. Ronald M

    First set had a defective remote and I returned the set for a replacement that came quickly and works perfect. I love that you turn them on and press the timer for the time you want them to light and they shut off correctly and turn back on the next day at that time and continue doing that till you turn it off or reset them. They could be a touch brighter but it’s not a big deal. They look like a candle flickering.


    I purchased this item to go along with my decor. I loved it so much I decided to use year round. It adds an element of warmth and coziness to my family room. Love that it has a remote control.

  82. Ida

    I love these! They have several settings for brightness, and batteries last very long in them. The remote is a very good detail, especially when you are about to go to sleep and don’t want to get out of bed.

  83. Mallory

    These candles exceeded expectation. I really don’t like fake candles, they always look really cheap but these look beautiful. The flames flicker and I love the timer option. I have mine set to turn on every day.

    I hope they sell individuals at some point because I’d love multiple tall candles for a table centerpiece. You can’t go wrong with these they look amazing

  84. IJ

    These are great. I have them in my fireplace. Super cute. The candle feature is my fav, the timer is so convenient. AND you can make them brighter or darker. So great, especially for the price.

  85. RCT

    Awesome purchase! These candles / lights are great! Real wax with remote controlled LED lights. Candles are exactly as described and function perfectly. Very realistic without the worry of a potential fire hazard…

  86. Johnson

    These are very life like. I love the idea of having lots of lit candles in the room and these fit the Bill. No competing scents, and no added pollution. I burn one high end candle made of soy along with these for a soothing atmosphere.

  87. labhusky

    The candles look realistic and since I like to watch tv in the dark, they add a nice relaxing touch. After working all day with lights on, it’s nice to zen out which is important to me.

  88. RP

    Don’t expect a bright light, but these look authentic in terms of emitting candlelight. We put them on our dinner table, coffee table and always get compliments.

  89. Elizabeth

    These are the perfect addiction to any room. I love the cozy feel when lit. Love that they are remote controlled and have timers to turn off.

  90. BoCo

    These candles work great and look beautiful! I love the flickering wicks. Remote control works great also. Very happy with my purchase!!

  91. Hughes

    I really like these candles. You can program them to come on when you want them on and for specific durations. They flicker like real candles and look pretty darn authentic. I have mine high up on a wall where I need a ladder to get to them but the remote control makes it possible to turn them off and on, not that I worry about it. I have them come on in the evening for a few hours so don’t have to think about it.

  92. Shock

    Very nice pair of candles, have a nice affect, timer function seems to work well, remote easy to understand, pleased with the purchase.

  93. BG

    I am very happy with this purchase. The candles work as advertised… Come on and off automatically that same time each day. Very realistic looking.

  94. Geekgrl

    I have the candles scattered around my bedroom, so I love being able to turn them on and off from bed. I also love the flickering candle setting – it looks so real!

  95. Heidi P.

    Very nice candles! They work great and there are different options and times if you want them to go off at some point. My only suggestion is get some rechargeable batteries lol!

  96. Dee

    I ordered these remote controlled candles for several different areas in my house. They are beautiful and very realistic. I am very happy with my purchase and will be ordering another set. The value is really good. They come in varying heights – look great in groupings and singular in a sconce. They are 100% better and more convenient – and safer – than regular flame lit candles.

  97. Cat S.

    I bought these for my moms room. Wanted to bring her the ambiance of zen like moods where she can relax in her room without the worry of anything catching on fire or forgetting to blow it out.

  98. Rogers

    We have a wood burning fireplace under our TV on a stone wall with a custom-made mantle made from old barn wood. When there is a fire, it lights up the room, but when we don’t, it’s a very dark hole. I placed these candles on a cheap wooden cutting board and they brighten up the space every evening. I’m considering adding more to place around the grate. It’s a nice idea for summertime when we’re watching TV at night. 🔥

  99. Judy R.

    These candles have a realistic flicker and look…and work just great. The remote is easy to use and offers plenty of flexibility in terms of the timer.

  100. Juan

    Timer function works well. Remote control is very convenient and can control all features. Brightness levels great to conserve and prolong battery life

  101. Thanks

    They look very authentic. These simulated candles are about as realistic as is possible. The remote control works well. The remote is super easy and simple to use. The candles automatically light up every night at the same time and they shut off automatically after 2 hours. Excellent product.

  102. Carrie

    Gift for my daughter she loved them

  103. T.

    I love these candles! They are very convenient since you don’t have to worry about blowing them out. I use them outdoors in the summer at night. (Be sure to bring them back in though, they are real wax and can melt/get damaged) The only thing I recommend is when I turn them on I do it separately instead of all at once, so they each have a different flicker. I like them so much I now have a total of 5 sets.

  104. Styles

    These candles are so realistic, worth every penny. Way cheaper than Luminara candles and a bit easier to operate. I like the wide range of choices on timer function, remote works with easy aim and press of a button. I have purchased Luminara in past and like your candles just as well and maybe even better. Will definitely purchase more for gifts.

  105. R.

    These candles have a realistic flicker and look…and work just great. The remote is easy to use and offers plenty of flexibility in terms of the timer.

  106. Tru

    These are so pretty with the little lights. Make sure you have batteries; those are not supplied. I have purchased for myself and as a gift; recipient was as delighted as I was.

  107. Generic

    LOVE LOVE LOVE..they are so pretty and looks so real you will not be disappointed with this item.

  108. mother

    I just received my candles a couple of days ago and I am over the top happy.They are exactly what I had been searching for.I absolutely love love love these candles.I also love the remote control with the timer.They arrived very quickly and in excellent condition.I used to burn real candles in the bathroom which can be dangerous now I have battery operated candles which is much safer to use.Last but not least I could not be happier!

  109. Karen

    I love having these candles around and being able to turn them on with a remote! One remote work all of them, no matter where in the house they are. I just walk around my house, aim for the remote and click! Love them!

  110. KT

    Didn’t really use the timer function, but the different brightness levels were nice. My only gripe is that the flickering setting is very choppy and not even remotely realistic looking.

  111. S-Marie

    I absolutely love these! They look real when turned on and leave a luminous glow on the ceiling just like a real candle does. The wick moves just like a real candle as well . The color is great and matches all decor. I highly recommend them. It comes with a little remote so you can turn them on and off without having to go turn each in separately.

  112. Adams

    Very surprised at how realistic these little wax candles are! I ordered a second set immediately. Great product and fairly represented.

  113. paula

    I bougt this product to go inside a lantern that was made in memory of my father. His light and love lives on in our family. Keeping it lit using the smallest of these candles allows me to keep my dad shining bright in our home and hearts.

  114. Nguyet

    Perfect! There are different settings such as normal light or candle flicker. There’s a timer option as well.

  115. Deeter

    Received the candle set yesterday. They arrived in perfect condition…color just as pictured. Love the “real wax” and the remote. Probably will not use the timer feature much if any, but like the idea of being able to turn the candles on and off with the remote. The set looks great in our Foyer.

  116. Carlson

    I ordered these for my picnic business. I was a little worried it wouldn’t be enough light but they are good quality and offer enough lighting for my evening picnics. They are the candles on the table. The remote control option Idk if I like that. Cause if I lose the remote I don’t know how I would turn them on & off.

  117. richie

    Candles are perfect! They are silent when flames move -no noise ever! Perfect! Love love these and will order more!

  118. Jake

    Very realistic looking – adaptable settings for your liking. I like how the flames move and also the fact you can turn off the movement and have only light. Great overall product.

  119. JN

    My adult daughter is an artist and photographer. She wanted these candles as props in her photography. She loved them and said they were great. I’ve seen the pictures, and they look very real in the photos.

  120. Kindle

    I’m so impressed with these candles. Much nicer than I was expecting for the price. The remote control it handy, too. Very happy with my purchase!

  121. Kar

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! They look so real when lit. I have them displayed in a tray on the ottoman! Love love love the remote control. I have had them lit during the days as well at night. Nice lighting….a very good buy! Safe for curious cats who are drawn to the flickering light!

  122. ijoyl

    I love being able to turn these on with the push of a button, program them for time, or push a button to turn them off. Great price, and wonderful convenience, and I need not worry about burning the house down.

  123. Brianna

    I haven’t had these candles for long, but so far I love them! They look like they are really lit, but safe enough to put anywhere. They got knocked off my mantle twice (kids!), and the second time were completely broken so I bought more of the same candles because I enjoy them so much.

  124. BarbaraNovak

    Wow, these are even better than I expected! Looks real, adjustable light even, and the set of 3 looks awesome together. I love them so much I plan to buy more as gifts!

  125. Lanoue

    Pretty cool looking. I’m always going through real candles, this is a great alternative. Also nice is that they don’t eat up batteries, don’t require a lot of power. I think you’ll like them.

  126. So_Charmed

    I love these candles and will be ordering for every room! Well made and I love the real wax! The remote works well with it.

  127. Maureen

    Absolutely looks realistic! High quality candle for the price. Color is very real looking and not that fake orange color of other candles. Highly recommended

  128. F.S.

    I love these candles. They add a very nice ambiance to the room. I ordered 6 and after I got them, I ordered 3 more. No heat no burning down and no danger. May even order more.

  129. Brittany

    I love how realistic this product is! Both people I’ve shown thought it was real. The timer is accurate and I love being able to choose solid light or flickering like a candle!

  130. Carney

    When on they give off a very natural candle color and the flicker movement helps the overall look. When off you can tell that they are not real but they still look great. The remote works but not from a distance. You do have to purchase 6 AA batteries.

  131. Edward

    Have purchased many styles of led candles in the past. These by far have been the best
    Like the steady or flicker mode selection and they are a very bright warm white light.

  132. Patterson

    These add just the right amount of elegance to my dining room table. The timer is perfect for those nights that I just want to let the candles add that little “something special” to the room for a while. I love the remote control feature, it saves you from having to pick up the candles and turn them off and on. It’s great! Just a simple click of the button and the flames actually look real.

  133. Wise

    These are amazing! They look real, they create a cozy glow, and they’re so easy to use! I want some for every room of my house!

  134. g

    We are very happy with the purchase. Everything about the, quality for the money and how they look nice

  135. Alice

    I bought these candles just to make me happy – they are absolutely beautiful & they glow like a real candle.

  136. JimFromPA

    These are by far the best candles I have own to date. The really look like real candles. The remote is a fantastic feature as well.
    I only wish they had a set with 5 or 6 candles in varying sizes.

  137. ROB

    These are gorgeous, realistic looking, and so soothing at night. I have 5 animals so real flame is not an option. I ordered 2 sets and going back for more.

  138. abby’s

    I just received this set of 3 candles and so far I love them! They are so realistic looking. The flames DO flicker and move. The light they give off is a soft white glow. I have them displayed on my mantle and from a distance they are so real looking and so pretty.

  139. Linda

    Very pleased with the candles. They are realistic looking. Remote works well. I would purchase them again.

  140. Little

    These are very beautiful flameless candles which would add to your decor in any room of your home. I highly recommend them in every way.

  141. Judi Coleman

    I have used the flameless candles since they first came out. These are truly the most beautiful and realistic I have ever seen. The remote & timer is a huge bonus! I’m planning on buying more to replace my old ones.

  142. Sandra

    I love everything about these Led Flameless (real wax) Battery Operated, Timer Candles.

  143. Karen

    I love these candles I have them on candle sticks on my dining room table. They are great, the remote is an added benefit to adjust the lighting and to turn on and off. Very happy with my purchase.

  144. Debera Pennington

    As advertised
    They are beautiful and feel like real candles on the outside.

  145. Amchuck

    Order & delivery was easy & prompt. These batteries, realistic candles are the desired gift.
    they will look great in the family room of the recipients. A great gift. remote control eliminates the need to remember to turn ON or OFF when use is desired or completed.

  146. Linda

    Very pleased with the candles. They are realistic looking. Remote works well. I would purchase them again.

  147. Patricia

    I wanted these to go inside of the centerpieces on my dining room table. The old candles I had were a pain to turn on and off because there are glass cylinders. I love the remote on this product!!! It also has timer option and the ability to make the lights bright or dim them if you prefer…really well thought out product. I recommend!!

  148. Caprice

    Love the different settings on these candles and the fact that you can’t set how long you want them on or off

  149. Nancy

    Pretty love the remote feature

  150. Diane

    The remote is handy for setting timer. Never have to touch or move the candle to operate.

  151. Southern

    These have such a warm glow very pleased great price and to have a remote too win win!!

  152. Patricia

    Like flameless candles that have timers and remote these were great and flame realistic

  153. JesseDawn

    The candles are beautiful. They even look real. Worth the money!!!

  154. Odoms

    I gave this as a gift to my sister who loves candles. She lives in a senior facility where flame candles are not allowed. Perfect for her apartment.

  155. Pavlosky

    Ordered these candles to replace some real ones, that were dripping wax on the table. These were better than expected, gives off a warm glow and looks real in our setup. Love the remote to turn on and off at night. The battery life seems to be very good!

  156. KAT

    Remote works well with all 3 flameless pillar candles.

  157. Rhiannon

    I think they’re lovely. They look good above the fireplace. I only just turned them on, so I don’t know how well the timer function and what not works yet. They make me happy.

  158. Beck

    These candles are beautiful. They look real!! Very easy to put batteries into. Haven’t used the timer or remote yet. I’m hoping those are good features too!

  159. momma

    Was just what I was looking for in my living room. Just the right sizes for the space

  160. Dani

    These flameless candles are so pretty for any occasion! Set the mood, tune in your remote and your ready to go!

  161. Vescuso

    Gorgeous and looks totally real!!! My firefighter husband is super happy to not have open flames around the house.

  162. Mercedes

    These candles make the room! Elegant!!

  163. BOYD

    These are awesome. Bought one set and ended up going back to buy another set. Love the timer and one remote controls all my sets! Bright and flickering or low and steady, Def a good buy.

  164. Vizsla

    Very nice candles. Just the right brightness to appear to be a candle. The flickering setting adds to the look. I would have given them a 5 except I was looking for the appearance of wax dripping on the outside for a more realistic look.

  165. hernandez

    Look like actual candles burning. Love them!!

  166. Farve

    These candles are exactly what I wanted. They are remote controlled, flameless, and have a timer with multiple options. The light settings can be either a flickering candle or a steady light.

  167. holt

    These candles give off such a beautiful glow and look very natural. I love the remote control that comes with them. It has a timer feature too so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them off. Very happy with this product.

  168. Tanisha

    Lovel,Lovely, WORKS Great!! Guest Loved Them!!
    And nice soft glow to room !!
    And with little one don’t have to worryvabout them knocking over or burning themselves!

  169. Leah

    They work as they should. The remote control feature is nice, along with the timer function. I can enjoy the candle without having to remember to turn it off.

  170. Patricia

    Like flameless candles that have timers and remote these were great and flame realistic

  171. Jones

    It works n look just like the ads posted and looked

  172. Janelle

    I didn’t have high hopes because they’re so reasonably priced, but these are amazing. They look so good! I’m going to purchase more!

  173. ToAll

    Great lighting by candle flicker or regular light, and the dimmer can adjust to your scenery. I have them on a timer to come on at dusk and auto turn off in 4 hours (all set by remote).

  174. G. Wright

    Very Pretty Design
    I purchased these candles because they are different from most available anywhere. They have a beautiful design. I have been using the 2 hour timer and it works perfectly. Set it and it comes on at the same time each day and goes off after 2 hours.
    Ordering was easy, delivery was very quick, they were packaged securely and arrived in perfect condition.

  175. J&V

    Perfect for my party!It looks very romantic in the evening!

  176. Melissa

    Absolutely some of the best remote candles I’ve ever bought. Stay for kids and pets. Put off a beautiful light. Great for fall! Highly recommend.

  177. Ladybug

    Exactly what I wanted! Saw this at a friends house snd ordered two sets!

  178. Nail

    I love these candles! They are stunning when on, beautiful warm glow! Very realistic flame. The remote control makes it nice because I have them on top of a hutch where it would be hard to turn on without it.

  179. Highway

    Work great. The remote is Soo cool. Look like real candles. Good buy and no worries with my cats!

  180. tugsgirl

    I’ve never had candles that lasted as long as these candles do. I have bought 3 sets and plan on buying more.

  181. e

    Great candle set and great price! I bought two sets!

  182. Sullivan

    Looks so gorgeous on the candle setting. It flickers just like a real candle. Looks gorgeous!!

  183. Sharon

    Bought these for my coffee table in den , I enjoy them very much

  184. Freeman

    They are bright, light up with the remote quickly and easily.

  185. SMITH

    Absolutely beautiful. I put them over the fireplace and can keep them all year long for any holiday to look just perfect. Makes a great gift!

  186. motherload

    These are astonishingly realistic. I have two sets of these in my bathroom, up high on upper cabinets, so the remotes are a necessity. When they’re on, you can’t tell them from the real deal. I’m sure I’ll be buying more before long.

  187. damiano

    work as they should-good looking at a great price-buying another set.

  188. bitt

    Love how cozy they make my living room look

  189. Linda

    Really like these candles and love that they have a remote control so you can turn them all on or off at once. Very pretty.

  190. hernandez

    Amazing! These candles are so elegant and beautiful! Very satisfied.

  191. BJS

    The warmth and beauty of a candle with the safety and convenience of battery operation

  192. Haas

    Used in bedroom sconces. Nice way to gently light bedroom before bedtime.

  193. MIcheline

    Better than expected ~ produce a warm, cozy glow!

  194. Dori

    Beautiful candles really do shine like the real thing.
    No worries about forgetting you have a candle burning.

  195. Kelsey

    Put it in my fireplace, in winter on hearth.

  196. SR

    The remote and timer are great. Really warm up a room at night. Great value.

  197. Tracey

    Love the realistic look of these candles when they are on. The “flames” even flicker!

  198. Rhiannon

    I think they’re lovely. They look good above the fireplace. I only just turned them on, so I don’t know how well the timer function and what not works yet. They make me happy.

  199. Tim

    Ordered these candles to replace some real ones, that were dripping wax on the table. These were better than expected, gives off a warm glow and looks real in our setup. Love the remote to turn on and off at night. The battery life seems to be very good!

  200. Cherry

    These candles are awesome! They look so real, and the remote control makes it so much easier to turn them on and off. They’re fantastic.

  201. akroban

    Loved everything about these candles and remote. Decent price. Will order again

  202. Skft

    Beautiful candles. Love the ambiance in the evening. The timer and remote is a wonderful feature.

  203. Tracey

    Love the realistic look of these candles when they are on. The “flames” even flicker!

  204. Girl

    I love the designs. The timer function is good. The candle started getting dim after six weeks with new batteries.

  205. Debbie

    Very nice , just what I was looking for.

  206. shopper

    I looked around and found that these were a fair price and I am satisfied with this purchase. The candles do look real, the remote is so convenient. Timer works flawlessly. So does dimmer.

  207. post

    Love them and will be buying more as well as gifting them.

  208. Granny

    I have many flameless candles from many of the major companies, and these are far superior in appearance to any of them!

  209. Delisio

    I love the look. The remote control is great

  210. e

    The candles were a gift so I have not seen them in person. My son said they were very nice so I assume they arrived in good shape.

  211. Mary

    Love these candles. Beautiful design and the way they light/flicker is perfect. My husband tried to blow one out that’s how realistic they look 🙂 I used them for my dining table Christmas centerpiece

  212. Lucia

    A Nice touch
    A little hard to read the words. But overall a nice touch added to decor.

  213. G.

    The candles came packaged well. They were easy to use and looked beautiful

  214. JCA

    I love the remote control feature and the timer feature

  215. Clark

    First off clearly u can see packaging and product someone messed up.. however it is a great product and looks amazing!

  216. Habek

    So beautiful. It looks real from just a short distance away. It exceeded my expectations. The outside is real wax candle material.

  217. KBaker

    These look great both day as well as during evening when lit. Great ambiance!

  218. TK

    Love them! The flicker looks realistic and the wax body is awesome. Comes wrapped in plastic which leaves a little residue on the wax but I rubbed it with my fingers and all is well.

  219. sworley

    Can use for Christmas and Halloween. They are bright and look realistic.

  220. blondie

    I like the option of a remote control, or operation by manual.

  221. Tananu

    The candles were given a a git to me. I love them so much I ordered a set for my sister and she loves them too. The remote control is a plus.

  222. ailey

    These candles are not only classy and bring a lot of glam. The no fire flame is more than practical.. there’s also a timer that can be set which is super convenient

  223. Barbara

    Xmas gift not opened yet
    Liked the picture colors etc gift not given yet

  224. Mary

    EAsy to use , good instructions , very pretty when lit , packaged well , included all batteries , very nice

  225. Nathman

    These battery operated candles give off a flickering light like the real thing. I love them and have gifted them to all of my dearest friends. Love, Love, Love!!

  226. Warren

    Look nice in my lodge style bathroom. I love all three!

  227. Taylor

    They were so beautiful they look like real candles burning. I brought them for myself and as a gift for someone.

  228. Cee

    We do not have a need for the remote (manual works best for us)

  229. D.C.

    I absolutely love these candles. They look amazing and the moving flame is so unique. The remote offers so many different options. They came so nicely wrapped, packaged and protected. I couldn’t be happier.

  230. Gail

    The remote works, the timer is really nice. I kept my candles lit continuously from the day after thanksgiving through the day after Christmas. Changed the battery one. Now I have them o. The timer function snd can set my clock to them. They
    Are beautiful when lit and give off a golden glow

  231. Celinda

    The best artificial candles I’ve purchased. They are bright and the candle function reflects nicely in a dark room.

  232. Macey

    Realistic looking, easy on batteries. Bought more once I realized how great these are!

  233. Wilson

    They look like a real flame 🔥 from a distance…very nice , remote is very handy.

  234. sickles

    The atmosphere they make.

  235. SCraig

    I’ve bought different flameless candles in the past. These candles by far are the best. They literally look like they are lit for real. There are different modes and times you can set them for.

  236. Christina

    These are so cute. I highly recommend these and love that they come with a remote. It makes using them so much easier.

  237. Shelly

    These are beautiful candles! They work perfectly so far. They are really pretty with my holiday display but I also plan to use them all year long.

  238. Rivera

    Delivery was quick, the candles were wonderfully packed. They made a beautiful addition to our winter presentation in the church. I was very pleased.

  239. Wynn

    I purchased these flameless candles for soft lighting in my living room. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend to friends.

  240. HT

    These are the best flameless I own. When I have fresh batteries in them they’re so bright, I’ve had these batteries in since thanksgiving and I’ve used them everyday for hours! They have a flickering flame and are perfect.

  241. Michelebarrell

    Absolutely love these flickering candles. Work perfectly in a spare fireplace. Use in our spare room and timer was perfect to give the grandkids a night light until they fell asleep.

  242. Curtis

    The lights are just what I was looking for. The remote works great but top plate of the remote is lifting up a little exposing the inside of the remote but still works great.

  243. Baylee

    I have them on my dining room table! It’s mostly for ambience!

  244. Tasia Starr

    Love it
    They are perfect I love them

  245. Carole

    I bought several of these for Christmas gifts and they were a huge hit. I bought some for me also and I love them! I no longer have to worry about leaving a lit candle burning.

  246. Gail

    The remote is cool and this is a great alternative to a real candle that can cause a fire and emit smoke that in the long term stains ceilings.

  247. Campus

    I really love these candles they make the room look so pretty without lighting a match!!

  248. Tracy

    So pretty and realistic! For some reason the batteries didn’t last as long as my other frameless candles. I’ll be keeping watch to see if it’s the candles or the batteries that I used.

  249. Wisper

    Who’s they all turned on and off at once but other than that they look so real. Love them on my memorial wall.

  250. Pacheco

    It is very festive appearance for any occasion.

  251. nancy

    The crosses are beautiful

  252. Farias

    Every visitor I have comments how the candles look so beautiful in my fireplace. I also bought another set to use for my candle holders. They look so very nice!

  253. Tracey

    I just love these. True candle light.
    Very easy to use and decorate with

  254. Karen

    LOOK just as pictured. Worth the price. Great transaction.

  255. Julie McIntosh

    Beautiful addition to our mantel!
    Not too bright, not to dim. Originally purchased thinking perhaps they’d work on a candelabra but they’re too large (and too busy to have seven of them).

  256. RLB

    The best for a memorial service and for a picnic/concert

  257. Eye

    This is the second set of these I have bought in the past 2 years and both sets have worked perfectly like a dream! You can’t beat the quality for the money!

  258. Litz

    They are perfect for home use or a gift – everyone who received them, loved them.

  259. Vardeman

    These are awesome lights. So glad I bought and wish I had bought more.

  260. Sandra

    True to color, just-right level of light, looks like a flame.

  261. Talkgirl

    They are realistic and flicker perfectly. Adds quite a nice look no matter where you place them. I would order more in the future.

  262. Ski

    Very charming candles…I have not used timer – Remote is great

  263. Isabel

    Love my votives they give my barrel a nice touch and a very tranquil feeling!

  264. Burke

    These are very nice. The only downfall and it’s no big deal when you use the timer, is the remote must be in very close proximity to the candles.

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